ok. so. im sure as a lot of u kno im a rly big fan of hamilton, a really really big fan. but now that a lot of the initial hype has died down and im able to look at the musical more clearly im finding that i… hate how the women are portrayed? i really, really do???

dont get me wrong, the schuyler sisters and maria reynolds set my gay little heart aflutter, but their treatment in the story is very unfair? after their introduction song, we get like… no insight on how angelica and eliza feel beyond ‘they are in love with alexander hamilton. like, they are just head over heels for them. so in love. tragic.’ historically speaking, peggy sent many purely platonic letters to hamilton, used her quick thinking to save her niece and almost got hit by a tomahawk in the process, eloped with stephen van rensselaer, became very ill and died in albany, alexander by her side, but you literally wouldnt know any of that unless u went out of ur way to look it up, because peggy just… doesnt get to say or do anything after the schuyler sisters.

im serious, the only times when eliza gets to sing about something that is not her husband is the schuyler sisters, take a break, and stay alive (reprise), angelica only gets the schuyler sisters. 

but dont even get me started on maria reynolds. poor miss maria reynolds, who married her abusive husband, james reynolds, at a very young age (15), who had absolutely no choice in whether or not she had sex with alexander because her husband wanted his money, who revealed in her letters that she felt so guilty and wished she had never been born, is portrayed as evil, bad news, a homewrecker, just because our hero cant keep it in his pants. did u kno that maria, with the help of aaron burr, divorced her piece of shit husband and even wrote her own pamphlet saying what happened between her and alexander, but it was never published, and she was publicly scorned and had to move away and change her name? probably not, since she doesnt get to do or say anything after say no to this!

to put things into perspective. laurens may be a dear friend of alexander, but he still has his own goals and motivations, he wants to end slavery. mulligan is a tailor’s apprentice and later a spy who wants to socially advance. lafayette wants to bring freedom to france. washington is a general and later the president. ect. eliza… is alexander’s wife. she loves him a lot. angelica… is alexander’s lover. she loves him a lot and is unhappy about not being able to fully express that. maria… is alexander’s lover, portrayed as some clever, cunning and evil mistress. peggy… is gone. shes going, shes gone. same, peggy. same.

Nokia's First Windows Phone Outed

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Days after the official announcements of the N9 and N950, both of which are Meego devices that are not part of Nokia’s long term strategy, Stephen Elop released the first details of something “super confidential” code named “Sea Ray.” Did Elop really believe everyone would put their cameras away? 

Not sure if this has got me excited at all. In fact the N9 was probably the more exciting of the products so far. 

Why Windows Phone Sucks for India

it’s been barely a year since Nokia CEO Stephe Elop switched to Windows Phone for Platform and we have already seen some decent WP7 devices from Nokia.Arguably the platform isnt doingas great as nokia expect it to be.I remember Stephen Elop talking about how lucrative “swinging nokia’s 30% marketshare to Windows Phone ” is to Microsoft. But apparently WP7 Barely managed to acquire only 2% marketshare of key markets like Europe.And that includes all the manufacturers including samsung and HTC , not only Nokia.

Now India is quite different story from Europe & US market. Buyers here generally care less about the OS their phone is running (although this awareness increasing rapidly). And more importantly Nokia have HUGE following and brand loyalty in india.In india you can put a nokia sticker and sell crap like N97 in truckloads. So there’s a fair chance that WP might be successful in India , especially if nokia manages to bring low priced Apollo phones soon.

Now as i have said a few times on twitter, i believe windows phone is unsuitable for indian market. Indian market and consumers are very different from US for whom the WP7 is designed for . So the “features” of WP7 may translate as restrictions for indian audience. Here’s why:

Too much dependency on Internet :

Windows Phone OS is designed ground up as Smartphone OS. It expect users to be always connected. it introduced Live Tiles with mango update that dynamically shows and changes relevant information of the apps. these are very useful and the smooth , tasteful transitions makes these a pleasure to eye.most of these information is dynamically fetched over internet. Now india is a country with quite low internet penetration. a large percentage of smartphone owners dont even opt for a data pack. now imagine those live tiles with static info. yes, that means they will look & work as blunt as still images of WP7 interface suggest. Suddenly the most beautiful UI on mobile isnt as attractive anymore right ?

