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Stephanie Lemelin and Jason Spisak fighting for Young Justice Season 3  



Young Justice S1 Interview
  • Young Justice S1 Interview
  • Warner Archive Podcast
  • August 14, 2014

Young Justice - Season 1 Interview

The Warner Archive Podcast welcomes Brandon Vietti, Greg Weisman, Jason Spisak and Stephanie Lemelin for a behind-the-scenes conversation about Young Justice Season 1 now on Blu-ray

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Voice Acting on Young Justice at Long Beach Comic Con:

Panel Saturday 11/23 @ 2pm 

Signing Saturday 11/23 @ 3pm


All I hear is Artemis…

Clip reel of Stephanie Lemelin the voice of Artemis Crock.


OKAY SO much going on - I have been WAY behind.

Danica McKellar had a new Math Bites episode on the Nerdist Youtube channel featuring Stephanie Lemelin! The episode is about language and math and pretty much everything that would give Dick Grayson a nosebleed.

The Unbelievers, produced by Jason Spisak, is going on its college tour. If you are in San Diego, Las Vegas, or Columbus, Ohio in early April, please check it out. It looks like Richard Dawkins will be speaking after at least some of the showings!

Brandon Vietti’s new Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Mystery is out with a VERY cool cameo from four familiar faces … :). You can order it here

Christopher Jones is working on a new project called Parallel Man due out in 2014 with FutureDude Entertainment, so keep an eye out for that.

Star Wars Rebels introduced Hera and Sabine, the two lovely kickass ladies of the cast and now I am REALLY excited for the show. Initially, I was kinda, “oh cool, I’ll check it out”–even though I’m not that into Star Wars (on the other hand, I didn’t even know Dick Grayson’s name before I watched YJ). BUT THESE TWO LOOK SO GREAT–I hope that they bicker because maybe Sabine’s too cocksure and risk-taking, and while Hera’s totally down for pulling one over on the Empire, hey, she has to protect her investment (she’s the pilot!) so let’s not get out of control here, but they are still such good friends and support each other when it comes down to it and enjoy [insert awesome food here] and OH NO SAHERA their ship name would be a pun. Welp, I’m screwed. Somone please draw me art. You can see their trailers at the links above.

Artemis Joins The Team To Back Season 3 !!!!

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The voice of our favourite spitfire of an archer Stephanie Lemelin aka Artemis aka Tigress has joined her fellow cast members to voice her support of third season of Young Justice.

The Actress re-twitted the popular post of #renewyoungjustice just a few days ago on her account (link below). Now all that remains is Robin and we have the entire team behind us.…


Let Hope Burn Bright            

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Oh God, you guys… I can’t stop picturing Artemis…


Hahahah this is really short but it’s hilarious. Warning: Spitfire :D