stephen morrow

Comics, Weddings, Immigrations, and the Tumblr-Shaped Hole in My Heart.

Oh heyyyyy, tumblr. Big news! I’m still a person who exists and is alive! Crazy, I know.

It’s been, if I’m not mistaken, a day or two short of fifty-seven years since my last update. So, on the eve of this fairly impressive anniversary, I thought I’d finally post some shit. 

First of all: Excuses. Two big ones for not posting in forever. First excuse is I’ve been writing all the junk. Big junk. So-big-I-can’t-really-talk-about-it junk. And it’s been time consuming as all hell. 

Excuse number two. I’m engaged now. To a Canadian. Gasp. So, wedding stuff and visa stuff at the same time. It’s insane. And also the fucking best.

But guess what. I miss you gals and guys. Like, a lot. So fuck excuses. Y’know? I needs my tumblrs.

And as a coming-back gift (pretend that’s a thing), I thought I’d announce a comic that I’ve been wanting to announce forever:

super human 

Gah! Excitement! It’s a short superhero comic about depression or something! I wrote it. Stephen Morrow over at @minordistinctions did the art. Here’s a pic from it.

The thing’s so stupidly gorgeous. And so are you. Which is why we’re gonna be putting the whole comic on tumblr for free

It’s been written, drawn, and colored for, I wanna say, a day or two short of fifty-seven years. And it’s currently being lettered. (Three letterers later, btw. Don’t even wanna get into that. Holy christ do I not wanna get into that. Let’s just say, comedy of errors. Minus the comedy bits.) But yeah! Expect a release date for that very, very, very soon. And expect the actual release slightly less soon. 

Hope ya dig it.

Anyway, how are you?? Speak to me. I have missed you. Get back in touch if we haven’t talked in a billion years. And get back in touch with me if we’ve never talked. On here or over at Or facebook, I don’t even care, dude. For real, let’s be, like, the best friends. Okay? 


Love you.