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“Othello” by William Shakespeare

New York Theatre Workshop, 2016

Starring David Oyelowo, Daniel Craig, David Wilson Barnes, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Rachel Brosnahan, Blake DeLong, Glenn Fitzgerald, Slate Holmgren, Anthony Michael Lopez, Matthew Maher, Nikki Massoud, Kyle Vincent Terry & Finn Wittrock


Worst Case Of Child Abuse Leading To Murder In US 
Baby Brianna

In September 2016, Stephanie Lopez could be released. Lopez played her part in the horrific child abuse that lead to the death of 5 month old Brianna in 2002. The case was dubbed the worst in US history.

On July the 19th 2002, in New Mexico, America, after only 5 short months of life baby Brianna died after long periods of abuse. Brianna was slapped, punched, pinched, verbally and physically tormented, kicked, chucked up to the ceiling and watched as she fell, raped and sodomised. Shockingly enough when the baby cried Stephanie would stuff her mouth with clothes. Autopsy revealed she had, bleeding on the brain, broken legs, arms, fingers and legs as well as lacerations to her vagina and anus.

Most of the sexual and physical abuse was from Brianna’s father Andy Walters and her uncle Stephan Lopez, but Stephanie played her part and also watched on. Awfully other relatives knew of the abuse but failed to report it.

The sad thing about this case, is no member of the family claimed the body. Local people did and gave the girl a burial and funeral. But when the family did find out they caged the site so no one else could lay flowers.


The Murder of Brianna Lopez

Brianna Lopez was a beautiful, flawless baby girl when she first greeted the world on Valentines Day, 2002. Despite her mother Stephanie Lopez’ use of drugs and alcohol during her pregnancy, Brianna was a healthy, inquisitive baby, and she was cleared to go home just two days after being born. It was in a squalid trailer home in Las Cruces, New Mexico, that the tiny newborn would be exposed to the most depraved abuses imaginable.

Little Brianna was mistreated horribly from day one; when the infant cried or fretted for attention, her mother Stephanie or her father Andrew Walters would slap and push her to the floor. When the baby screamed out in pain her sadistic parents would stuff used diapers in Brianna’s mouth or muffle the noise underneath piles of clothing. The baby’s maternal uncle, Stephen Lopez, would take part in the abuse too, often biting Brianna so hard she bled.

Over the course of her short 153-day long life, Brianna would be subjected to daily abuse; slaps, pinches, kicks, and bites. Her ribs were broken, as were both arms and one leg. The back of her head was slammed repeatedly against the floor. Her little fingers were twisted until they broke and bled. Most horribly, Andrew Walters and Steven Lopez took turns in sexually assaulting the baby, from the very first day she was brought home. Stephanie Lopez did not always partake in the hideous abuse of her daughter, but she passively stood by while her boyfriend and brother tortured Brianna.

On July 18, 2002, all three adults in the trailer got drunk, and Stephen Lopez began tossing Brianna across the room to Andrew Walters. Lopez admitted later he dropped the baby a few times, and that Walters threw her at the ceiling. Brianna’s cries of pain went totally ignored, and eventually the drunken men stumbled off to bed, leaving the baby face down on the kitchen floor.

The next morning, around 7am, Stephanie Lopez awoke and found Brianna unresponsive and covered in fresh bruises. She questioned her boyfriend Andrew about the injuries, to which he responded that he “might have been a little too rough” with Brianna the previous night. Unperturbed, Stephanie left the baby with Andrew while she left to go shopping. While she was gone Steven and Andrew sexually assaulted Brianna with various objects and slammed her into a wall. When she returned home Stephanie noticed the baby’s unresponsive state, but did nothing. It was only until the next morning when Brianna refused to feed that Stephanie finally called an ambulance, feeding the paramedics a story that the baby had fallen from her high chair. Medical stuff knew instantly that Brianna’s injuries could have only resulted from prolonged child abuse, and all three adults were arrested.

Sadly, little Brianna died while doctors tried to revive her. She was only five months old.

Stephanie Lopez was found guilty of first-degree child abuse resulting in death and sentenced to a maximum of twenty seven years in prison. She was released in June 2016 after serving fourteen years.

Andrew Walters and Steven Lopez were both found guilty of child abuse resulting in death, sexual assault, criminal negligence, and failure to report child abuse. Walters recieved fifty-seven years and Lopez fifty-one.

