This is the "32 Things about Myself Game"

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1. Name: -Stephanie
2. Nickname(s): -Steph, Stepharoo, Roo, Stephanini.
3. Zodiac sign: -Gemini
4. Height: -5′1″
5. Ethnicity: -Caucasian
6. Birthplace: Illinois
7. Sexual orientation: -Heterosexual 
8. Favourite fruit(s): -Peaches, Apricots, Oranges, and Lemons.
9. Favourite season(s): -Autumn
10. Favourite song(s):
-L'mpeto Obscuro, Kairi’s theme, Rivers in the Desert, Apocalyptic Noctis, etc…There’s a lot.
11. Favourite flower(s): -Hibiscus, Birds of Paradise, Cherry Blossoms, & Plumerias.
12. Favourite book(s):
-Harry Potter Series
-Cirque du Freak Series
-Memoirs of a Geisha
-A Monster Calls
13. Favourite animal(s): -Red Pandas, Dogs, Dolphins, & Penguins.
14. Favourite beverage(s):
-Chai tea w/ milk, Dr. Pepper, Orange black tea, Green tea (preferably with fruit), Apple Juice, Coca-Cola, Milk, &, Shirley Temple/ Kiddie Cocktail, & OJ w/ lotsa pulp. 
15. Favourite fictional character(s): -Prompto (FFXV), Ryuji (P5), Sora (KH), Ventus (KH:BBS), Simon (Gurren Lagann), Soul (Soul Eater), Inu Yasha, Ikuto (Shugo Chara), Papyrus (Undertale)
16. Dream trip: -I’d love to go back to Hawaii *u* But I’d love to go to Japan.
17. Killed people: No
18. Siblings: -Younger and Older Sister.
19. Horror films?: American Horror films are crap. They love to be overly gorey and have stupid unnecessary sex scenes -.- I like Japanese horror films, to me personally, I feel like they put more care into making an interesting story.
20. Reason to smile: -Prompto!, Makin’ someone happy.
21. Questions you are always asked: -I don’t really get asked much stuff. As of late it’s that people ask if I just graduated HS ^^; No lol, college.
22. Favourite food(s): -Deep Dish Spinach and Cheese Pizza, Mac and Cheese, Tomato and Basil Soup, Chicken Quesadillas, Salmon, Sushi: Sake Nijiri and Philiadelphia Roll, and really anything super sweet.
23. A gift you currently want to receive: -I didn’t get any presents for my Bday this year except from my Grandparents, (helping me out with rent for next month T u T Bless their soul. )But I dunno. I feel greedy just sayin’ I’d wanna receive anything. And if I want it I’d just buy it myself as usual. But, since I have no money, there was some things I’d like. (This cute Prompto plushie I found on Etsy and this one artist made a cute Prompto body pillow)But I’ll probably just get it myself when I get money again. If they’re still available omo
24. OTP: -Haruji, InuKag, SoKai, SoMa, and YooSeven
25. One thing that changed about you: -I dunno if I really changed at all. I’m still a meh boring person who doesn’t talk much :/ I’m a lame person :p I guess I’ve become even less confident and unwanted these past couple years. 
26. Your first ship: SoKai and InuKag were around the same time. 
27. NOTP: Pretty much anything the opposite of my otps lol SoRiku, Prompto x Anyone in the series (They ain’t deservin’ of this ball of sunshine.)
28. Fear that you want to conquer: That everyone hates me and doesn’t like being around me. I dunno if it’ll ever happen though. I feel like I’m always being a nuisance to people :/
Favourite fanfiction(s): Some sort of fluffy SoKai fics I read a long time ago. Pretty much any Prompto x Reader fics (read wayyy to many) Makes me feel loved *sigh*
30. Favourite sport(s):
Bowling, Soccer, & Tennis
31. Birth of your blog: -Sometime in 2013/2014
32. Followers: - 885
Bonus! Number of Blankets You Sleep With: Barely one, too hot. Usually my Kingdom Hearts II blanket cause it’s light.
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