Bibio Interview
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Stephen James Wilkinson

Bibio reaches album number seven with the carefully constructed tales found within ‘A Mineral Love’. Picking up where his ‘The Green EP’ left off, ‘A Mineral Love’ beautifully ties together its influences from the ghosts of music that surrounded Stephen during his childhood from ‘90s jungle and hardcore dance tracks to late '70s and into early '80s American TV show themes. Elements of previous Bibio releases weave their way in from the heart breakingly melancholy ‘Petals’ to the Americana grassroots folk of ‘Wren Tails’, all the while including a head nodding funk with just the right amount of disco sure to get one’s mind and body moving. Rich in tapestry, Bibio continues to astonish and amaze with remarkable compositions… We talk to Stephen James Wilkinson about skipping between styles, shared traits and venturing into the perfume market…

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