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Okay but hear me out:

When Traci first joins the Team, she finds Jaime really cool and likes talking to him and decides to ask him out, even tho her feelings for him aren’t even close to romantic, it’s more like a puppy crush and she wants to see where it goes and if it’ll develop into something more. Jaime, being a sweet cinnamon roll, is very flattered and agrees bc he finds Traci equally cool even tho he can’t help but think about how this might affect his friendship with Bart, like “What if he gets jealous or feels like a third wheel? I don’t want him left out”, you know the standard stuff when people first start dating

Fast forward to when they tell the Team, and among the congratulations Jaime can’t help but notice how Bart seems a little down and how his “Wow that’s totally crash!” seemed a little too enthusiastic to be real (bc after these many years Jaime and Bart are at least besties and can read each other like a book, Jaime especially bc of Scarab), so he takes Bart to the side and asks if anything’s wrong and if there’s anything he can do to help and Bart, all cheery, is all, “Dude c’mon nothing’s wrong I’m just a little bummed I’m not the only person you’ll be sharing Chicken Wheezies with anymore” and Jaime easily believes that even tho Scarab is a golden lie detector (but Jaime made Scarab promise not to scan his friends bc that’s just creepy)

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The Man Who Loved Flowers - “A Quiet Rebellion”

A very short video about me and my work by Your Neighbors LA

Model - Stephanie Johnson

Helping Hand - Logan DeLaney

anonymous asked:

who do you cast for the batfam, from bruce to cass to alfred?

Most of the time, and I say most of the time because I change it sometimes, the cast I us is this one: 

Dick - Matt Bomer 

Jason - Tyler Hoechlin, Ian Somerhalder OR Jensen Ackles.

 Tim - Dylan O'Brien OR  Logan Lerman. 

 Stephanie - Ashley Benson 

 Barbara - Karen Gillan, OR Anna Kendrick.  

Cass - There’s no ‘official’ actress for her. 

Damian - Asa Butterfield , David Mazouz OR Ryan Potter. Sometimes Tom Felton because if he had dyed his hair black we’d freaking fit alright. 

 Bruce - Christian Bale, Tom Cruise OR Ben Affleck. 

 Alfred Pennyworth - Peter Capaldi OR Michael Caine