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Thanks Tsz Sin for always updating photos of the cast. They are still as tight as ever ♥


We got wind that TVB is considering a sequel (finally) of our favorite drama, Triumph In The Skies! The sequel has been in talks since forever, they were going to do it soon after the initial release in 2003 - but shit obviously didn’t go right and nothing ever happened.

Obviously, we hope it is going to work out. But we also hope they won’t screw it up (you know what they say about sequels, and especially TVB’s sequels…). So here are our picks of some possible casting choices to reduce the chances of the show failing.


Just look at him. Now, close your eyes and imagine him in a pilot uniform, controlling a 747, speaking pilot commands in English.

IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT TO SAY!??!? Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Alex Fong.

Moreover, even if Francis Ng is not going to be in the sequel, Alex will be a great (might be even better) substitution choice for the old mature, handsome, awkwardly romantic man.


Like we said, Ruco is a great actor with a diverse range, but rarely given the opportunity to play professional roles. His relative freshness on screen gives plenty of room for surprises.


Stephen Wong has been in many TVB shows for the last few years, but always minor roles (he actually was in Triumph) - would love to see him play prominent role. Besides, he would also look great in a pilot uniform ;)

Delirium & Vivid

This year has been a crazy year! I’ve tried modelling, cosplaying, joined a band, and recently I tried my hand at styling for a photoshoot. I had a lot of fun working with a lot of new people, but I’m so glad I got to work with my friend, Lucienne (aka jumeir-a​)!

Tees from Cotton On (purchase similar here)

Flare circle skirts from Laura Rochelle (purchase here)

The beautiful skirts from Laura Rochelle not only look good, but are absolutely divine in quality! When I actually had the opportunity to put a skirt on, I was in absolute awe of how wonderful it felt. I think I might regret not buying one!

The shirts meant to be menswear but I could not resist purchasing them! I had seen all sorts of graphic tees on Nathaniel Kiwi’s Instagram but these two were my favourite. (Mr Kiwi used teach at my old school but I never knew about his secret artist streak).

Hair & Make Up by Victoria Hutton

Photography by Stephen Wong from Cover Girl Photography