Baby Brianna’s remains went unclaimed by her family, so the residents of Las Cruces claimed her body and set up a memorial site with an angel statue.


Moscow, Russia. August 13-19, 2006.

Stephanie’s Squad

In honor of Stephanie Cox’s retirement from Seattle Reign FC, October 20, 2015. Stephanie Lopez Cox was a veteran of the USWNT (89 caps) and its youth development teams. 

She captained the U-20 Women’s World Cup squad in Russia. Undefeated through to the knock-out stage (courtesy of goals from Baby KO, A-Rod, Jessica Rostedt, Danesha Adams, Casey Nogueira & Allie Long) the US fell to China PRC in the semifinals (on penalties). 

Pics also include Lauren Cheney, Tobin Heath, Jordan Angeli, Christina DiMartino, Amanda Poach, Brittany Bock, Carrie Dew and, Erin Hardy.


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Collection of Opinions: Seth Rollins

Hello everyone! Sorry the enormous delay, but now we are finally here to talk about a certain person. You have chosen him, with 50% of the votes. The new protagonist of today’s opinion is Seth Rollins:

Colby Daniel Lopez (Seth Rollins’ true name) was born on May 28, 1986. As for his private life (of which I will not speak much) Seth doesn’t know his father.
Going to the beginning of his career, between 2005 and 2009 Seth started his wrestling career in several independent federations with the name of Gixx before and with Tyler Black afterwards.
The most important federation before WWE was Ring of Honor (ROH) where he won the ROH World Championship against Austin Aries.
In 2010, Colby signed a contract with WWE and first entered the development area, the FCW. There he won the tag team titles and the FCW 15 Championship. He had his first feud with Dean Ambrose, with who he had several matches: the first ended in equal, a second match ended with defeat of Dean.
Seth was also the first to complete the FCW Grand Slam Champion. When the FCW was replaced by NXT, Seth Rollins participated in the NXT championship tournament, which won by defeating Jinder Mahal last.
He debuted in the main roster at Survivor Series on November 18, 2012, alongside Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Their stable will then be called The Shield. Shield worked for CM Punk and Paul Heyman: this collaboration will end and in the same period, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns win at Extreme Rules the WWE Tag Team Championship (Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose wins the US championship).
Shield began collaborating with the Authority, led by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon; the three went through a phase of crisis, then overcome and Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose began to disobey Kane and began to be loved by the fans.
Unfortunately, Seth Rollins betrayed Roman and Dean to reunite with the Authority and he, along with Dean Ambrose, created one of the most beautiful feuds of recent years: the feud between Seth and Dean started here and continued for a long time despite being interrupted or completed with minor feuds.
After betrayal, Seth first wins the MITB,cashed it on WM 31 for the damage of Roman Reigns and then, with a feud against John Cena, also wins the US Championship.
After starting a feud with Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins severely injures his knee: he will release the title (which will be won by Roman after defeating Dean) and will be out for a long time, until he returns shortly before MITB 2016. During the main event of MITB 2016, Seth Rollins defeated Roman Reigns and got the title again, but for a few minutes. In fact, Dean Ambrose (who won the MITB) defeats Seth, winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
At Battleground, both Seth and Roman were a rematch, but Dean kept the title. During the Draft, Seth Rollins is Raw’s first choice. During the assignment of the Universal Championship, Seth is defeated by Finn Balor. Finn will make the title vacant after a shoulder injury and a match will be ensured for the Universal Championship, where Seth was also there. Seth will be betrayed by Triple H, who prefers Kevin Owens.
Seth will try to defeat Owens, but without success.
Then he starts a feud with Triple H, which will lead to a Non-sanctioned match on WM 33, where will win Seth Rollins. Right now, he has been defeated twice by Bray Wyatt and something is going on between him and Dean Ambrose.

Seth Rollins also opened a Wrestling School, called “The Black & The Brave Wrestling Academy”.
Nicknamed “The Architect”, I think Seth Rollins is one of the best wrestlers in WWE: his type of wrestle is very technical, he has an extremely good look. The injury has slightly restricted him, but he is a great wrestler. In addition to being a great person.

This is my opinion on Seth Rollins! I will soon publish a new poll on Twitter (@ArilKurosawa) I recommend, vote!

Next time!

Bad Girls Club Before & After Part 3

Starting from the Top:

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Lea BGC5 Miami

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Natalie BGC4

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