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If you don’t go see It (2017), you’ll float too…


I really enjoyed it, it’s more than just a horror movie about a ravenous clown, which I can appreciate. It’s about friendship, loss, and overcoming obstacles. The actors that play the kids in the Loser’s Club are by far the BEST part of the movie - their chemistry and what they were able to do with the characters was amazing. Shout out to Finn Wolfhard!

Also if you know me you know I love Bill and he did an amazing job as Pennywise. He was scary, daring, even funny in the most twisted way possible.

Go see It, it’s out tomorrow everywhere.

*LATE* Sept. 17, 2017

this is only late cause:

(1) i forgot (2) i know ppl barely even see these (3) …yeah i kinda just



Sooooo I HATE Horror and I get easily scared YET i somehow thought:

“hmmm you know what would be great? Fucking watching IT since i hate horror but i’ll give it a chance”

But honestly i did get scared a few times but i also thought it was a funny movie. I don’t know the story at behind IT until AFTER watching the 2017 version. I’m somehow addicted to it so as a newbie to Stephen King’s IT:

  • great job for the remake
  • i love the whole history with the Macroverse (idk how it’s spelled yet)
  • luv the acting
  • after seeing the full cast i can see why some ppl say pennywise is hot
  • the ACTOR is hot but the CLOWN terrifies half of me (the movie helped not be too scared)
  • also i love Finn as Richie and I love Bill (the character was adorable and the actor is cute)

also here are my favorite GIFs/scenes:

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😂 me if I see Pennywise

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again I love Richie 😂

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such a cutie pie especially Eddie (even if i’m like one year older than most of them)

Hey guys! I’m so excited to announce that #StephenKingMonth is returning this year! I had so much fun doing this with you last year, so I just had to bring this reading event back in October 2016.

What is #StephenKingMonth?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like - a whole month dedicated to Stephen King’s books! Of course no month is better suited for the King of Horror than October, so this is when it’ll take place.

Which books should I read?

Whichever books you like! There are zero rules or regulations on this reading event. You are absolutely free to participate in this in any way you like, wether that means rereading you ten favourite 1000+ pages books by Stephen King or just reading a short story or two. It doesn’t matter which language you want to read in or wether you’ve been a die-hard fan of his work for the last 30 years or have never read a word by him before. It’s completely up to you wether you want to dedicate the entire month to reading only Stephen King or just want to add one of his books to your reading list for October.
I just want this to be a fun, pressure-free event, so there won’t be a fixed reading list, a number of books you have to read or a certain time frame in which you have to read them.

If you do want to read and discuss the book(s) you read with other’s as it would be done in a regular readalong, though, I’d suggest using the #stephenkingmonth tag to find others who want to read the same book(s) as you! Last year a couple of people teamed up to read Cujo together and it was a great experience!
If you’re an absolute newbie to Stephen King and don’t really know what to read by him, feel free to check out this short list of recommendations I made last year. I might post an updated list before the event starts again, this year, so stay tuned!

What do I have to do to join?

Read something written by Stephen King and tag any photos, reading updates, reviews, etc. with #stephenkingmonth so the other participants can see it! That’s it. You don’t have to formally sign up for this at all, just take part!

If you’ve got any questions about #StephenKingMonth, just ask!
I’ll follow all of your updates on tumblr, twitter and instagram (I’m @sacinee on both!) and I’m pumped to make this reading month a great one! The more people join it, the more fun it’ll be for all of us, so please let your friends and followers know about this, too, if you think any of them might be interested in it, as well! Happy reading! :)