Actors who have portrayed Antagonists in make up or wearing a mask. 
1. Nick Castle: Halloween
2. Kane Hodder: Friday The 13th: 7 - 10
3. Robert Englund: A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise
4. Gunnar Hansen: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
5. Doug Bradley: Hellraiser franchise 
6. Jonathan Breck: Jeepers Creepers franchise 
7. Tim Curry: Stephen King’s It
8. Warwick Davis: Leprechaun franchise 
9. Kane Hodder: Hatchet Franchise 
10. Juan Fernandez: The Collector 

Axl Rose and Erin Everly had met ( …) in a club in NY, where she was working as a model, and they started seeing each other on that summer. She moved to LA to be with him, and then he moved into her apartment. Erin continued to modeling work to pay the rent. The relationship would las for for tumultuous years, and would inform almost every GnR songs throughout the original band’s career.

No one thought it would last. Axl and Erin fought in public. She was a daughter of Beverly Hills ( her mother was actress Venetia Stevenson), he was a self - described hick-ass from nowhere. She was intelligent and well brought up, while he was half savage and just in from the reservation. She had a nice place to live, and he was used to roaming between band houses and crash pads. She was seminormal, and he was certifiable. Nevertheless, those who knew the couple thought their bond was intense. “She was a sweet girl”, a friend of the couple said, “She was nice, the opposite of Axl. When it was good between the two of them, it was very good. Whe it was bad, it was horrible. You wouldn’t even believe what they ended up putting each other through.”

 - Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N’ Roses by Stephen Davis

Davy Jones

The Loser’s club were all perched on different seats in Bill’s living room. Ben and Beverly were sharing the pea green soft chair, Stan sat straight on the left end of the couch, Mike was in the middle and Richie on the other end. Which left Eddie and Bill sitting against the couch on the floor. Eddie picking at the strings of the carpet, occasionally getting static shocked. 

Richie could barely keep his head up, his chin falling off his palm for the 80th time that hour. He whistled in boredom until Mike passed a elbow in the gut from Stan with a chuckle. “Put something on TV Big Bill.” He sighed deeply, stretching his head back and groaning. 

Bill rolled his eyes and flicked the channel once more, a few bars of static color covered the screen for a few seconds. “I’ve been trying to do that for ten minutes Rich.” He rolled his eyes and pouted once more as thunder cracked over their heads. 

Bill flicked the channel once more to MTV, before departing for his bathroom, leaving whatever was on. Eddie scooted over to take the remote but his hand hovered over it for a few seconds as they all watched the TV. There was a small English guy with a clipboard talking to some blonde chick on her porch but for some reason, it was interesting. 

“- Uh, pardon me, miss, uh. I’m from the TV poll taking service. I was wondering, uh, what TV program are you watching?” 

‘Yup, definitely English. ..’ Eddie watched as the camera panned over to the same boy and he bit his lip. ‘He was cute.’ He snapped his head up as if he was afraid someone had read his mind or something. Bill plopped back down and took the remote, ready to change it until Beverly stopped him. 

“Hey! This is interesting.” She took the remote from him, turned up the volume and sat down on the floor. Eddie gulped, pulling at the collar of his sweater. 

The show continued and he could vaguely hear everyone chuckling along. Richie really seemed to get a kick out of it. And then the theme song kicked in….

Here we come, walkin’ down the street, We get the funniest looks from everyone we meet… Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees And people say we monkey around But we’re too busy singing to put anybody down!” 

“Oh! My dad loved this show!” Ben crawled down to sit on the floor next to Beverly. “It’s that show about that band-”

“Is it The Monkees? I didn’t quite get that from the theme song, Ben.” Richie chuckled and tugged his feet onto the couch, crossing his legs. Everyone chuckled. But Eddie was stirring awkwardly on the carpet.  

‘God, whenever they showed that short guy, he swooned a little.’  Eddie batted his eyelashes and blinked to see if he’d snap out of whatever trance he was in. ‘He didn’t like boys….this was wrong.’ He frowned but came aware to the fact that this episode was about that short guy-’Davy! God, that was a cute name’  Eddie nearly choked on his spit at his own thought. 

The only way for this Davy guy to date some guy’s daughter is to hold a chaperoned party….Eddie tilted his head and bit harder into his lip. He almost burst entirely when a song kicked in and the lead singer just so happened to be this Davy Jones. The four band members were trying to set up for this party. The whole romp made him giggle. 

“Micky’s my favorite.” Richie said as he climbed down to shove himself between Eddie and Bill. 

“No surprise t-t-there R-R-Richie. He’s the funny one after all.” Bill chuckled. “I like Mike.” 

“And that’s not obvious? He’s their leader!” Richie pointed his finger in Bill’s face. 

“I like Mike too!” Ben defended. 

“I agree with Richie, Micky’s the best.” Beverly chuckled at something that happened on screen. 

“I like Peter.” Stan quirked his head to the side and climbed to the floor, Mike following after him. Richie rolled his eyes. 

“He is the weird one.” 

Stan slapped the back of his head. Mike chuckled. “I like Peter too.” He shrugged and took a handful of the popcorn that was in Bev’s lap.  Richie poked Eddie’s shoulder, who flinched. 


“Who’s your favorite, Eds?” He pointed at the screen and Eddie sunk down a little, embarrassed. He swallowed and shrugged, picking at the skin of his fingers. 

“I dunno, I like Davy.” He mumbled and Richie got a shit eating grin. 

“That’s cause he’s tiny and he’s the cute one…like you!” He reached over to pinch Eddie’s cheeks only to get slapped away. Eddie’s cheeks turned pink as everyone returned their attention to the screen when another song kicked in. 

He had a war going on in his head. He had never looked at a boy like that before, at least he didn’t think so. He scowled. ‘Of course he’d figure this out over some 60′s TV show in front of all of his friends…with their presence, he can’t even pace like he liked to do when he was frustrated.’ 

“Though you’ve played at love and lost And sorrow’s turned your heart to frost
I will melt your heart again….”
The song cooed. But he couldn’t fully listen, ‘this couldn’t be happening to him. He’d just assumed he was straight…wasn’t that what he was suppose to be? God, he felt like throwing up.’

He felt Richie elbow his side to point at the screen as his favorite character, Micky was dancing around in a wig and he thought it was hysterical. So Eddie glanced up and dragged his eyes over to Richie. His head thrown back as he couldn’t stop laughing. 

“- Come with me, leave yesterday behind and take a giant step outside your mind.”

And for once, Eddie allowed his thoughts to flourish…’Richie was adorable.’

and that’s how it became a tradition for the Loser’s to curl up and watch The Monkees every Friday night. 

(Sorry but I love this idea and I want to write more but I probably won’t cause no one asked for this. Anyways all the Monkees episodes are on Youtube if you’re interested. The episode used in this was ‘The Chaperone’. The songs mentioned in it were ‘This Just Doesn’t Seem To Be My day’ and ‘Take A Giant Step’ please let me know if you’d like more of this:’)