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ya lit meme // Ten series or books (5/10) ➣ Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Whatever you’ve heard about Caraval, it doesn’t compare to the reality. It’s more than just a game or performance. It’s the closest you’ll ever find yourself magic in this world.

i just want to ask you why. why are you shutting me out? why are you not answering when i offer closure for the two of us, so i can pretend i’m moving on from you? why did you decide this was the most rational way to leave someone that would have never given up on you, when you claimed everyone else has?
Nice Guys Finish Last (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

Chapter Summary: You and Anthony begin to have more than a once sentence conversation. Then you and Jeff go to your first class together.

02. Girls Love Jeff Atkins

Y/N P.O.V.

The loud and obnoxious bell rang, signalling that 2nd period is over and nutrition has started. Before you headed out to meet your group of friends, you went straight to your locker to exchange notebooks with your 4th period class. You couldn’t wait to mess around with Jeff since you have 3rd period with him (getting his schedule because you had Office Assistant for 1st). You shut your locker closed and turned on your heels to head out of the building, but came face-to-face with Anthony. A surprised gasp escaped your lips and your face was heating up as he smiled.

You’ve had a crush on Anthony Grant in 10th grade when you saw him in the gym for the football rally. Truth be told, you only liked him because of his looks; but his personality was shit - as you heard:

He’s a pothead.

He only wants sex.

He’ll leave after 2 months in a relationship.

Those were the few of many more rumors.

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Bing Bang but it’s been bootlegged by Not Active Town

Ding Dong Bingraringadong
Last words that I scream before my bedtime
Ding Dong Bingraringadong
I shout those words as I get up at dawn
On the ground, it’s time to stretch, go
And now we’re raising our hands to the air

So now let’s hop, hop, then a bop
Do a twirl, and stomp your feet together
Run, run, now you’re done
Staying fit is what it’s all about

Ding Dong Bingraringadong
Weirds things that I see when I am moving
Ding Dong Bingraringadong
Strange pictures are worth a thousand words
On the ground, it’s time to stretch, go
And now we’re raising our hands to the air

So now let’s hop, hop, then a bop
Do a twirl, and stomp your feet together
Run, run, now you’re done
Staying fit is what it’s all about

Ohhhhhhhh! Five, six, you’re a hit
Do a twirl, and stomp your feet together
Seven, eight, doing great
Staying fit is what it’s all about

Seth, externally: I stand my ground and regret nothing.

Seth, internally: Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, is she going to make eye contact? Because that would be bad. Whew, she’s looking the other way, does that mean she’s avoiding eye contact? Is that less bad? No, definitely also bad. Do I look like I’m fidgeting with this title? I don’t want her to see me fidgeting. Nope, she probably saw that. Well, fuck.

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Damian and Stephanie create a "Cat Lovers" Club,the members are Selina Kyle, Klarion,Billy and for some reason Bart

“Dami, I think things have gotten out of hand”

“Tt- nonsense Brown, we can handle it” Stephenie looked around “you know” she said “When you said Billy was coming I didn’t think he was going to bring a tiger” 

“you’re the one who invited the Witch Boy”

“which in retrospect was not my best idea” Klarion was floating mid-air glaring daggers at Selina who was pointedly ignoring him. Teekl was curled up in Selina’s lap purring far too deeply for a cat that size as Selina patted it. Tawky Tawny’s massive head rested on Selina’s knee, though Billy seemed much less put out by this than Klarion was about his pet. 

“Bart, not to be rude or anything but-” “why are you here Allen?” 

Bart zipped over “Oh hi! I thought this was a club for Cats, you know, the musical?”

Stephenie and Damian looked at him for a long moment. Stephenie spoke first “and why would you care about the musical Cats?” 

“um well, in the 31st century most culture, you know, movies, books, plays stuff like that from before the 28th century got totally lost. But Cats made it, it’s like the only think from like 200 years around now we have. It’s a big deal a real window into how people lived and stuff, people get their doctorate by studying the cast audio.”

Damian and Steph looked horrified. Bart broke out laughing “Oh my god! you guys really fell for that?! amazing! nah I just like cats dudes, and you get a load of the tiger!?” 

I can’t stop thinking about the climactic scene in X Company S03E08, Naqam. I thought Alfred and Neil were going to rescue Aurora, but no. Sure, Neil cut the gas line (thank god), but by the time they roll up, Aurora’s just sitting there like “It’s cool, I took care of it.” And that fight scene was so brutal! Not glamorous at all. I really, really love the representation of women in this season. Even Heidi was fascinating, in spite of her evilness. And I loved that Aurora cried afterwards. Like, she was such a badass with her “I want you to know you were killed by a Jew” line (YESSSS!), but the show didn’t make light of the fact that she just killed someone with her bare hands and that would fuck you up. It didn’t dwell on her crying, it was just a little touch. That kind of emotional honesty is what makes this show so compelling to me.

