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Check Out An EXCLUSIVE Audio Excerpt From ‘Midnight Heir,’ Plus Narrator News!

“When it comes to "Mortal Instruments” spin-off series “The Bane Chronicles,” you know the drill: first comes the announcement of some extraordinarily sexy man being tapped for audiobook narration duties, and then comes the part where we all go “SQUEEEEEE!” and wet our pants with excitement. Or at least, that’s how it usually goes. But because we like to keep you on your toes, today is a little bit different: first we give you the EXCLUSIVE first listen to an excerpt from “Midnight Heir,” read by the goshdarndelicious David Oyelowo, and then we announce the next actor on board the audiobook narration project, and THEN comes the squeeing and peeing. Variety! Hooray!“

I have to say that Maureen and Sarah and I are all very puzzled as to how the Bane Chronicles turned out to be a Roster of Hot Men Reading, but we’re very pleased about it! At the link, you can hear David Oyelowo (just off a fantastic performance in ‘The Butler’, well hello there)” and find out that:

'Teen Wolf’ actor Stephen Lunsford will read 'Rise of the Hotel Dumort.’

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He seems very excited and we’re excited to have him read the Rise of the Dumort! This project has been so much fun and thanks to all you guys who have been following along with it.