I hope the person responsible for picking the music at Shondaland gets a raise, the blessings of Jesus, and someone’s firstborn child. Give them everything.

A few little things in 14x04 that killed me

1. Arizona nervously adjusting in her seat during Amelia’s surgery

2. Meredith’s “It’s okay she’s okay”

3. Meredith holding sleeping Amelia’s hand and telling her she’s going to shower (especially because this is finally an insight to how Mer would have been with sleeping Lexie in the psych ward)

4. Amelia’s hands clinging to Deluca during early ambulation scene

5. The fact that April was literally just laying in the E.R for ??? however long and AZ was the only one who cared enough to stop

6. Amelia’s HANDS in the MRI freak out

7. Stephanie reference

8. “My sisters”


SNEAK PEEK #2 | Grey’s Anatomy 13x23 - “True Colors”

October 10th 2017

Tbh, with the newest episode of Grey’s, Maggie and Jackson have such awkward chemistry and I hope they never even attempt to hook up because that would be such a horrible scene. I don’t think they should have even had April say that they liked one another because it was just never there at any points beforehand (maybe she spat it out because it would be easier for her if Jackson liked someone else?). Jackson being worried for Stephanie at the end of season 13 had more chemistry than they’ve had in the entire time Maggie has been part of the cast!

All of that being said, Catherine making the comment about Maggie being Jackson’s sister was just as awkward and shoe-horned in. This whole thing is awkward and unnecessary imo



No, I’m not Blake. I’m Wilson. Jo Wilson. Doctor Josephine Alice Wilson. I’m a surgeon. I’m a human being. I’m not some stupid lump that you can just kick around. Or talk down to. Or talk down about. Or dismiss and discount. I get it. You don’t like me. But I’m here. I’m in Alex’s life and I’m staying. And you have to start respecting that.


one swingular sensation (& technically Alysha is a stand-by but she’s still family! as is Javier Muñoz, who is an alternate.) [x x x x x x x x x x x ]