“So…what are you gonna do now?”

“Right. So. I’m nippin’ about downtown. Kings Row. Y’know. Goin’ to the shops. Errm… and I see this monkey. Y’know. Goin’ mental. He’s jumpin’ around swingin’ at this purple woman. I duck down behind a dumpster…”


“So I turn to the fella next to me… and I say ‘Wellwhat’sgoinonthenwhat’sallthis’ and he says.. err… that’s ‘Overwatch.’”

“Yes Karl the International Peace Keeping force instated after the Omnic crisis nearly wiped out humanity.”

“Well there aren’t any more omnics runnin’ around now, is there! Shut em down! What are they doin’!? The robots tried to kill everyone, they killed the robots, Done. Stop messin about on kings row!”

“Shut em down.”