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who would you cast as the main gods/goddesses as models?

I’m assuming this is for greek mythology

Hera → Blanca Padilla

Zeus → Alessandro Dellisola 

Athena → Caitie Greene

Poseidon → Ashley Radford

Artemis → Ella Wennstorm

Apollo → Giovanni Bonamy

Aphrodite → Dominika Grnova

Ares → Maximilian Wafers (Because his cheekbones could kill)

Demeter → Ilana Kozlov

Hephaestus → Miles Hurley

Hestia → Sandrah Hellberg

Hermes → Jacob Morton

Dionysus → Zoran Karan

(I’ll do a few extras)

Gaia → Arizona Muse (I used her in my magazine edit)

Nyx → Leila Goldkuhl

Selene → Anastasia Kolganova

Rhea → Anna Brewster

Iris → Mae Van Der Weide

Eros → Zachary Grenenger

Eos → Stephanie Joy Field 

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Is it too much for a prompt with cute baby Stephanie, and with either of her parents Nearly missing one of her firsts? I luv the interaction of Bucky + Wanda + Steph (ne age)

“Come on, baby girl. You can do it. Come on.”

Stephanie reaches for him again with one of her tiny little hands, but she’s still gripping onto the couch with the other, meaning she hasn’t gotten very far in the last three minutes since Bucky has been coaxing her to take her first steps. She’s perfectly comfortable toddling around as long as she has something to hold onto, so he knows it’s only a matter of time before she does it on her own for a few seconds. Wanda says they shouldn’t rush her, and he’s not, but he’s excited, you know? She doesn’t seem all that eager to let go of the couch right now, though, and when she realizes that he’s not going to crawl over to her, she makes this upset little sound and pouts. Fuck, she looks so much like her mother when she does that.

“Don’t make my goddaughter cry, Buck,” Steve says with a laugh, still recording them from where he’s sitting on the floor at the other end of the couch.

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