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ya lit meme // Ten series or books (5/10) ➣ Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Whatever you’ve heard about Caraval, it doesn’t compare to the reality. It’s more than just a game or performance. It’s the closest you’ll ever find yourself magic in this world.

Nice Guys Finish Last (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

Chapter Summary: You and Anthony begin to have more than a once sentence conversation. Then you and Jeff go to your first class together.

02. Girls Love Jeff Atkins

Y/N P.O.V.

The loud and obnoxious bell rang, signalling that 2nd period is over and nutrition has started. Before you headed out to meet your group of friends, you went straight to your locker to exchange notebooks with your 4th period class. You couldn’t wait to mess around with Jeff since you have 3rd period with him (getting his schedule because you had Office Assistant for 1st). You shut your locker closed and turned on your heels to head out of the building, but came face-to-face with Anthony. A surprised gasp escaped your lips and your face was heating up as he smiled.

You’ve had a crush on Anthony Grant in 10th grade when you saw him in the gym for the football rally. Truth be told, you only liked him because of his looks; but his personality was shit - as you heard:

He’s a pothead.

He only wants sex.

He’ll leave after 2 months in a relationship.

Those were the few of many more rumors.

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Bing Bang but it’s been bootlegged by Not Active Town

Ding Dong Bingraringadong
Last words that I scream before my bedtime
Ding Dong Bingraringadong
I shout those words as I get up at dawn
On the ground, it’s time to stretch, go
And now we’re raising our hands to the air

So now let’s hop, hop, then a bop
Do a twirl, and stomp your feet together
Run, run, now you’re done
Staying fit is what it’s all about

Ding Dong Bingraringadong
Weirds things that I see when I am moving
Ding Dong Bingraringadong
Strange pictures are worth a thousand words
On the ground, it’s time to stretch, go
And now we’re raising our hands to the air

So now let’s hop, hop, then a bop
Do a twirl, and stomp your feet together
Run, run, now you’re done
Staying fit is what it’s all about

Ohhhhhhhh! Five, six, you’re a hit
Do a twirl, and stomp your feet together
Seven, eight, doing great
Staying fit is what it’s all about

I can’t stop thinking about the climactic scene in X Company S03E08, Naqam. I thought Alfred and Neil were going to rescue Aurora, but no. Sure, Neil cut the gas line (thank god), but by the time they roll up, Aurora’s just sitting there like “It’s cool, I took care of it.” And that fight scene was so brutal! Not glamorous at all. I really, really love the representation of women in this season. Even Heidi was fascinating, in spite of her evilness. And I loved that Aurora cried afterwards. Like, she was such a badass with her “I want you to know you were killed by a Jew” line (YESSSS!), but the show didn’t make light of the fact that she just killed someone with her bare hands and that would fuck you up. It didn’t dwell on her crying, it was just a little touch. That kind of emotional honesty is what makes this show so compelling to me.

ETA: This ep was directed by Amanda Tapping (she’s so good!) and the show is co-written and co-created by Stephanie Morgenstern. This is why it’s important to have women behind the camera!

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Damian and Stephanie create a "Cat Lovers" Club,the members are Selina Kyle, Klarion,Billy and for some reason Bart

“Dami, I think things have gotten out of hand”

“Tt- nonsense Brown, we can handle it” Stephenie looked around “you know” she said “When you said Billy was coming I didn’t think he was going to bring a tiger” 

“you’re the one who invited the Witch Boy”

“which in retrospect was not my best idea” Klarion was floating mid-air glaring daggers at Selina who was pointedly ignoring him. Teekl was curled up in Selina’s lap purring far too deeply for a cat that size as Selina patted it. Tawky Tawny’s massive head rested on Selina’s knee, though Billy seemed much less put out by this than Klarion was about his pet. 

“Bart, not to be rude or anything but-” “why are you here Allen?” 

Bart zipped over “Oh hi! I thought this was a club for Cats, you know, the musical?”

