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2016-2017 Stars nicknames (for now)

Adam Cracknell - Release the Cracknell, Snap Crackle Pop, A Damn Crackle

Lauri Korpikoski - Lady Corpus Christi

Patrick Eaves - Caveman, Santa

Jordie Benn - Caveman No. 2, Bearded Benn

Stephen Johns - Caveman Jr., Pretty Boy

Jamie Benn - Baby Benn, Moo, Elevator Music

Tyler Seguin - Segs and Bacon

Cody Eakin - Leprechaun

Jason Spezza - Lucky Charms, Cereal,  Pepperoni

Dan Hamhuis - Slice of Ham, Hammy

Jiri Hudler - Monkee

Patrick Sharp - Sharpie, Hair Model

Radek Faksa - What Does the Fox Say

John Klingberg - Junior Cheeseburger, Klinger

Antoine Roussel - Banny Rous, Fighting Frenchman

Stray thoughts on Arrow 5x17

- Stephen Amell was exceptionally good in this episode, amirite? You must have nerves of steel if you weren’t an emotional mess watching last night’s episode. 

This was me, basically: 

Originally posted by radicallesbian

- Also, oh my god, Evelyn!! What the hell! 

- You know you’d think the wig can’t get any worse, but you’d be wrong. It’s  growing, you guys. And it’s getting uglier. The wig has gots to go. 

- Ew, Satan had Felicity’s glasses!!

- That’s right Prometheus, don’t you dare hurt a hair on this literal cupcake! 

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Move, bitch! Get out the way!