• I hate when people say that Felix is greedy. He may be a millionaire, but you can't tell. He DOESNT live in a mansion, he DOESNT have luxurious sport cars, and his videos HAVENT changed. He's the same dude who only buys what he needs to. He's given over 500,000 dollars to charity and he is probably one of the sweetest human beings I have seen. If you really think he is greedy, I will brofist you so hard, you might gain a little bit of sense.

Here are a few of my favorite male youtube gamers, they make me smile daily with their quirky laughter, comments and reactions even if it’s the most stupid game in the world.   



I forgot Stephano, tiny box tim and bones in the last one D: so here the complete version :p

Percy Weasley who ends up being really close with Fleur after the war.

He never really got to know her well because he wasn’t there at the wedding and only knew her as a Triwizard Contestant during the Triwizard Tournament.

But after everything’s done and things are settling into a routine again, Percy apologizes to both Bill and Fleur for not being there at their wedding. Fleur immediately brings out the photo album and insists on showing him every single picture. She’s got plenty of stories and Percy is just overwhelmed but he’s smiling and he’s feeling so accepted.

Percy who asks Fleur if she could teach him French because it must’ve been hard to learn an entire new language and he wants to try to make it easier. Fleur is overjoyed because while Bill has picked up on a few things, the rest of his family is “simply ‘opeless”. He gets quite good at it too, even if his accent isn’t perfect.

Percy who asks for advice when he’s dating Audrey and takes Fleur’s words very seriously. Audrey who, when introduced, thanks her because Percy probably never would’ve gotten up the courage to ask her out without Fleur.

Fleur who invites Percy over for tea every Thursday and while Bill thinks it’s odd, he never questions it. It helps him get closer to his brother, too. (The tradition lasts for years. Molly II has often flooed over to visit Dominique to see her father already there, having a nice chat with her Aunt Fleur.)

Percy whose charms flow more after spending time with Fleur–she’s amazing at charms, nearly flawless. Percy helps her with transfiguration and she’s plenty grateful for it.

Percy and Fleur friendship forever

(thanks to adrianveiidt for the idea of a percy/fleur brotp!)