ETA: This ep was directed by Amanda Tapping (she’s so good!) and the show is co-written and co-created by Stephanie Morgenstern. This is why it’s important to have women behind the camera!

The CW makes a very particular kind of soap — for its young(er) audience. If a lot of the new Dynasty feels like the old Gossip Girl, that makes some sense, because Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage created it, along with Sallie Patrick, who worked on ABC’s Revenge. So this doesn’t quite feel like the broad, luscious Dynasty of the past; it feels a little more like it’s supposed to be cool.

The New ‘Dynasty’ Pulls Hair, But It Needs To Yank Wigs

Photo: Mark Hill/The CW

Bat Kids Gender Identities and Sexualities (Head)Canon

Dick Grayson: male & straight.
Barbara Gordon: female & straight.
Jason Todd: male & straight.
Tim Drake: male & straight.
Stephanie Brown: female & straight.
Damian Wayne: male & don’t know because it hasn’t been explored yet.
Cassandra Cain: female & I don’t know because it hasn’t been explored yet.
Kate Kane: female & lesbian.

Freaky Fred

So I came to know Stephanie Meyer created a character in “The Short Second Life Of Bree” called Fred or Freaky Fred who has a gift which makes him able to repel people from him by making them feel revulsion towards him. Now we know Edward knows of his existence through Bree but never bothered to look for him…but we also know that Aro read Edwards mind in BD so that means Aro knows about his existence and there is a good chance Aro is looking for him.

I have been wondering how powerful is Freaky Fred’s gift? would he be able to repel Jane and Alec, or stop Chelsea’s and Corin’s gift’s. What would happen if Fred met the Cullens and joined them? How would that effect any confrontation the Cullens have with the Volturi? We know that his gift is not a physical shield just repulsion. Of course if Fred was under Bella’s shield he would be able to use his gift against the Volturi. Without their gift’s affecting him. Which means that the Volturi would just have to take out the Cullens cause Fred can’t use his gift to protect people like Bella or Renata can.

I really don’t know where I am going with this paranoia of mine but I just can’t help wondering why Stephanie Meyer created this character in the first place. Is she planning on doing something about him or she gonna just leave him be?


Here’s that gosh darn fanfiction. I honestly can’t believe I’ve made this but I don’t care, I hope you all like it! (There’s a bit of angst and a bit of fluff in there, all because of febuary 14th ;))

Valentine’s day.

Robbie huffed.

That famed holiday was a complete and utter mess in his eyes, too sickly sweet, even for a man who lived off of sugar. I mean, that was the only reason he bothered to get up on that certain day, chocolates were often littered everywhere, and if the residents of LazyTown let their wary eyes stray, he’d snatch them and collect them all up for a treat. It was definitely shifty and extremely annoying - especially for Ziggy who needed his heart-shaped lollies to make his bodily system properly function - but Robbie didn’t care. Robbie never cared.

A knock on the door, it reverberated around his gray abode and he leapt back, springing out of his orange chair in an act of animalistic instinct, he even pulled off an almost demonic growl to match his feral stance. Yet as soon as heard the familiar, high-pitched squeak of a voice emitted from the pink girl outside, he grumbled and slouched over to the door, his movements drenched in overdramatic exhaustion.

“What do you want, bubble-gum brat?” Robbie scowled, his tone was harsher than usual, but it normally was if he was ever-so-rudely awoken before 12 PM.

Stephanie took a while to respond, seemingly both somewhat upset and disgusted from the nickname he’d labeled her as, “Well, as you probably know, it’s Valentine’s day today and all of us thought that-”

“I’m not interested.” Robbie spat. He turned around in his lair and prepared to walk off, yet Stephanie quickly replied, oddly a lot of desperation was pouring from her voice.

“Please Robbie! It’s a party and everyone will be there. We don’t want you on your own again,” Stephanie fiddled with the invitation that she withheld in her hands, her icy blue eyes glittered with an unusual sadness that showcased genuine truth, yet Robbie wasn’t entirely convinced. And Steph could sense it.
“We’ll have cake, and chocolates, not to mention loads of other sweets! Please we want you to-”

Robbie cut her off again, this time a smug smile was plastered across his face, “Alright- Alright. Fine. I’ll come, but only because of the sweets!” He snarled, in a playful way that sounded caring and Stephanie outside blinked and then smirked. Her footsteps could be heard as she casually strolled off, but Robbie could’ve sworn that she heard Stephanie mumble something beneath her breath, yet it was quite unclear on what she said. It sounded like,

“You’re not just coming because of the sweets.”

