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“From the moment Margaret became a widow she sought Jasper’s guidance for herself and also for important decisions regarding her son, who needed a strong base. It is often claimed by novelists, and thought by many people, that Jasper and Margaret were in love with each other but as brother-in-law and sister-in-law were forbidden to marry Jasper chose, out of compassion, to take care of her son, his nephew. This is most likely unfounded gossip and there are in fact several reasons which disprove it.

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If Jasper and Margaret were really in love and wanting to marry they could have easily discussed this with the king, who would have been able to ask the pope for a dispensation. Whether or not the request would have been granted remains open to question, but the fact is that the pope did give his permission in other similar cases: for example, the later marriage of Henry VIII to his widowed sister-in-law Catherine of Aragon.

Further, custody of Margaret was fully in Jasper’s hands after Edmund’s death, something that would surely have expedited matters if there were any feelings of love between them. On the contrary, Jasper started negotiations with the Duke of Buckingham (with whom he had by now developed a close relationship) for Margaret’s marriage to the duke’s son, probably two months after she had given birth. As soon as the young mother was churched in March, Jasper, Margaret and probably baby Henry visited the duke at his manor at Greenfield near Newport and it is likely that this was when Margaret’s third marriage was arranged with Buckingham’s second son Henry Stafford, her second cousin. By this marriage, Jasper lost a source of income, but as he made the match himself he must have preferred Margaret and his young nephew’s safety and the cementing of this powerful and political alliance above the financial side.

Another counter-indication of a secret love affair between Jasper and Margaret is a tradition that, between 1453 and 1459, Jasper fathered two illegitimate daughters, Joan and Helen or Ellen, by a Welshwoman named Mevany ferch Dafydd from Gwynnedd. Both daughters are said to have been born in Snowdonia. Joan (born 1453) is said to have married William ap Yevan (son of Yevan ap William and Margaret Kemoys), by whom she had twin sons called Morgan and John ap William (s) born in Lanishen, Wales, in 1479. It is believed that Joan herself died while giving birth, but Morgan, in 1499, married Thomas Cromwell’s sister Katherine Cromwell in Putney Church, Norwell, Nottinghamshire, and so became fourth generation ancestor to Oliver Cromwell. Jasper’s alleged second daughter, Helen or Ellen. is said to have been born in 1459 and married, after 1485, William Gardiner (son of Thomas Gardiner and Anna de la Grove), a cloth merchant who became a spearman for the Lancastrians at the Battle of Bosworth. […] Ellen and William Gardiner had at least one son, Stephen Gardiner, who became a prominent figure under the Tudor monarchy, especially during  Henry VIII’s reign.

Therefore, it is not known if and how long Jasper’s relationship with Mevany lasted but it is a possibility that she was his mistress until around the early 1460′s, since there is no mention of any children he had with her. Not even Jasper’s will refers to the girls or Mevanvy and there is no evidence for their existance in any remaining contemporary source. The earliest known source is William Dugdale’s Baronage dating to 1676, but this gives only Ellen as Jasper’s illegitimate daughter and makes no mention of Mevanvy. Dugdale reports that Jasper ‘leaving no other issue than one illegitimate daughter, called Ellen, who became the Wife of William Gardiner, Citizen of London.At all events, there is no indication that Jasper’s association with Margaret was anything more than just friendship or a brother-sister relationship.”

From: “Jasper Tudor, Godfather of the Tudor Dynasty”, written by Debra Bayani.

CLO Newsies was everything you could ever wish it to be and more.

I will never fail to be amazed by what a few kids can do with a show on a low budget in just five days.

-first of all it was surreal to see live

-joey was once again incredible as jack

-stephen was precious as can be

-he looked genuinely terrified when he was fighting with the delancey’s and I just wanted to give him a hug

-beth made a beautiful katherine

-they did bring her songs down a key to work better for her voice. interesting choice but I didn’t mind too much

-the ensemble was very well put together despite being different than other productions

-the dancing in the show was less centered on solos and tricks, it was almost all ensemble group choreography, which I appreciated in its own right

-I will never get over danny as crutchie

-his letter from the refuge broke my heart

-and when they dragged him offstage, limp and helpless it tore me apart

-michael james brown all of the perfect comedic timing that race needs

-grant was such a bean as romeo 

-trent was the perfect amount of cute and awkward as dojo/darcy

-matthew, chris, alex, javier, kevin, isaac, vinnie, james, davis, ben, noah and taylor each brought something special to their character and that stage

-there were line flubs and dropped props here and there but nothing they didn’t cover up well

-the girlsies killed it

-two words, sky bennett

-that kid oml

-watching everyone onstage living their dream was the coolest thing to experience


happy closing my friends

Send your praise to these child geniuses! 
Autum Ashante was accepted into the University of Connecticut at age 13.

Stephen R. Stafford II entered Morehouse College at the age 11 with three majors. 

Tony Hansberry II at age 14 developed a time reducing method for hysterectomies at Shands Hospital 
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John, George & Ringo along with their wives, Yoko, Pattie & Maureen, attend Bob Dylan’s performance at The Isle Of Wight Festival organized by the Foulk Brothers in Wootton August 31,1969. Paul was not present due to wife, Linda recently giving birth to their daughter, Mary, on August 28th.  

Bob and his band came on stage pretty late in the evening, around 11:00 pm and played for an hour.

They specifically went to see Bob Dylan - you’ve got to remember Bob Dylan was a huge cultural icon. He was the second messiah for a lot of people. The great and the good came along to see the reappearance of the great man - and sure enough in the VIP area was John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, looking up, almost star-struck, at Dylan in his white suit.’ - Mike Plumbley

There was always speculation there was was going to be a huge jam session.“- Geoff Wall

In hindsight, it was never going to happen. Dylan had rehearsed an hour with his band, and that was it - ‘get on your bus and go’ - a great end to a great event.“- Geoff Wall

Harrison didn’t rehearse with Dylan in the Forelands barn.’ - Mike Plumbley

'We went to the Dylan show, and if there had been a jam, we would have got up. It was killed before it happened. It was so late by the time he got on. We would have jammed if it had been earlier. The crowd was dying on their feet by the time he got on.’ - John Lennon excerpt source: The Beatles Bible

Mike Plumbley and Geoff Wall quote excerpts are from the article, 'Why the Beatles never played the Isle of Wight’ by Stephen Stafford (BBC)