stephen sinclair

I try to smile
Despite the vengeance looking at me,
Covered in your tomato paste,
A man of many parts
I try to forget.
Even the person of your passing
Lingers on.
More problems now
With all your bits and pieces.
I try to run,
And pinioned to this spot
In acres full of you,
Of dust and bones.
I try to weep,
With you looming large in my cell,
Of problems to the grave.
I try, I try
To unravel enigmas,
And each way I turn
I’m still holding you.
I try to smile
But you’re not smiling now.
In April death is dead
And all the new life lives
Upon our garbled inquest.

Poem by serial killer Dennis Nilsen in which he recalls the passing of Stephen Sinclair, his last victim. Nilsen invited Sinclair to his home at Cranley Gardens and strangled him to death when he passed out after consuming alcohol and injecting heroin.

Okay I’m pretty sure that the book It, by Stephen King, is going to play a huge role in Stranger Things season 2. Spider monster??? 1984??? Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

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