Robbie was confused on what exactly the pink girl meant. Whether she meant the reasoning behind him really going was herself and the other kids or… Or if she meant Sportacus?

Robbie’s brow furled into a repulsed expression, and he gritted his teeth. Yeah right, he wasn’t going to worship that blue elf like everybody else in town.

He heard another sound - a letter slipped beneath the door - and he already knew it was the invite.

He strolled over again, irritated that he had to move back and forth so much, his legs even began to grow tired, but he lazily opened the card and instead of Stephanie’s writing, which he had expected, he came across another neat and tidy handwriting that he’d never laid eyes on before.

However the card was blue, a familiar shade of blue, which was the first hint.

Robbie squinted, as the writing was quite small and began to read aloud, “Hello Robbie, I wanted to invite you down to the party that Stephanie created for Valentine’s day,” He took a brief sip of air before continuing, “I know we haven’t gotten on well, but I’d like to change that. Please may I ask you out as my Valentine’s date? - sincerely, Sportacus-”

Robbie almost had a heart attack then and there, he couldn’t believe what he was reading! Could that darn Sportaflop read his mind, hatred to love, how was it so obvious? No. No. He couldn’t give in that easily, how would the children react, maybe Sportacus is joking, maybe it was all a lie to make Robbie look like a complete fool in front of the whole town-

His mind was over-thinking at that point, he was afraid- he’d been used in the past and who’s to say it wouldn’t happen again. He almost began hyperventilating, he had so many emotions conflicting that he couldn’t control, he then threw the card in the bin. He hated days like those, jokes taken too far, for a second, he almost thought it was real, but Sportacus isn’t that much of an idiot. He wouldn’t waste his time on an insignificant being such as Robbie Rotten.

Why would he?


Then the time came and it went above and beyond what everyone was expecting. It was a most certainly a party, loud beats blasted from Pixel’s specialized stereos and everyone was surprisingly dressed up in the most romantic clothing they could find, the atmosphere too, was absolutely booming, everyone was chatting and laughing, wasting the night away.

Stephanie jumped in time with the music, her coral colored dress decorated with roses floated in the spring breeze, making her feel as if she could fly. It was a wonderful night and everybody else around her seemed to agree, judging by their movements and facial expressions, they were all as cheery as one could possibly be at such a legendary event. Ziggy was stuffing his face with specially made love-based sweets, Pixel was the DJ and controlled whatever song played on the dance-floor, Stingy was admiring the decorations while simultaneously lip-syncing to the music’s lyrics, Trixie was there talking to Stingy, probably making terrible and vulgar jokes and Sportacus was off to the side choosing some ‘more-healthy’ food options. But the more Stephanie looked at Sportacus, the more she saw something else, he wasn’t picking food, he was just standing there, she was considerably freaked out as that wasn’t the normal Sport she knew at all.

Eventually she walked over, trying to maintain an average smile as she strolled.

“Hey?” She began, her tone was already questioning, catching Sportacus’ attention immediately, “Are you alright Sportacus?”

“Um. Yeah,” He was so clearly ‘not alright’ but he tried to hide it so desperately, it hurt Steph to see him like that, yet it seemed that Sport was oblivious to his own tone and how it showed so obviously how discontented he was about the situation, “I’m just- I’m admiring the Sports Candy.”

That was so much of a lie that anyone could’ve detected it, she turned slightly stern with her tone, “Look. I don’t know what’s getting you so upset but I’d like to know-” Stephanie put her hand upon Sportacus’ shoulder - or at least, tried to, as he was much taller than her -, “Because I’d like to help.”

Sport sighed.

He turned to face her; eyes rather red and face pale, they contrasted each other in a depressing way, honestly catching Stephaine off guard for a second. He opened his mouth, eyes glowing with a dull sadness that washed over his voice as he whispered, “I wanted to at least see Robbie here, I mean, I expected him to at least arrive.”

At the moment he said that, Trixie exclaimed at the top of her lungs, nearly startling Stephanie out of her skin, “ROBBIE ROTTEN!” Sportacus was startled as well, but not in a surprised way, in a relieved way.

Robbie came walking out, pride in every step and an expression fully forged out of sass, he wore high-heels and a stunning purple dress to match that sparkled so heavenly in the night’s moonlight that it was astonishing, a dark shade of mauve lipstick decorated his lips so elegantly and an orchid eyeshadow complemented his pale green pupils. The kids were completely stunned, half because they’d never thought of ‘a man wearing a dress’ before and half because they didn’t even expect him to come. He walked, relatively calmly, over to Sportacus before dragging him to behind a wall, his sassy expression turned sour and he spat, “I swear to god if this is some kind of joke, Sport, I don’t find it funny.”

