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“When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty.”

Stevie Nicks.


Black History Month → Batgirls

  • In Batgirl #24 (August 2011), Nell Little is the future Batgirl in Stephanie Brown’s dream world while the latter was under the influence of Black Mercy. (Nell later reappears as a Batgirl in DC Bombshells.)

  • During the Futures End event, set five years in an alternate future, Tiffany Fox is one of the Batgirls shown in Batgirl: Futures End (November 2014).

  • Kathy Duqesne, first seen in the animated movie Mystery of the Batwoman, makes her way into comics as one of the Batgirls in DC Bombshells #19 (November 2015), set in a WWII AU.

  • The most adapted Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, is racebent to reflect her Afro-Latina voice actress Rosario Dawson, as seen in The Lego Batman Movie (2017).
Hear Me Out, okay?

Where’s my Jewish!Batfam Hanukkah AU where Wayne Manor is filled with menorahs and everyone eats latkes all week? Like

-Damian and Tim retro-fit their dreidels to see who can win the most gelt

-Bruce makes 17 different kinds of latkes and wears a moronic blue apron, covered in oil while Alfred looks on in horror

-Alfred secretly makes sufganiyot (donuts) so nobody has to eat burned, jalapeño/fire oil latkes

-Jason helps Tim and Damian light the menorahs because there’s a lot of candles on the 7th night and they might burn themselves

-Stephanie wins at dreidel anyway and keeps all the gelt for her and Cass

-Bruce brings out his mother’s menorah because that’s what he used to light with his parents.

-Bruce keeps up with the whole “eight small presents” tradition and everyone gets socks, a nice pen, a photo book, a scarf, some chocolate, some new batarangs, a sweater, and some headphones.

-There’s a Christmas tree for Alfred who absolutely loves decorating it. The Wayne children help out every year and always manage to tangle the lights and the tinsel.




(i’m the one on the far left with the drums)

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