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All I hear is Artemis…

Clip reel of Stephanie Lemelin the voice of Artemis Crock.




Hahahah this is really short but it’s hilarious. Warning: Spitfire :D


Stephanie Lemelin and Jason Spisak fighting for Young Justice Season 3  



zakrecona225  asked:

Tell me please which voice actors you associate to Star of Ceartais characters?

Oh damn I’ve been waiting for a question like this, Ahem…

Robyn Wilde - Stephanie Lemelin

Hannah Savage- Danica McKellar

Kion Priderock- Ogie Banks

Kodi Jones- Yuri Lowenthal

Olivia Dawson- Kelly Macdonald

Luna Wilde- Courtnee Draper

Marian Wilde - Claudia Black

Robin Loxley- Robin Atkin Downes

Sgt. Nala Priderock- Colleen Clickenbeard 

Flight Lt. Ray Kamino- J.Michael Tatum

Alana Clearwater- Jen Taylor

Blake Gusteau- Johnny Cruz

Jasiri Outlander- Laura Bailey (Only because she did a great south african accent in Uncharted 4)

Sasha Jones - Grace Rolek 

Wally/Artemis || Winter Heat

Fandom: Young Justice

Rating: T (suggestive language and some content)

Length: 18,500

Summary: AU where Artemis and Wally are voice actors whose job description includes being awesome partners in the booth and nothing but bickering entertainment for their friends outside it. Kissing was never supposed to be a part of their routine.

A/N: Loosely inspired by this charming video of Jason Spisak (and Stephanie Lemelin, but mostly Jason) recalling the recording of the first Artemis/Wally kiss. At first. Originally written into Sarcatt’s askbox (but it was, like, six times shorter and not written nearly half half as good and missing a bunch of scenes, so I definitely recommend this even if you read the first version). A big thanks to Hezpeller for beta reading and providing encouragement!

AO3 |

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Oh God, you guys… I can’t stop picturing Artemis…