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Warnings: Violence, blood, swearing, BATMOM FLUFF,

Ummi is Mom in case you didn’t know.

This is a pretty long fic! 

I apologize for the low quality, it was very late when I finished this.

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The heroes Gotham needs, but not the ones it deserves right now.

Oh, Baby (Bucky X Reader)

(Anonymous said: Hey can I get a Bucky x Reader where she’s pregnant and he always has his metal arm wrapped around her stomach? Thaaaanks.)

As the snow fell outside the window, emotions were rising with joy from (Y/N) Barnes’ recent news. There would be a mini Avenger running around pretty soon.

Bucky was ecstatic, but held (Y/N) a little bit closer at night after her revelation. Bucky’s metal arm found its home resting across (Y/N)’s rapidly swelling tummy.

Bucky’s protective arm didn’t stop in the bed. Anytime they were close enough to touch, the bright glint of his arm could be seen holding her belly.

Another thing about (Y/N)’s pregnancy was that the smallest things made her cry. The documentary on Antarctica’s slowly declining whale population had tears leaking from her eyes.

Bucky was never irritated with her, and would promptly cuddle her until the crying ceased. It was an odd sight to come across; A large, frightening man comforting his often seen crying pregnant wife, but hey the team was used to it.

(Y/N) was eight months and two weeks along and the supposed due date wasn’t for another week and a half, but they still had her clothes and toiletries packed for (Y/N)’s hospital visit in case of a premature arrival.

They had decided not to find out the gender and just decorated the nursery in both pink and blue, going for a neutral theme. They didn’t really care about the gender, they just wanted a healthy baby.

The expecting couple was currently lounging on the couch. (Y/N) was asleep against Bucky’s chest and Bucky had his left arm on her stomach slowly drawing circles over where the baby was currently kicking.

Every time he felt the slight pressure against his metal appendage a wide grin lit up on his face. “Your mommy’s asleep right now, but I can feel that you’re wide awake,” Bucky began to speak. “I want you to know that she is the best thing that could have ever happened to daddy, and she’ll be the best mother to you. I’m going to try my hardest to be the best dad for you too, alright? Don’t go too hard on me though baby, because this is all really new to me. I’m pretty sure mommy has a natural instinct for it, though.” At the sudden conversation, the kicking became more erratic. “And me and your mom are going to love you with all our hearts, even if I have trouble showing it sometimes. I also love your mommy so, so much ,too. Even though she’s listening in on our conversation right now.”

(Y/N), knowing she had been found out, sat up and looked up at Bucky with tears in her eyes. “James, I love you so much,” she exhaled through her tears. “And I’m really sad to ruin this moment, but my water just broke.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Bucky jumped up from the couch, ran to their shared room and grabbed her luggage, and came back to where (Y/N) was still sitting in shock on the couch.

Holding the bags with his flesh hand; he scooped (Y/N) up with his other arm and quickly told Friday to inform the team.

They quickly arrived at the hospital of Tony’s choice, and checked in. The Avengers filed into the waiting room one by one; frightening the other patients by the amount of muscle mass they each contributed.

It wasn’t until eight hours later that Stephanie Natalia Barnes was brought into the world. The first name for Steve, and the second for Natasha. Upon hearing the name it was the first time (Y/N) had seen Natasha tear up.

Stephanie had (Y/N)’s gorgeous hair and Bucky’s piercing eyes. They all agreed she would be a heartbreaker one day. Bucky didn’t want to think about boyfriends or girlfriends just yet.
The whole team was soon wrapped around her tiny finger. They had to decline Tony’s offer at an Iron Baby suit though.

Bucky was perfectly at peace as he and (Y/N) cuddled in bed with their creation in between them, his left arm gently holding his tiny offspring close to him.