Stephanie Dosen is a talented young designer whose knitting patterns are available on Ravelry and on her website, tinyowlknits.  She has also published a delightful book that contains many of her patterns, “Woodland Knits.”

Her “Meow Mitts” are adorable and cats are my favorite animals, but I think perhaps I might prefer to make one of her “Mr. Fox stoles,” either the larger one or the mini.  Still, maybe I can indulge my wish for an owl by making a pair of her owl mitts from the “Woodsy Association.”

Beekeeper's Quilt: The Never Ending Project

I first came across Stephanie Dosen’s Beekeeper’s Quilt a couple of years ago while on Tumblr. It was love at first sight….the colors, the pattern, the idea of how warm and cuddly it looked. So I knew I had to eventually take the plunge and start!

This summer I began the project after graduating from FIT. (FINALLY–FREE TIME!) and since I’m a designer, I wanted to give myself a theme to keep me grounded when making my yarn color choices.

I decided that my theme was to be sunsets and constellations–I love the orange-y corals and pinky purples that sunsets have, and I wanted to showcase how the sky can have varied colors that still tie together by one overall theme. By interspersing deep navy constellation puffs it ties it all together, making it one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever worked on.

I try to get 2 puffs done daily–sometimes more if I have the time. I find it to be super relaxing. My absolute favorite yarns to use are Koigu, Studio June for solids, and The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze.

This is the progress so far, with about 160 done. My goal is to have about 600-700 to cover a full sized bed (pictured is a twin) for when I move into my apartment. Still have a long way to go!

I’ll be keeping you posted on my progress every now and then so stay tuned! 



“Porcelain” by Snowbird // Moon (Out January 2014 via Bella Union)

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Simon Raymonde of Cocteau Twins fame is back with a new band, well - a duo, actually - as Snowbird is actually a collaboration with ethereal voiced songstress, Stephanie Dosen. Of course, it’s going to go without saying that there’s more than a hint of his old band still lingering in the creative ether and Dosen’s lovely, airy vocals certainly carry a similarity to those of the magical vocals of Elizabeth Fraser. Then again, the duo received assistance from members of Radiohead, Midlake, and Lanterns on the Lake, which definitely spins things in a different direction than Robin Guthrie ever did back in the old days. Here, instead of glistening walls of icy guitars and shimmering synths, we get something more akin to an orchestral pop ballad, with strings and light piano keys that accompany Dosen’s voice and help lift her other worlds. It’s a stunning song and a welcome return of a legendary musician.

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Snowbird - All Wishes Are Ghosts

Snowbird, the project from Simon Raymonde (of the Cocteau Twins) and singer Stephanie Dosen.

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Stephanie Dosen, “Brave” from Ghosts, Mice and Vagabonds.

      “Life so fragile and so frail, we hold on despite our fear and we’re all scared sometimes…

     And I want to be strong but I never know where to begin, and the light from the window is making me want to stay in, but darling, you free me…

     And I’m brave, I’m brave, like a feeling I had once upon a time, like a bird in my mind, wings so kind, beat inside.”

30 Day Knitting Challenge - Day Eleven - Do you have a “Knitter Hero” or someone that is just way too awesome for their own good?

Stephanie Dosen of Tiny Owl Knits, most definitely! I could watch her vlogs over and over, forever and ever. I’ve even made my husband watch them .__.; He enjoyed them, I swear!

I just love all of her patterns she’s put out, but also, she just comes across as such a really sweet, very fun, enchanting and inspiring person. I really wish I could have been able to go to her knit workshop last month! And, not only is she a knitwear designer, but she is also a lovely, talented singer~

“All Wishes Are Ghosts” by Snowbird // Moon (Out 2.4.14 via Bella Union)

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Simon Raymonde’s (1/3 of Cocteau Twins) new project, Snowbird, is inching toward the release of their debut album, Moon. Following the release of the first single, “Porcelain”, we now have another wintery beauty to satiate the thirst for new ethereal pop in the Cocteau Twins vein - this time it’s the pretty, sparkling “All Wishes Are Ghosts”. 

In the modern day rush to reunite to for large festival pay days, Cocteau Twins have managed to never actually make it to the stage (despite an attempt in 2005). That being said, I’d rather hear Raymonde continuing to create lovely music in the same realm as his former band (especially with the help of Stephanie Dosen’s otherworldly voice), than to see a volatile reunion that never quite lives up to the memory. I’m fine with the band staying locked away. Not everything has to come back again. Snowbird (and likewise, Robin Guthrie elsewhere) are still doing fine work and the old music never goes away.

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Stephanie Dosen - Vinalhaven Harbour