so for those of you who watched the daniel craig interview on 8/15 and were wondering…

here are the interviews from a year ago where even then, people could tell that stephen colbert had a major crush on rachel weisz (and who doesn’t really… i was a kid when the mummy came out and i’m still in love)


According to @tmz_tv Harvey Weinstein contract with TWC allowed for sexual harassment as Long as he paid the cost of the Lawsuits and a fine issues by the company😐😑✅
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So, Let Me Get This Straight

1. The owner of the Washington Redskins football organization (a white guy) refuses to change the name of his team, against the wishes of some who say it’s racist and insensitive to Native Americans. Outrage ensues.

2. He then starts a foundation called “The Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation” and donates a bunch of coats to Native Americans to essentially try to sweep the whole thing under the rug. More outrage.

3. A white male comedian and satirist tries to show how foolishly racist said guy is, and so he creates a skit showing how offensive those actions would be if they were directed at another group. In this skit, he imitates the same actions, but instead replaces Native American people with Asian people.

4. Someone at Comedy Central tweets a short quotation from the skit making fun of Asians out of context – but the account has the comedian’s name and face on it – so a new wave of outrage forms against him for being racist. A hashtag starts trending on Twitter that encourages the cancelation of his show.

5. The Asian American woman who started the hashtag to get the comedian fired was invited to go onto a news talk segment, and discuss her stance.

6. Yet another wave of online outrage begins against the woman for her attacks on said comedian.

7. The host of the news segment (a white guy) dismisses her remarks, and calls her opinion “stupid.”

8. A new wave of outrage begins against the news host for his white privilege and sexist male chauvinism.

9. In response to the attacks on the woman, she tweets out that white men have low levels of critical thinking, don’t deserve to have opinions, and several other put downs of this variety.

I once heard a story about a guy who came to Buddha with the intent to badmouth him and make him upset. The world’s original troll, if you will. But after the guy finished speaking, Buddha simply smiled and said:

“You’ve come here to offer me your gifts. Thank you for your offer, but I do not accept.”

And that was the end.