“Semi Charmed Life” by Jackson Scott // Originally by Third Eye Blind 

Who would have thought that a grunge-y lo-fi take on Third Eye Blind’s 90’s hit, “Semi Charmed Life” would be effective? Jackson Scott, apparently, and he’s right. The original track was always a bizarrely sunny take on a song that seems for the most part to be about drugs and addiction. In Jackson Scott’s more-than-capable hands, the song is transformed into a warped acoustic bit of folk pop, with a delivery that feels slow as molasses, but wrapped up in a narco-haze that actually is quite effective. Surely, the end comes around and a last second freak-out occurs, but no matter - if taken on face value, Scott does something very interesting with a song that was inescapable some seventeen years ago (goddamn, really? fuck!). Check it out and if you like it, hit the down arrow on the artwork for a free download.  

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Third Eye Blind | Front Man Covers Beyoncé

Third Eye Blind’s Stephen Jenkins recently covered Beyoncé’s track “Mine.” Check it out! 

“I never felt alone til I met you. I’m alright on my own, and then I met you. And I’d know what to do if I just knew what’s coming. I would change myself if I could. I would walk with my people if I could find ‘em. And I’d say that I’m sorry to you, I’m sorry to you. And I don’t wanna call you, but then I wanna to call you. Cause I don’t wanna crush you, but I feel like crushin’ you… I breathe by your looks and you look right through me.” — Third Eye Blind, Deep Inside of You
  • Good For You
  • Third Eye Blind

Good For You- Third Eye Blind

Hey will you stay awhile 

My smile will not mislead you 

Cause I’ve been alone 

My faith turned to stone 

Still there’s something in you I believe in 

Close to the pierce I go wild and fierce 

Still I let you be, I feel you next to me 

Cause inside I feel a wind that starts to blow 

I’m taken in your undertow 

Everything is fine, I’m lonely all the time 

Cause all I want to do is be there 

For the things that you’re going through 

Well, is it good for you, is it good for you 

Cause you haunt my nights when 

I don’t know where my life should go 

Well, is it good for you, is it good for you 

Hey child please stay a while 

My smile will not mislead you 

Cause I’ve been without, I go wild with doubt 

I grab at you, I can’t stop grabbing at you 

Cause I feel you cross my mind 

In disarray, intoxicated ricochet 

There’s nothing wrong just don’t take too long 



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