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I’d just like to clarify something about the tax being removed from Menstruation Products

The way the Harper government is talking, it seems like this was their idea. They never, ever pushed for this in Parliament. It took public pressure by those that signed the petition and the NDP who pushed the issue in Parliament.

“I think this is just a very positive move for Canadian women and in alignment with our government’s record in this regard,” Rempel told reporters.

I think they’re more in favour because it fits in with their history of lowering taxes, rather than because its a feminist issue.

Who really deserves the credit is the NDP and Jill Piebiak who started the petition (now with 74,644 signatures) demanding this change be made:

All parties supported the NDP motion presented earlier this month during one of the party’s opposition days. However, the government was non-committal on when the change could occur.

Following the vote, the New Democrats began demanding the government amend its budget implementation bill so the “tampon tax” could be removed immediately. The party has been trying to pass a bill to eliminate the tax since 2004.

The conservatives have been in power since 2006, and only now have decided to support the NDP to remove this tax. Think about that.

It is an election year, and the Conservatives will do and say anything to get elected, so please remember who made this change happen.


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