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Meet the Robinsons Storyboard

“In one of the very first versions, Mildred had saved a note that was pinned to Lewis’ blanket when his mother left him at the orphanage.  We decided it would be better if the only thing Lewis had from his mother was her memory so that his drive to perfect the Memory Scanner would be stronger.” -Stephen J. Anderson

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sense8 fanmix series [2/8]: capheus “van damme” (listen)

- When I was young, I wanted to be a zebra. I liked the idea of not having to look for food or shelter, or have responsibility. - Though you must never have seen a zebra after a lion has had its way with it.

PEPONI  (PARADISE) The Piano Guys ft. Alex Boyé / WELWITSCHI African Tribal Orchestra / ROYALS (African Tribal Masquerade Cover) Alex Boyé / AFRICAN SKIES Stephen J. Anderson / BABA YETU Christopher Tin ft. Soweto Gospel Choir / HO HEY (Lumineers Lion King Style) Alex Boyé / SOLOMON VANDY James Newton Howard / KOTHBIRO Ayub Ogada / MAMA ARARIRA Afro Celt Sound System ft. Dorothee Munyaneza / AFRICAN SUNSET Two Steps From Hell


Disney’s Meet the Robinsons was first released on March 30, 2007.

After a test screening for John Lasseter, chief creative officer of animation at Disney, he suggested a lot of changes to director Stephen J. Anderson. In the next 10 months prior to the release, nearly 60 percent of the movie was re-shot (or re-rendered), adding new story elements and action scenes as well as a diabolic sidekick. (x)

For when your head is not stuck in the clouds but in star clusters, nebulae, the fields of creationand you realise that all that exists either was you at some point, is you right now, or will be you in the future.

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