Limited Bluetooth Support :

Bluetooth is very ubiquitous. Bluetooth Sharing is extremely common in india. From pictures , to ringtone to videos to songs ,people share everything in Bluetooth. As @clintonjeff said “the concept of syncing doesnt exists in india, everything is Bluetooth’d over”.Forget about copyrights . its something that we naturally expect from any phone. so much so that people gets disappointed when $35 Nokia X1-01 doesn’t have Bluetooth despite having decent music player! now imagine your same kind of disappointment from $600 lumia. you instantly get some very angry nokia customer.

Also, not only file sharing. bluetooth is quite useful for connecting to internet also via Bluetooth DUN profile that i personally use a lot. unless nokia fix this soon, it is going to make some very disappointed customer.

Lack of browser options :

WP7 comes with mobile Internet Explorer , which to be honest isnt nearly as bad as its desktop counterpart . various benchmark test suggests that compared to stock android browser,they are not too bad actually. So what i am complaining about ? well rendering speed is not something that i give a damn about. We barely get 64-120 kpbs speed on most EDGE network. so data inflow isnt going to bottleneck browser anyway. But because the speed is so low many people here uses browser like opera mini. opera mini pre-render WebPages and compresses it upto 90% before sending it to mobile so for most sites it makes a huge difference. so people here loves opera mini. the numbers doesnt lie, india is now second largest country for opera mini usage. we indian NEED browser that need data compression. Even Nokia knows these , thats why they made their own opera mini alternative and bundle it with basic S40 phone .

But windows phone 7 , as typical iPhone fashion doesnt allow third party browsers . No third party browser means no opera mini. that makes Windows Phone practically for vast numbers of indian mobile phone users depending on EDGE.

Lack of expandable storage card support:

This is something that nokia spoiled us. i just cant imaging spending $100 (that;s Rs5500 in indian curency ) for a 16 GB bump in storage because i’m used to spending Rs 1000 bucks and buy a 16GB microSD instead. when an average user learn that his lumia isnt going to support microSD he will instantly feel ripped-off . the idea of “expandable memory” is so ubiquitous that even roadside stalls sells them. Now microsoft may argue that with skydrive providing 25GB space and cloud becoming increasingly important, we dont really need to store that much data on phone. It may be true in places where operator are fighting over who have best 4G speed. But in a country where data cap for 3G data starts from 100mb a month (yeah you read it right , one hundred megabytes) & EDGE data is capped at 60 kbps, the concept of cloud doesnt really exists. hopefully nokia/microsoft is working in it it’ll be solved with apollo update.

iTunes sucks , so does Zune

From my first Nokia smartphone i am used to popping my memory card in pc , copy / paste stuff i wanna put , reinsert card in phone and enjoy the media.And Ii recent years i didnt even bothered about converting videos because symbian and android both handled most of the popular codecs well. Now with WP it feels like 2005 all over again,when phones didn’t support standards well and we needed to convert each content in formats that phones liked. This is ridiculous, its 2012 already and we are thinking about native flac support. in android world we whine if our phone cant play 1080p video in some exotic format (even when we probably have a 480p display).ok forget, android, even two year old Nokia N8 played almost everything you through at it. This is the way we , nokia users do it microsoft , this is the way we we grew up. Stop copying apple . Just because apple can get away with crapware such as iTunes , doesnt mean microsoft can get away it zune too.

                    Remember this is not even a list of features that WP7 is lacking in. its just a subset of features that makes WP7 unsuitable for indian users. and i haven’t even started with numbers of apps or costs apps. or the fact that multitasking is sucks in WP. or that it doesnt support video calling.i was actually considering getting a cheap WP7 like lumia 710. But as i evaluated my usage and tried to mirror it in WP7 world i realised WP7 just doesnt cut it.This is microsoft product product, not nokia product. So no matter how bad my battery life my samsung android have, no matter how bad the audio quality is and no matter how cheap it feels , at the end of the day android gets the job done. and thats better than having a beautiful shiny piece of useless crap.

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This Stephen Elop interview from Engagdet is just worth watching because it establishes what was (and is) in the minds of Nokia as it moves forward with Microsoft.

Like I said on Twitter, if they end up proving me wrong about the Microkia thing, then good on ‘em.