He exhaled before resuming his riled up vent.

“If it was, then good, great, but I managed to persuade myself to come out here and I need some answers. I need to know if you’re being genuine.” Robbie’s anger eventually boiled down, instead it just sounded like a garbled mess of worry trying to sound enraged, but imitating the emotion poorly. Sportacus’ eyes met Robbie’s with a concerning amount of confusion and he shook his head, not really sure how to respond,

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?” His voice sounded fully consumed in hesitation, yet Robbie was so annoyed that he just had to get it over with.

“Don’t bother playing games, Sportaflop, especially not kiss chase.”

Before Sport had any time to react or even understand what Robbie said, his lips met Sport’s in a intimate entanglement of skin on skin, Robbie was secretly admiring the upper hand he’d gained while also enjoying the brief kiss. Sportacus, on the other hand, was understandably shocked, and his eyes were wide open, blown open in fact. He felt the heat rise in his chest as they kissed deeper, both of their faces turning even redder as they began to sloppily push each other against the wall before remembering that the kids were literally on the other side. They carefully moved their lips away from each other, their eyes, instead, interlocking in a passionate gaze, Robbie smiled, “So. Did that answer your question?”

“Well uh- No?” Sportacus still sounded uncertain, and just simply Robbie didn’t understand why.

“You sent me a letter? You- god- I- I fell for it again- I’m going to be humiliated again- aren’t I?” The sudden realisation fell on Robbie like a ton of concrete bricks, he felt so powerless and any moment now, the kids would come around the corner- laughing. God, he hated laughter. He despised it. The sudden, lovely, intense heat shared between the two died completely, and was replaced by a sickening coldness that festered at the very back of Robbie’s mind.

“Wait, Robbie- I- I don’t understand- if you’d just explain- I-” Sportacus’ tone was laced with desperation, he wanted to know what Robbie meant by all of this.

“Of course you don’t understand!” Robbie screamed, the whole place went silent, the kids chattering stopped and even Pixel’s own music came to a screeching halt, “That’s right- Of course- all of you crowd around me- tell me how much of a fool I am- I… I shouldn’t even of bothered.”

Tears were rolling down Robbie’s face at this point, his mascara creating deep pools of blackness dotted across his cheeks, he wanted to yell, he wanted to cry out for just some sort of comfort but nothing came. Instead the kids, as he said, crowded around him, but laughter didn’t parade over his sorrow, no, the kids came beside him and… hugged him.

Robbie’s eyes opened wide at the sudden and sweet show of affection, his mind was muddled, he couldn’t apprehend what was going on, “Why- Why aren’t you laughing at me? Tha- That’s what you usually do… Wearing a dress- being… Queer. Isn’t that- Wrong?”

Stingy was the first one to react his demanding voice was completely disgusted by what Robbie had said, “Don’t be stupid! loving someone the same gender as you doesn’t matter! Plus- dresses are wonderful!” Stingy uncovered an irritating little smirk, “In fact I think that dress of yours is- mine.”

Robbie let out a small whimper of a chuckle, the first time he’d genuinely laughed in awhile, it was actually quite wonderful. Steph looked up at him, her eyes glazed over with a tinge of regret, she sighed, guiltily, before speaking, “I- We all came up with this plan. We wanted to get you two together on Valentines- so giving you a letter was the first proper and perfect idea we’d all created. We didn’t think it was going to backfire- we thought you loved Sportacus.”

Robbie let out a broken smile, looking up at the above-average-hero that had plagued LazyTown for so long, if he had to be honest, Robbie did love him, he had for so long. It was like a pathetic school-boy crush except- gayer.
“I- I do love him-” He gazed at Sportacus, “I love you, Sportaflop.”

Sportacus’ wide eyes showed a vast amount of knowledge now, he understood perfectly, and blushed at Robbie’s kind, loving tone, “I- I love you too, Robbie.”

They came together in a hug - way longer than 3 seconds that, for once, didn’t feel awkward - in fact, it felt so natural. They smooched quickly (with the normal ‘ugh’s!’ and ‘that’s gross’ coming from the kids as they did so) making them laugh underneath their breath, it felt like a weight was lifted off of Robbie’s chest and a newly discovered love was just on the horizon for Sportacus.  The rest of the night was spent dancing and celebrating the unexpected relationship of the town villain and the town hero, Pixel’s most romantic songs were put on for the couple to dance to and of course, the sweets were all gone by the morning - with Sportacus feeling heavily hungover after a bombardment of Robbie’s sugar-filled kisses.

It was the first time Robbie Rotten had ever experienced a decent Valentine’s day.

And it was the first time Sportacus had ever tasted sugar without straight-up fainting.