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War horse |Review

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson, Tom Hiddleston

‘Young Albert enlists to service in WWI after his beloved horse, Joey, is sold to the cavalry. Albert’s hopeful journey takes him out of England and across Europe as the war rages on’ (IMDB)

What can i say about this breathtakingly gorgeous film. Its is beautifully shot, extremley well directed.  The Cinematography is to die for, You get a real essence of the period from the angles and the editing…Superb. (kudos to Michael Kahn A.C.E)

To be honest you can’t go wrong with Michael Morpurgo, he was one of my favourite childhood authors and infact i met him once when i was 9 (i think). Richard Curtis (one of my favourite writers) along with Lee Hall, adapted it for screen perfectly. 

Some of the film is shot on Dartmoor, You cannot get better than Dartmoor, it is an extraordinarily wondrous place and i was very lucky to have grown up so close to it, sometimes you don’t realise how lucky you are. 

John Williams did the score… You cannot fail with Williams. Soundtrack is flawless.

Its well acted throughout including the horses (Black Beauty has some competition) although some of the Devonshire accents are rather dodgy (coming from the point of view of a Devonshire lass).

'We’ll be alright… We’re Devonshire boys' 

War Horse is probably the most beautiful film i’ve seen since the Kings Speech, Its just absoutley gorgeous. I was Wowing at the sheer look of the film and i admit it almost had me crying and i’m heartless when it comes to films (by that i mean i very rarely shed a tear over a film)

I’m going to have to give it *****. 

Wow, Just Wow.

-Shayna Newham-Joynes