stephanie hitchcock

What I need in future b99

- more domestic peraltiago because I simply can’t get enough

- rosa and gina establishing a relationship or at least establishing feelings

- I actually need more gina and jake brotp moments because I honestly love them

- jake being scared about gina after the bus accident

- boyle and rosa brotp moments

- gina x rosa x amy girl power

- amy and jake referring to holt (and kevin) as their dad(s)

- jake x holt father/son moments because yes


do you ever look at a picture of the b99 cast and realize how much you love & care for them like damn I’m really in this bitch

B99 Characters As Superheroes
  • Jake Peralta: Iron Man
  • Amy Santiago: Wonder Woman
  • Rosa Diaz: Storm
  • Gina Linetti: Black Widow
  • Raymond Holt: Captain America
  • Terry Jeffords: Hulk
  • Charles Boyle: Cat Woman
  • Hitchcock: Aqua Man
  • Scully: Hawkeye
  • Cheddar: Groot

I’m very disappointed at tumblr for the lack of Brooklyn Nine Nine fanart that is currently available. I’m also disappointed at the lack of love for Hitchcock and Skully, who are arguably the funniest characters on the show. But that’s my opinion.

Supposedly, new episodes are airing after the Super Bowl, so that should be plenty of time to step your game up people. Brooklyn Nine Nine is actually a decent show. Don’t drop the ball on this internets…