Mama Who Bore Me
  • Mama Who Bore Me
  • Spring Awakening
  • April 8th, 2007

Krysta Rodriguez (Wendla), Jonathan Groff (Melchior), John Gallagher, Jr. (Moritz), Skylar Astin (Georg), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Gideon Glick (Ernst), Gerard Canonico (Otto), Francis Marcanti-Anthony (Adult Women), Lauren Pritchard (Ilse), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Stephen Spinella (Adult Men), Jonathan B. Wright (Hanschen), Remy Zaken (Thea)


Because you’ll be a better person for watching this.


Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide B-Roll!

I watched this earlier this evening with my Brother, if anyone could appreciate it’s quirkiness it would be him. First time seeing this, I’d seen a trailer for it and it seemed funny and weirdly intriguing, it’s was more than I was expecting. It’s more than just a killer tyre on the loose. A parody of sorts, we all get moments when we watch films and see something odd and wonder Why? Well this uses humor to poke fun at just that, there's randomness popping up everywhere. I would definitely recommend it, but I’d put money on very few people enjoying this, it wont be for everyone.

Oh yeah and if you’re a fan of BTVS (Buffy), look out for Deputy Mayor Allan Finch (Jack Plotnick). True Blood fans might also notice James Parks who played the Vampire draining drug dealer. Watching it, I said to my Brother that one of the Deputy Police Officers looked familiar, he just scoffed, that everyone looks familiar to me… though this time I was right, I just couldn’t put my finger on what on earth I’d seen him in.  

It is a French Film, set in California, with an American/French English speaking Cast. Directed and written by Quentin Dupieux.


I love listening to actors talk about the feeling they get from the audience. Stephen Spinella (who played Prior on the stage) talks about one special audience. Take a listen his account may make you tear up.