How Grey’s cast is changing through the years…


ALEX AND JO IN EVERY EPISODE || Why Try to Change Me Now (13x07)

You’re freaking out cause you’ve got some sword hanging over your head. Me, too. And I can’t do a damn thing about it except wait. You can fix your stupid sword. Go home and get the freakin’ execution over with.  

Richard is acting like a child in Grey's Anatomy

Does anyone else think that Richard is being extremely immature in the last episode? 

The lot of them, Richard and the attendings are acting like children. Richard is trying to make seem like the new doctor is the worst thing to happen to the hospital when she is there to help the residents learn better as at the moment they aren’t really allowed to do much besides watch, and only watching means they aren’t increasing their skill level, meaning that in an emergency or a situation where the attending can’t be there the resident(s) can’t help save someone life because they don’t have the skills they should’ve already learnt, this can be seen with Leah in the last episode.
Eliza Minnick is a threat to Richard not anyone else, he is acting like a child.


ALEX AND JO IN EVERY EPISODE || All Eyez On Me (12x13)

What can I say? I’m good at ortho and plastics. I’m a switch hitter. I’m an integral part of the team.

HEY HEY ok so seeing some fanart, i wanted to just say something real quick since. because i know how things can get. i’ve seen how bad things can get. and i’ve seen how aggressive kiddos can get (not all of you of course, just some of you). and i wanna say something before it happens.

regarding avery and stephanie, since they have larger body types - please don’t go straight to attacking people if they draw those two thinner than i draw them. now, if it’s intentional, yes, that’s bad. if they intentionally draw them thin and put up a huge fuss about being told not to, that’s very very bad. but i’m 19, and i only recently started learning how to draw larger body types. i remember trying in the past and it never looked good?? it just looked so awkward and disproportionate (which is funny considering i have a larger body type myself and i’ve picked up a lot of drawing habits from looking at myself in the mirror), so i just never drew characters with those body types. on the other hand, i know there are artists who are still working on their style and working to improve drawing different body types, and if they drew stephanie or avery, they could possibly look on the slimmer side (given the artist started off drawing thin ppl)

so if you see anyone drawing steph or avery thinner than how they look in my art style, please just kindly ask if it was intentional first before calling them out on it. i don’t want any artists to be driven away from the party for getting attacked by something like that –

Thoughts due to TGIT induced anxiety

Reading multiple interviews and opinions regarding Owen and Amelia’s current situation and the likeliness that they will divorce really saddens me. Think about it Grey’s, in my opinion, has a max of 5 seasons left, which would bring them to 18 seasons which is incredible in itself. However I would hate to think that the only relationship that truly lasted was Merder, even though Derek was killed. Yes Merder had their ups and downs at the beginning but how is it fair that they were/are the only couple to truly make it work?! 

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