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  • Aries: Rod Ross or Hitoshi Demegawa
  • Taurus: Shuichi Aizawa, Watari, or Roger Ruvie
  • Gemini: Teru Mikami, Sayu Yagami, or Kyosuke Higuchi
  • Cancer: Kiyomi Takada, Souichiro Yagami, or Aiber
  • Leo: Reiji Namikawa
  • Virgo: Near or Gevanni
  • Libra: Sachiko Yagami or Sidoh
  • Scorpio: L or B or Wedy
  • Sagittarius: Ryuk, Mello, or Matsuda
  • Capricorn: Misa Amane or Raye Penber
  • Aquarius: Naomi Misora or Matt
  • Pisces: Light Yagami or Rem
The Page 47 Weekly Top Ten

Every Sunday Page 47 brings you the Top Ten celebrities on our minds over the past week.

10. Candice Accola - We’re almost finally finished watching The Vampire Diaries; just two episodes to go!

9. Sloane Stephens - U.S. Open champion!

8. Milana Vayntrub - Soon to be Squirrel Girl!

7. Anna Kendrick - Not Squirrel Girl, but still one of our faves.

6. Sheryl Lee - Carrie Page? What?

5. Naomi Watts - At least someone got a happy ending.

4. Rinko Kikuchi - Our favorite giant-mecha co-pilot.

3. Shay Mitchell - Worthy of our adoration.

2. Sonequa Martin-Green - We could all use a little Star Trek right now.

1. Kristen Bell - Still our number one!

I hate when people talk about how Stephen King is not a good writer. You know what Stephen King has that you don’t???

1. Lots of money because he wrote books.
2. These 4 coveted words before his name “New York Times Bestseller”
3. The title “Master of Horror”
4. A bunch of amazing film adaptations based off his work
5. 30 years of experience.
6. Novels, novellas, memoirs, short stories and anthologies.

Why don’t you get millions of people to read your work for decades (not a one hit wonder like EL James) then you can talk to me about Stephen King!