stephanie kane


Fierce ladies.

Due to recent events, I lost a ton of inspiration and motivation. Thankfully, working on commissions and this fun series helped me get centered again and ready for whatever may come in the new week. Also, for anyone wondering, Barbara’s suit is based on the Young Justice one. SEASON 3 IS COMIIIING

This mostly wraps up the main set, but I maaaay have got some more on the way…

Give me Jay and the Batgirls kicking ass in Gotham

Give me Barbara resenting Cass and Steph a bit because Jason won’t speak to her

Give me Babs feeling guilty all these years later that her first words to Jason were “You’ll never be Dick Grayson”

Give me Babs reaching out to Jason to apologize

Give me Jason telling Babs that he understands that she was angry that Dick left but that she still hurt him 

Give me Barbara welcoming Jason into the Batgirl world despite still not speaking to the Batboys 

Give me Jason meeting Harper Row 

Give me Jason spending the night at the tower with the girls because they’re his sisters and now he has all new ones to get to know

Give me Steph harping on Jason to make her waffles even though it’s 10:30 at night 

Give me Cass curling up to Jason when they put on a movie because he’s a nice cushion and he just rolls his eyes at her but with a smile

Give me Kate bringing Rene over to the Tower to get to know her crazy girls and not having a clue who Jason is 

Give me Jason telling Kate that he respects a woman who knows her guns and eyeing the gun she has tucked in her jacket 

Give me Jason and Harper making fun of shitty weapons in some action film while all the other girls throw popcorn at them to shut them up

Give me Jason and the Batgirls  










I may or may not haves skipped the beginning to see what happened to Tim. BUT I SWEAR I WASNT EXPECTING THIS I LITERALLY THREW MY PHONE. AND I DIDNT TOUCH IT AFTER THAT. but there are still a few more pages so im hoping for a miracle okay bye.

Wayne Family movie night

- Happens before patrol. It is Bruce way of getting the family to spend a bit more time together.

-Alfred reminded everyone that bleed does not go on the sofa. It was his way of saying no killing your siblings.

- Cass invited Harper and Stephanie over.

- Dick had Barbara come as well.

- Kate said she would come later in the night. She is wanting to meet the rest of the family.

- Duke has never had the joy or horror of a Wayne family movie night.

- It takes an hour just to find a movie to watch. Turns out everyone gets very defensive about their choices.

- Jason got shot down at for any zombie movie.

- Duke is always trying to convince the family to watch Lord of the Rings. He is offended any time someone says it is a movie of people walking.

- Action movies never work since everyone corrects the fighting.

- They settle for Zorro if no one can pick something.

- Lots of popcorn. Half gets eaten, the rest lands on each other or in the couch.

- Pillows get thrown, food gets thrown, somehow Damian got thrown. It may have been due to his mouth.

- Cass, Harper, and Stephanie take the floor. Tim is near them on the ground away from Damian. Duke on the ground but gets to lean against the couch, prime spot for food.

- Alfred has his own chair where he can watch everyone but be out of the way of flying items.

- Barbara is on the edge of the couch with Dick next to her. Damian claimed the other side near Dick right away. Bruce is on the side of Damian on the other end of the couch.

- Jason takes the only empty chair but later moves closer to the family. Kate takes his chair when she sneaks in.

- Tim and Bruce are the type to quote lines right before it happens. This is when the throwing pillows happen. Usually at Tim.

- Barbara is the one to say that can’t happen in real life. She is also making fun of Dick for hogging all the popcorn.

The girls and glitter bombs

So in a few headcannons I mention glitter bombs, here’s sort of the story behind it. Thanks again to @atomicnightbear for the help with ideas over dinner. Also she’s my awesome roommate who likes to talk about the batgirls with me which is often.

- So the glitter bombs started off with Stephanie. She needed a way to express her anger when the boys are being stupid without actually hitting them. Now she just throws glitter bombs at them.

- Cass joined in on this idea. She prefers to use yellow glitter while Stephanie’s was purple.

- Barbara has a few she keeps too just in case. Most of hers are directed at Dick and Bruce though. There was a a few months where Dick couldn’t go a week without getting hit by one.

- Harper took claims on the blue glitter. She doesn’t use them as often but it’s still nice to have to let anger at.

- One of the boys claiming they are better then you, bomb covered in glitter. Just imagine trying to patrol when your costume as glitter on it. Yeah not very sneaky. The black surface of the costumes just lets the glitter reflect better.

- Tim is often the target of most of Stephanie’s. Jason usually gets hit by Cass’s when he kills someone.

-Damian gets hit by everyone’s. He wins for most about of glitter bombs. Once he was hit by all of them at once.

-Duke gets hit the less amount because he ain’t going to piss off the girls. Glitter takes forever to get out.

- It is well known now that if someone is covered in glitter they it means they have pissed off one of the girls.Usually you can tell which one by the color. Alfred makes the person cover in glitter clean up any that gets on his rugs.

- Katie Kane totally joins it as well. Her’s are red. She prefers to use them when everyone is getting all glumly.

- Selina totally joined in. It all started when Bruce was ignoring her for awhile. She took one of Cass’s and just threw it straight for his face. He was not impress. She couldn’t stop laughing.

- One time when fighting Harley and Ivy Stephanie accidentally threw a glitter bomb instead of smoke pellets. Harley was in love with it and figured out how to make some at home. Ivy was not impressed.

- Glitter bombs are suppose to be banned from the batcave. Yeah they ignore that rule.