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Bestselling horror author Joe Hill (The Fireman, Horns, Locke & Key) - who also happens to be the son of Stephen King - will release a new book titled Strange Weather on October 24 via William Morrow.

The 448-page tome collects four new novellas: “Snapshot,” “Aloft,” “Rain,” and “Loaded.” More information can be found in the synopsis below. You can also read an excerpt on EW.

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It’s time, a kiss says, to stop time
      by owning it, transforming it
             into body-time, hip-sway

and heartbeat, though really the kiss says
      now, the now he trusts
             is both history

and this instant, reflexive, the good past
      brought forward in a rush.

Stephen Dunn, from “The Night the Children Were Away,” Local Time (Quill, William Morrow, 1986)

Laura from mckelvie and kierongillen’s The Wicked and The divine, I’ve been trying to practice different hair attributes lately and there’s just so many great hairstyles in wicdiv. I did this one in a few sessions in between pages/panels, and as a result feel it’s a tad over worked, but I’m pretty happy with her hair.

I need to get better at makeup.
Brunette Ambition #9 on the 'U.S. Best-sellers list'
NEW YORK, May 29 (Reuters) - Emily Giffin's "The One & Only"
captured the No. 1 spot on the U.S. best-sellers list on
Thursday, pushing James Patterson's thriller "Unlucky 13" into
second place. 
    Data from independent and chain bookstores, book wholesalers
and independent distributors across the United States is used to
compile the list.

Hardcover Nonfiction
    1. "One Nation" by Ben Carson
(Penguin/Sentinel, $25.95)                      -
    2. "Finding Me" by Michelle Knight
(Perseus/Weinstein, $24.99)                     2
    3. "Think Like a Freak" by Steven D. Levitt
and Stephen J. Dubner (William Morrow, $28.99)  3
    4. "Instinct" by T.D. Jakes
(FaithWords, $25.00)                            5
    5. "Good Call" by Jase Robertson
(Howard Books, 25.99)                           4 
    6. "Capital in the Twenty-First Century"
by Thomas Piketty (Harvard/Belknap, $39.95)     1
    7. "The Closer" by Mariano Rivera
(Little, Brown, $28.00)                         10
    8. "Stress Test" by Timothy Geithner
(Crown, $35.00)                                 8
    9. "Brunette Ambition" by Lea Michele
(Crown Archetype, $21.00)                       -
    10. "Everybody's Got Something" by Robin
Roberts (Grand Central, $27.00) 
  Week ended May 15, 2014, powered by 
Nielsen BookScan © 2014 The Nielsen Company.

This is my attempt at the new Batgirl design by cameron-stewart and @babsdraws; I had a lot of fun playing with the different textures and making the colors not exactly match up as though it was all bought in different shops. I tried to make her rope look metallic, but looking at it now it sort of reads as Wonder Woman’s lasso. I’ve decided I can live with that.