QI - Season 13 Episode 15 : episode 15 (2016)

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Title : QI
First Air Date : Sep 11, 2003
Last Air Date : Feb 13, 2016
Number of Episodes : 198
Number of Seasons : 13
Genres : Comedy
Networks : BBC Four, BBC Two
Casts : Stephen Fry, Alan Davies
Alternative Titles : Quite Interesting

I was playing piano at the Golden Bear for Steve Stills and Ron Long who were called The Buffalo Fish. Steve was my buddy from Greenwich Village; we knew each other because we were the kids who looked alike. When I was on the way out, Steve called me over and said, ‘Peter, I’ve just met a guy who is doing a TV show based on A Hard Day’s Night. You should try it out.’ I dismissed the idea, ‘Yeah, yeah.’ He said, ‘Peter, this is Steve. You should really go try out for this thing.’ ‘Oh, alright.’ So I got on the bus in Huntington Beach and schlepped all the was to Hollywood for the auditions. Up until then, I hadn’t done anything except for a couple of hootenannies at the Troubadour, where, incidentally, I met Mike. I thought that because I knew Steve Stills, and he knew Bob Rafelson, that I was going to get special entree [sic] into the audition process. I walked in—‘Take a seat, please.’ I waited like everybody else. Mike came in and said, ‘Hello, Peter.’ One kid did get special treatment. Davy Jones walked through, like the owned the place. But I’ve grown to love him now. I do.
—  Peter Tork, “Hey, Hey, We’re The Monkees” (Bronson)

Axl Rose and Erin Everly had met ( …) in a club in NY, where she was working as a model, and they started seeing each other on that summer. She moved to LA to be with him, and then he moved into her apartment. Erin continued to modeling work to pay the rent. The relationship would las for for tumultuous years, and would inform almost every GnR songs throughout the original band’s career.

No one thought it would last. Axl and Erin fought in public. She was a daughter of Beverly Hills ( her mother was actress Venetia Stevenson), he was a self - described hick-ass from nowhere. She was intelligent and well brought up, while he was half savage and just in from the reservation. She had a nice place to live, and he was used to roaming between band houses and crash pads. She was seminormal, and he was certifiable. Nevertheless, those who knew the couple thought their bond was intense. “She was a sweet girl”, a friend of the couple said, “She was nice, the opposite of Axl. When it was good between the two of them, it was very good. Whe it was bad, it was horrible. You wouldn’t even believe what they ended up putting each other through.”

 - Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N’ Roses by Stephen Davis

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Some may have seen this already, but the rest should look at this behind the scene! We get to see Kyle Rideout and Kira Tozer being interviewed, and the rest of the cast and crew giving out their thoughts.

 Axl meanwhile, was getting weirder than usual. Everyone noticed it. Living with him for several months, Vicky soon learned to detect a blossoming manic episode, or some other mental status changes, by the look in his eyes. If a strange light was shinning in Axl’s blues pupils, things could get very weird, very funny, or very scary - very quickly.

“He was so damaged”, Vicky recalled, “ Today you’d call it bibolar. He was either childlike, or a dog from hell. I loved him dearly, but I also felt sorry for him becasue he could not trust anyone and already had big issues with paranoia and control.”

Vicky had one of the few VCR tape machines around, and Axl would spend hours, even whole nights, staring at porno tapes, starring the underage Tracy Lords, and commercial videos featuring extreme violence.   “He used to rent those Faces of Death vídeos”, Vicky says, “And he’d sit there and stare at them forever. These videos consisted of real – time footage of people dying in accidents, being executed, killed, or commiting suicide. “You’d see people’s eyes getting gouged out, or smashing the heads of monkeys and eating their fresh brains.” Robert John hated it when Axl watched those videos. “I was horrified, but Axl was laughing at this stuff. It was so sick I had to leave my apartment when they were on.” - Watch you bleed by Stephen Davis



Haven’t seen a link posted yet, so here is Noel on QI from last night Xx

The Blues Mailing #1 Friday - Brian Jones
Part I here.

One of Brian Jones dreams came to life in 1964, when he and the Stones had the chance to visit and record in the Chess Studios with the legendary engineer Ron Malo. Chess Records did not allow groups not signed to the label to use its studios but Andrew Loog Oldham, the Rolling Stones manager and producer, nonetheless reached out to make a case for his burgeoning band.

But his story goes beyond any lucky recording or meeting, Jones’ most important achievement was bringing the blues to the masses. He was one of the blues pioneers in Europe, the movement that would bring the blues and folk revival - for long ignored in their home country, the United States.

A clear example of that was Howlin’ Wolf appearance on “Shindig” in May, 1965. The Stones, mostly Brian, insisted that they wouldn’t perform unless the Wolf performed too, it wasn’t up to negotiations. It was the only time ever that the blues giant performed on american television.

Another stand-out moment in Brian’s life and career was the release of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Little Red Rooster” cover. It’s been noted that “in many ways, this is Brian Jones’ record. He was always the biggest blues purist in the band”. Also, it was Brian Jones’ favourite Stones single and Bill Wyman noted “It realized a cherished ambition [of Jones] to put blues music at the top of the charts, and meant his guilt of having ‘sold out’ completely to pop fame was diminished .”

In Stephen Davis - Old Gods Almost Dead author  - words, the song was “his masterpiece, his inspired guitar howling like a hound, barking like a dog, crowing like a rooster”. It remains to this day the only time a blues song has ever topped the British pop charts.

Well, if that didn’t get you head over heels mad about his blues life, surely the live version of  Brian’s slide guitar in “Little Red Rooster” and harmonica in “Not Fade Away” and “Just Want To Make Love To You” will. 

Sources: Wikipedia and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

“Jimmy liked to have fun too. A friend used to drive him around the Epsom area, and they’d shout insults at people and roar off. Epsom was full of mental hospitals, and the boys were particularly attracted to an institution for young girls with sexual problems, such as compulsive masturbation. One day Jimmy and his friends showed up and tried to pull a couple of girls out of the place, to great merriment but to no avail.”

         -Hammer Of The Gods 
             The Led Zeppelin Saga, page 15