Friday List of Awesome!!
  • I’m going to see MONSTER TRUCKS tonight at the Sears Centre Arena with 3 of my BFFs!! Ladies night, beer, and Monster Trucks… awesome.

  • Yesterday my old man turned 14… he’s a beast. Literally. He got into the pantry after I let him out for lunch (my bad), so my mom came home to a big mess in the living room. He then proceeded to have stomach issues (etc etc) for the rest of the night… sorry Mom.

  • Speaking up puppies… we’re going to pick Jack up this weekend!! We finally got the carpet fixed, so I get to have my cuddle buddy back.

  • Did I mention that I’m going to see Monster Trucks tonight? Yeah, awesome.

  • And tomorrow by BFF Heather is coming to see my new apartment!! I haven’t seen her in awhile so yay for her coming over! I feel like I’ve been doing really well catching up with old friends lately that I haven’t hung out with in awhile, and also making new friends! It makes it easier when Craig gives me tickets to see stuff and I can invite friends :)

  • My grandma’s 80th birthday was this week and we’re all (my family and relatives) going out to Biaggi’s to celebrate tomorrow night. I probably haven’t seen them since Christmas… jeez. Not enough family get togethers. I also sent them all a moving announcement and no one even confirmed they got it…… much different than Craig’s relatives, who all wanted to come over immediately to see it and give us housewarming presents. Oh well :P

  • I am SO EXCITED for St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday (assuming Craig doesn’t have to go into work)!!! Reasons: 1) I’m making Corned Beef & Cabbage + Irish Soda Bread (which I’ve never actually had before)- both Crock Pot recipes. 2) I got things for Craig and I to celebrate, such as beer + green food coloring, shot glass necklaces, etc etc. 3) We’re going to hang out and watch the scary Leprechaun movies all day! I’ve never seen them so I’m excited. 4) I think some friends are coming over to join in our festivities :)

  • Justin Timberlake’s new CD comes out on Tuesday!!!

Happy Friday, everyone!


South Beach Diet and Concerts

Do NOT go together. I’m going to have to eat a giant dinner at my house in the 5 minutes I’ll be home and then smuggle in some nuts and string cheese to eat during the show.

Stephanie is already making things difficult (but she’s also awesome) by offering to buy me beer because “If it’s free there are no calories.” Sounds like I might fail tonight… so long as I don’t jump off the wagon completely I think I’ll be ok ;)

[Edit: Just got another text from her that says, “It’ll help digest all that protein ;)” What a trouble maker…] 


I’m just going to leave this right here.

Seriously, I needed this. Thank you SO much for sending me this, Katie!! It’s amazing how much more motivation I have when I’m reminded that a few people believe in me :)

All day today I’ve been constantly reminded of why I started this blog and why I love this Tumblr community so much. You guys are the best.

And also Stephanie. She’s also the best.