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What if the batfamily walked in on Bruce and Selina :

Dick : * smiles * Guys , seriously , lock the door , the kids can come in . * exits *

Jason : * exits shouting * Bruce , try not no knock her out !

Tim : * exits * NO ! NO ! NO ! NO !!! MY INNOCENCE IS RUINED !

Damian : * stares calmly * Father , let the poor woman go . * exits whispering * This is not happening …

Cassandra : * stares for an awkwardly long time before she exits without a sound *

Stephanie : * smiles * Take it easy on him , Sel . * exits laughing *

Barbara : Hope you are using protection , because this family is already too damn big ! * exits *

Kate : And here I was thinking those scratches are from patrol . You nasty bastard . * laughs exiting *

Alfred : * smiles and exits in silence *

Jason: We are gathered here today-

Dick: [sobs]

Jason: To honor the life-

Damian: And death

Dick: [sobs harder]

Jason: Of Blue, someone who meant much to us all. He was family. A victim of- uhh…

Dick: [sobs some more]

Damian: This is pathetic. I’m going to my room.

Tim: Don’t be so rude! This is a funeral!

Damian: For a fish

Jason: Shut up. Both of you. Steph, start the music again.

Steph: Sure thing, lover boy.

Jason: Blue was only 3 weeks old when he was tragically taken from us

Dick: [wails]

Things I associate the Batfam with:

Bruce: *internal screaming* and Adoption Papers

Alfred: The Sassy Eyebrow Raise™

Dick: Puns n’ Secret Sadness

Jason: yeET

Tim: Near Death Coffee Experience

Damian: Veggie Burgers and Massacre

Barbra: Under the Glasses Nose Pinch

Stephanie: 107% DONE

Cass: Doesn’t Deserve This Shit

Duke: *panicked screaming*

Harper: Really Really Loud Sighing

Kate: Squinty Glare

  • Dick: I can't do this by myself, I need adult supervision!
  • Bruce:
  • Alfred:
  • Jason:
  • Tim:
  • Damian:
  • Duke:
  • Barbara:
  • Stephanie:
  • Cassandra:
  • Kate:
  • Titus:
  • Literally everyone:
  • Dick:
  • Dick: Oh god
  • Dick: <b><i>I AM THE ADULT SUPERVISION</i></b>

took a break from Jaytim AND Joyfire weeks to finish these fusions!

Inspired (or copied at this point really) by this post, by the art deity that is @johannathemad​ . I love it so much I look at it at least once a day (wish it was a joke, it’s not, I do)

So wether they’re stable or not is my opinion, maybe I’m not as right as I’d like to be, but there’s so many variables it’s impossible to be 100% sure what they’d really be (except for Damian and Tim, this one I am sure ahah)

EDIT: Did some minor changes on Jasanie and Kruce and changed some typos!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Fierce ladies.

Due to recent events, I lost a ton of inspiration and motivation. Thankfully, working on commissions and this fun series helped me get centered again and ready for whatever may come in the new week. Also, for anyone wondering, Barbara’s suit is based on the Young Justice one. SEASON 3 IS COMIIIING

This mostly wraps up the main set, but I maaaay have got some more on the way…


Superhero Aesthetics // Extended Batman Family

We may have began as the soldiers Batman built for his crusade. But we became something else, something he never expected. We started as an army. We chose to be a family. And if there’s hope for us… there’s hope for anyone.

Dick Grayson [x]

Barbara Gordon [x]

Tim Drake [x]



Bruce Wayne owns a “I’m Proud of My LGBT Child.” He wears it to work every now and then. No reporter can figure out which kid it is. (Spoiler: Its more than one)