stephen and rory

honestly i have been having weird dreams about different actors and i’m quite concerned wth happened to my dreams

i had a dream rory o’malley tried to break in my house and tried to shoot me three times but missed

i had a dream where lin-manuel miranda and i tried to find a hotel to book in and jasmine cephas jones was behind the counter. she said that we can’t book in because the chickens are loose. i looked away to look at the chickens and looked back and the two started making out while say no to this was playing in the background

i had a dream where andrew rannells was teaching mormonism to our class and before he left i hugged him and said “say hi to christian borle for me”

another was minor but i was in south korea and i was surrounded by mormon missionaries. stephen ashfield was hanging out with some children

it would be appreciated if someone could translate what these dreams mean

I addressed this last night in a group chat but I want it to be spread around a little.

I often see posts that are saying ‘Elder McKinley from Bom isn’t healthy representation because he’s a stereotype,’. Well, then I’m not healthy representation because I’m also a stereotype. Granted, I have a girls body but I’m a flamboyant, gay, non-binary person. People can be what are seen as “stereotypes” and be perfectly fine. People with the characteristics of “stereotypes” can and do exist.

Let’s talk about the definition of stereotype. The definition states that a stereotype is oversimplified. Elder McKinley’s character is in no way simple. In turn it off we see him repressing his thoughts and feelings rather than dealing with them. He’s also teaching the other elders to do the same. Not only is this told by the lyrics but it’s told by his dancing, most actors often have McKinley restricting his dancing and becoming embarrassed when he begins to show his true side. And then of course at the end of the play McKinley sings the words “We love to dance and shout, and let all out feelings out,” and this is major character development. We went from a man who was repressing his every thought to a man who was happy and proud to be who he was. People who hate on McKinley often ignore the fact that the play itself practically screams “IT’S OKAY TO BE GAY, BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE, BE HAPPY,”.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that the way McKinley acts is decided by the actors who play him. The people I have seen have been Rory O'Malley, Stephen Ashfield, Pierce Cassedy and Daxton Bloomquist. Rory O'Malley seemed to play elder Mckinley as more of an adorable person who helps and cares for people. Stephen Ashfield seems to play Mckinley as a more flirty person but definitely still adorable ( remember the kiss? ), Daxton Bloomquist seemed to play Mckinley as this lively, energetic guy. My point here being all these actors played him very differently. Pierce Cassedy ( his is probably my favourite so I’m a bit biased ) seemed to play Mckinley the most flamboyantly. This was also in the boot that’s probably the easiest to find ( Chicago boot with Ben and Nic ). Pierce is gay himself and he chose to portray McKinley in that way.

Can we also talk about McKinley in between songs and how different he is? Before, after and during I am Africa he is extremely proud, before and after turn it off he is welcoming to Arnold and Kevin ( and sometimes even flirts with Kevin ), After Joseph Smith American Moses he is heart broken and terrified and at the end he’s extremely happy to just be who he is.

You may see Elder McKinley as a negative stereotype but that won’t stop me from identifying and relating to him. To me Elder McKinley is an amazing, complex character bringing good messages to people.

( also, if you look up Elder McKinley on some website he’s tagged and described as a hopeful character )

Some of the greatest Classic Rock Guitarists.

Rory Gallagher ; Pete Townshend ; John Fogerty ; Stephen Stills ; Jerry Garcia ; Ritchie Blackmore ; John Lennon ; Bob Weir ; Kurt Cobain ; Lou Reed ; Mick Taylor ; Dennis Wilson ; Elvis Presley ; Billy Gibbons ; Gary Rossington ; Marc Bolan ; Bruce Springsteen ; Peter Green ; Phil Manzanera ; Paul Simon ; Bo Diddley ; Syd Barrett ; Keith Richards ; Lindsey Buckingham ; Johnny Cash ; Eric Clapton ; Eddie Van Halen ; Jimmy Page ; Bob Dylan ; Gregg Allman ; Brian Jones ; Joe Perry ; Ike Turner ; Jorma Kaukonen ; George Harrison ; Duane Allman ; David Crosby ; Scotty Moore ; Robby Krieger ; Jimi Hendrix ; Paul McCartney ; Chuck Berry ; Jeff Beck ; Ronnie Wood ; Graham Nash ; David Gilmour ; Neil Young ; Prince.


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What do you guys expect to see in the crossover??


So, I made a Shades of London video thing.


YA Lit Meme - Ten Books or Series [9/10]

You can’t curl up on the sofa and deny life forever. Life is always going to be a series of ouch-making moments, and the question was, was I going to go all fetal-position or was I going to woman up? I went into fetal position on the bed to think about this. 

Fetal position turned out to be very comfortable.