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we talk about davey jacobs being a coffee monster who can’t function w/out it BUT the real terror without her morning cup is katherine??? think abt it. she wakes up very ‘anna-in-frozen-esqe’ and can’t form proper sentences until she gets to the kitchen. she will not hesitate to slap a bitch if you get in her way. one time, she almost pushed sarah down the stairs because sarah wanting a morning kiss.

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jack & davey, 1808 words

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(so i was looking for inspiration to write this and i heard it was issac’s { @miserysucculent } birthday??? so since this is his hc i thought hey why not. pls enjoy issac, happy birthday bud. also this turned out a hell of a lot longer than i meant it to be)

It was one of those summer days that made everything seem insignificant. It was hot, hot enough to make Davey flee the constraints of his room. Since he shared with Les, it felt too constricting to sit and listen to another story about cowboys and the wild west. Sarah was already starting her homework for next year, and kept spouting facts about the moon. Davey wrinkled his nose thinking about the pile of homework that sat on his desk, waiting to be started. Choosing to neglect his duties, Davey chose to take a walk down to the farmer’s market for his mother. It was just as stifling outside, but a thin breeze blew between all the people that crowded the sidewalk. He pushed his way through the crowd, realizing that this was not the greatest choice he could’ve made, relieved to see the big signs advertising fresh fruit and baked goods.

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not to be dramatic or anything but i would literally die for the cast of newsies

let’s not lie newsies fandom we are running out of content and therefore we’re going slowly insane

there is no heterosexual explanation for newsies


Happy Trails to Newsies! A show that inspired me like no other. Who would have ever thought a show about newsboys would be such a big part of my life? I certainly didn’t! I’m sad to see this show go, but I hope its memory and its message lives on. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

The holidays are fast approaching and it wouldn’t be a proper Hannukah without a holiday album from Baevey and the Jacobs.

Tracks include:

  1. Poor Guy’s Dreidel Is Spinning
  2. Look at Me (My Religion Forbids Pork)
  3. We Got A Minyan!
  4. Seize Eight Days
  5. The World’s My Erster (Too Bad I’m Kosher)
  6. Tell Me How Quitting Does Bubbe Any Good
  7. (It’s A Fine Life) Lighting The Menorah
  8. I Had a Little Dreidel, I Made It Out Of Glass (I Lost It In The Rumble, When They Kicked Crutchie’s Ass)*
  9. I’m Spending Hannukah In Santa Monica Fe (feat. special guests Jeremy Jordan, Corey Cott, Dan DeLuca, Joey Barreiro, and Flavio Gismondi)
  10. Jewsies On A Mission
  11. You’re Still Our Mishpocha (And We Will Fight For You)
  12. Seize Eight Days (Yiddish Version)

*explicit version

(as always, DO NOT steal this for your Instagram/Pinterest…it’s watermarked but that never seems to stop people)