stephanie wood


So this is the story I wrote inspired by Beauty and the Beast. I’d love it of you would tell me if you like it and I feel inspired enough I’ll continue it. Thanks for all the messages of love you guys sent me and I’m trying to get better for all of you who said they love me.


Once upon a time in a kingdom that had never been touched by light, far, far away from where the beautiful beams of the sun kissed the holy earth lived the fairest king of them all, with his four sons.

The king had won battles and battles and beat any conqueror that would come to his kingdom. The crowds admired his courage and his utter love for justice and he, loved them back with everything piece of live in his heart. The kingdom might had never seen the light of sun but the King’s love for them and for their rights could take this place.

All good things though must come to an end, at least that’s what the King’s father had once told him. In a battle against his greatest enemy the king lost his second son, Prince Jason. From that day the King’s heart turned cold, frozen even. He had never been able to see that it was Jason’s actions who had led him to his torturous death. He blamed it all to himself and let his heart die out. The king was never coming back.

Unbeknownst to him Prince Jason lived in a castle hidden in the woods, cursed to go through the same pain he went through that night until he learnt feel more than pain anger and misery.

“I’m telling you Stephanie my mother will get really mad if I’m not back in a while.” You shrieked your laundry basket away from Stephanie’s hands and started running to your house after you finished your talk.

“But (Y/n) I’m telling you there’s something in these woods!” Stephanie whisper-yelled at you as she run quickly behind you. “Please for me?! I swear just for one last time” she begged, blue eyes staring right into your (E/c) ones. You sighed, thinking about her offer one more time.

“You said it the last time”

“I know but-”

“And there are wolves in the woods, if it gets dark we’ll never make it back” Stephanie looked at you with wide, watered eyes. She always seemed to love visiting the woods to investigate whatever was there, although from what you had seen there was nothing but poisonous berry trees. It wouldn’t hurt to follow her for one more time. “I’ll inform my mother, my brother and Akita and I’ll come. Meet me here in an hour so we’ll be back before night comes”

Stephanie’s eyes lit up the moment she heard you speak and with a vigorous nod, that made her blonde hair tangle on her face she run away to her house. You stepped inside yours with a swift move. Your mother was in the bed as usually, coughing. It was as if by entering your front door you entered another dimension. The ine if sadness and pain. The one where misery was the only word to describe your situation.

Your mother was dying and your brother had already arranged your marriage with another man of the village, Akita. One of the best hunters the kingdom had and if you dared say, relatively handsome. You already knew he was a loyal man, he’d never betray your marriage and he was able to provide you with a good life after your mother died; it wasn’t your brother’s responsibility to take care if you after her death since he had his own family. And so, to step ahead of your mother’s sickness you were getting married to Akita in five days, either way your mother was not going to die for another month as the doctor had said.

You sighed again as you set the clean laundry on your bed and rushed to your mother.

“I’ll be going to the woods with Stephanie.” Was the first thing you said. You knew your mother wouldn’t say a thing, but your brother, who was standing in the corner of the room, certainly would.

“Again? Akita’s mother has finished your wedding dress and is waiting for you to go try it on.” He stated as you expected.

“I’ll be back before it gets dark. I’m sure Akita and his mother won’t mind”


You had never sworn you’d kill Stephanie but now you just did. Claiming to know an unknown part of the woods the two of you followed the path until a horrid storm started. A thunder had crushed a tree, separating you and Stephanie. Fortunately the paths the two of you were following were almost parallel.

You were cold, wet to the bone and sure you would be sick with a fever at your own wedding. The sound of the rain pulsed in your ears in addition to your heartbeat. You felt the need to let Stephanie know your feelings. Was this this “something” these woods had?

“I’m killing you Stephanie Brown!” You yelled loud enough so she could hear. Little did you know. “Find us our way home”

BUT Stephanie knew better than start yelling back. She was scared to death too to say the least. But the thought of wolves devouring her made her ever more scared.

“STEPHANIEEE” she heard you yell again. She quietly sobbed in her wet coat and half whispered the only prayer her mother had taught her before she died. With the first howling she heard she knew one or both of you were doomed.

“RUN” she yelled and kicked her horse to make it go faster. That’s when your paths got completely different. Stephanie only heard the barking and growling of the wolves as well as a scream in her ears as she speed to the village. She knew what this meant.

She thanked God she found her way back. And now with her whole being shaking she had to break the news to you’re family.


In the meanwhile you were more than terrified the moment a herd of wolves came to you. You knew you shouldn’t have yelled that loud to Stephanie. It was your fault you were going to die by wolves. You didn’t even know what to do to fight them or to get free. They were everywhere around you and you were bursting to tears. You didn’t want to die just yet.

A wolf coming right on you was the last thing you saw before a thunderous scream was heard. The wolves started running away, howling to each other. Looking right behind you you saw a small waterfall some meters away from you. Instantly you shook your head from the horrid thought of your dead body floating there and run toward it’s direction.

As you expected there was a path behind the waterfall, probably thats where the sound had come from. With a deep breath you walked towards the castle that was in your sight. It seemed abandoned but it was the only thing that could provide you with safety for one night.

I’m still left in a state of unease. I can’t seem to come to terms with the death of Chris Cornell, but I think there are various reasons why.
Nobody expected it.
No one.

I woke up Thursday morning, rolled over in my bed to the gleaming light of my phone with my father informing me at 5:37 AM he passed away. And it left me stunned. Not to say I did not have a similar reaction when I found out about Scott Weiland, but upon realizing the incident was drug related, it shook me, but did not take me for surprise. It made me upset that he returned to the path of that demise. Which all ties into why this incident hurts me so much. I saw Cornell (and Vedder) as the two who were to grow of age and overcome, crawling out of the desolate path of grunge apathy and drug fueled scene that struck Seattle in the 90’s taking out loved souls.
Andrew Wood.
Stephanie Sargent.
Mia Zapata.
Kurt Cobain.
Kristen Pfaff.
Shannon Hoon.
Demri Parrott.
Layne Staley.
Scott Weiland.

(And I’m sure I’m missing others.)
I saw Cornell as the man who made it out.
So hearing on Thursday afternoon that suicide was called into question took a jab at the heart. We need to sit down and consider poor mental health, since the silent killer of depression took him. This man, and Soundgarden as a whole played an integral part of me growing up, despite me only existing for a blink of an eye in the 90s. I’m a ‘99 kid. But my parents launched me into the music, mainly my father, and I caught it all in a second hand wave– the aftermath of most of it. Driving down the beach with my family in the early to mid 2000’s, cranking “Burden in my Hand” or “Blow Up the Outside World” through the worn speakers of our Toyota. The sun beating down on us. Asking my father “When is Soundgarden ever getting back together?“ Then seeing my face light up at 11 years old when I saw on a music channel they were finally back together. I tried convincing my father after seeing Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains that it was our absolute mission to catch Soundgarden live. But time just didn’t work out that way. This is what resonates time again when I’m feeling nostalgic.

This summer I’ll still be driving down to the beach in my car, (now turning 18 in June) to my old Soundgarden A-sides compilation album my father gave me a long time ago. Windows down, and a smile on my face. I’m hurt. But like others who passed in the 90s, they are apart of me. The music created here, made me realize who I am.