Stephenie and Damian looked at him for a long moment. Stephenie spoke first “and why would you care about the musical Cats?” 

“um well, in the 31st century most culture, you know, movies, books, plays stuff like that from before the 28th century got totally lost. But Cats made it, it’s like the only think from like 200 years around now we have. It’s a big deal a real window into how people lived and stuff, people get their doctorate by studying the cast audio.”

Damian and Steph looked horrified. Bart broke out laughing “Oh my god! you guys really fell for that?! amazing! nah I just like cats dudes, and you get a load of the tiger!?” 


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Things I Have Deduced So Far Abt LazyTown

1) sportacus n robbie r hella gay for each other
2) mayor meanswell is a communist dictator
3) mrs busybody is his main hoe
4) ziggy is a sugar addict in desperate need of help
5) sportacus is diabetic or some shit bc who tf cant eat sugar
6) the whole thing is stephanie’s imaginary world. there are no parents, a bad guy who rlly isnt a bad guy and never wins, an always-good, always-right father figure who always comes when needed, and there is little to no governemnt to the town. the kids are responsible for themselves, while mayor meanswell and mrs busybody just perform ceremonies. stephanie may have created this world in order to escape her own harsh reality, in which her father is absent and she has no friends. sportacus is the father she never had and ziggy, pixel, stingy, and trixie are the friends she desperately craves. mr mayor and ms busybody are there to add realistic details
7) stingy is a greedy lil bitch
8) sportacus is more flexible than a rubber band
9) pixel is gonna turn into a neckbeard if he keeps it up
10) sportacus sleeps for 12 hrs exactly

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Why is Stephanie Seymour so horrible? Like I know she's trashy but Axl is a slut too and they both did horrible things to each other?? Not trolling, just wanna know from the Queen of Axl Knowledge, haha

Stephanie began a relationship with another man while she was still with Axl. She ended up getting pregnant with the other man’s child during it. She physically attacked Axl, and when he defended himself, she filed a domestic abuse charge. She subpoenaed Axl’s ex wife into court, meaning Erin was legally forced to show up and defend Stephanie. Stephanie created false allegations from both Erin and herself to attempt to add to Axl’s reputation to save her own. She was an innocent supermodel, and Axl was already seen as a bad guy, she couldn’t risk the roles getting reversed. Axl really didn’t do shit to her. His relationship with Erin was a shitstorm, and the fault was mutual. The relationship he had with Stephanie is a different story, she was just awful.


Nine Faces: 34/∞

  • Robin – Stephanie Brown (New Earth)
When the vacant spot of Robin was available, after the forced retirement of Tim Drake, by his father, Stephanie Brown creates a Robin costume and sneaks into the Batcave and demands that Batman trains her as the new Robin. Reluctantly, Batman accepts Brown as the new Robin and trains her, but ultimately firing her after she disobeyed an order in the field. In effort to prove her worth, Brown steals one of Batman’s plans and inadvertently starts a gang war and supposedly dies by the hands of Black Mask.
  • N.B.: I could only find seven pictures of Stephanie Brown as Robin from only seven different artists and loathed to exclude her from this series. So I fudged it and used a picture from an out of continuity and companion comic from Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Lower Left) and a commissioned work from Marcio Takara (Center).
Image Source:
  • Batgirl #53 by Dave Ross (Upper Left)
  • Batgirl #53 Cover by James Jean (Upper Middle)
  • Commission by Marcio Takara (Center)
  • Detective Comics #796 by Pete Woods (Lower Right)
  • Detective Comics #796 Cover by Tim Sale (Lower Middle)
  • Robin #126 by Damian Scott (Upper Right)
  • Teen Titans #13 by Tom Grummett (Middle Left)
  • Teen Titans #13 Cover by Ed McGuinness (Middle Right)
  • The All-New Batman: Brave and the Bold #13 by Rick Burchett (Lower Left)