stephen sturgeon


poetry reading in Iowa City, 5/31/2014

@1:45 Victoria Trott bites the head off a mouse and slowly chews it in front of everyone, then reads some things

@9:55 Stephen Sturgeon smokes sherm and rips a phone book in half, then reads several things

good job everyone

Remember the greasy park
on the final warm day of that hot year -
pigeons that pouted towards the curbs
with a bench-woman feeling her torn teeth
as if each were a son banished from distances
paltry with age -
what were you doing posing
inside its drained fountain while a bus
struck past the cabbage-green fence
bleating at heaven and hell? Later the rain
stuck on our skins like candles’ gelatinous wax
and wiping it from my arms with newspaper
closing my eyes I could not see you
in your spotted shorts stepping into that bowl,
then, sanely glancing at the traffic’s maze,
tying your hair back with an elastic
the way a climber will do
before catching onto the mountain
—  ‘The Fountain (to Kate Kapovich)’ by Stephen Sturgeon, from Trees of the Twentieth Century.

Stephen Sturgeon reads book 1 of Paradise Lost, pt 1