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NEVER ask a taylor swift fan what their favorite song is unless you want to see them have a mental breakdown in front of you as they try to explain to you that they simply cannot choose one song


HEY YOU! Do you love Steven Universe? Do you also love suffering? if you watch SU you’d better love suffering to some degree but that’s beside the point

If you answered yes to the above questions, please, listen to this song. Now imagine Steven playing it for the gems and Greg.

Are you crying yet? You’re welcome!

a clatter of basilisk fangs - a romione fanmix [listen]

i choose you sara bareilles | come to me the goo goo dolls | bright echosmith | can’t help falling in love ingrid michaelson | stay hurts | she is the fray | how long will i love you ellie goulding | lover of the light mumford & sons | perfect hedley | out of my league stephen speaks | accidentally in love counting crows | 1000 times sara bareilles | show me what i’m looking for carolina liar | us against the world coldplay

if i find bones along my way (a Pearl/Rose Quartz fanmix)

1) Around You - Ingrid Michaelson 2) You Make Me Feel Good - Maria Mena 3) Avalanches (Culla’s Song) - A Fine Frenzy 4) Mountain and the Sea - Ingrid Michaelson 5) Quiet - LIGHTS 6) You Are The Moon - The Hush Sound 7) I Choose You - Sara Bareilles 8) I Will Follow You Into The Dark (cover) - Death Cab For Cutie 9) Out of My League - Stephen Speaks 10) Nicest Thing - Kate Nash 11) I Can’t Make You Love Me - Bon Iver (cover) 12) When She Loved Me - Sarah McLachlan 13) Jackie’s Last Dance - Andrew Lippa 14) bodyache - Purity Ring 15) Sincerely Hope It’s You - Edith Backlund 16) When Was I Last Home - The Do 17) Echo In the Hills - Carrie Elkin, Danny Schmidt


‘The least said the better,’ said Jack. 'Just so. It shall be as you direct.’ He paced to and fro, his hands behind his back. He had boundless confidence in Stephen, but deep in his mind there was a sense of having been - not tricked, not quite manoeuvred: perhaps managed was the word. He did not care for it at all. It wounded him. He took up his fiddle, and standing there facing the open stern window and looking out on to the wake, he stroked a deep note from the G string and so played on, an improvisation that expressed what he felt as no words could have done. But when Stephen behind him, speaking over the sound, said, 'Forgive me, Jack: sometimes I am compelled to be devious. I do not do it from choice,’ the music changed, ended in an abrupt, cheerful pizzicato, and he sat down again.

Desolation Island

The Tomorrow People 1x22

I have just one thing to say as Jastrid or Jostrid shipper, I’m not happy with this episode and I feel like the writers were making fun of us.  I mean honestly I love John and Astrid together, I really do. I think they have chemistry and that they can work together perfectly, they could be great together, grater than John and Cara. But not like this. 

I mean first John tell Cara that he feels empty because he doesn’t feel her thoughts anymore and then he tells her that they’re going to get through the end of the world together.  And okay she promises him that she would find him after and he’s disappointed and everything. Okay. 

Then on that rooftop with Astrid everything seems perfect. He tells her that the best part of being human was her. And they kiss. And everything seem perfect. And my little shipper heart was so full of happiness and I was giggling and I was in peace with the world. Then time unstops and John leaves Astrid and goes looking for the others. And okay I get that he wanted to see how they were… but why on earth couldn’t he take Astrid with him?

And the look of pure desperation in his eyes when Cara is shoot is understandable, I mean they were together for long and something like that doesn’t go away. But the hurt look in his eyes and the sadness when Cara and Stephen hug after he saves her life were a little disappointing. This time not understandable. Because if it’s true that love doesn’t go away in a day, it’s also true that if he realized that Astrid is special he should be able to move on a little better. I mean when he took Astrid hand and went to celebrate with the others to me it felt like Astrid was the second choice. 

But those weren’t even the worst parts. I could have lived my happily ever after for Astrid and John even with those shadows. The worst part comes at the end. On the subway. I was so happy to see them still together, I was happy to see that Astrid was teaching him how to live topside. And they were cute. I started to get pissed when John chose to leave Astrid on the subway to go with Jed. Because okay Jed is not simply the bad guy of the story, but he isn’t the good guy even. And I know he is a father figure for John and I know everything, but he should have stayed with Astrid. Or at least bring her with them, or call Astrid and Stephen and tell them about Jed. (which leads me to ask this. Astrid and Stephen speaks in the park after John and Jed left Astrid in the subway. Later Cara asks Stephen about his uncle and he tells her he hasn’t heard from him. Which makes me think that Astrid didn’t tell him that she and John met Jed. Or that for some reason Stephen doesn’t want to tell Cara. Which has no sense. And I don’t know why neither Stephen, Cara or Astrid are worried if they don’t hear from John for a while… but this goes beside my point).

The worst part of everything is this:
A) John decides to let Jed give him Roger’s powers. Which makes sense since John is a breakout and it’s normal that he wants to have his powers back. I wonder if he even thought about the consequences that having his powers back will have but yeah this isn’t the real problem.
b) The real problem is that while John is in that chair having is powers back he screams Cara’s name. And don’t tell me it’s because he wanted her to know he has his powers back or anything like that. John screaming her name when Cara sensed him just proves my point. The only thing I though constantly through all those last three episodes Astrid is only a second choice for John, she is good only as long as he hasn’t his powers. John still loves Cara and wants to stay with her. 

And this makes me angry cause makes me feel like all those scenes between Astrid and John were just plain and simple fan service. And I hate fanservice even when it’s in favor of my ship. I want John and Astrid love story to be real and not just a way to make people watch the show cause a big part of the fandom ships them.

This is how I feel and I would love to read some reply to this from you people. I want to know if I’m the only one. I want to have some other prospective on this episode. 


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Arms - Christina Perri | Knock Knock - Lenka | Out of My League - Stephen Speaks | You Always Make Me Smile - Kyle Andrews | Harbor - Vienna Teng | All About Your Heart - Mindy Gledhill | I Will Be - Avril Lavigne | Honey and the Bee - Owl City | Trainwreck - Demi Lovato | Gomenasai - TATU | You Know Me - Air Traffic Controller | Sink or Swim - Tyrone Wells | Candlelight - Relient K