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Things I Have Deduced So Far Abt LazyTown

1) sportacus n robbie r hella gay for each other
2) mayor meanswell is a communist dictator
3) mrs busybody is his main hoe
4) ziggy is a sugar addict in desperate need of help
5) sportacus is diabetic or some shit bc who tf cant eat sugar
6) the whole thing is stephanie’s imaginary world. there are no parents, a bad guy who rlly isnt a bad guy and never wins, an always-good, always-right father figure who always comes when needed, and there is little to no governemnt to the town. the kids are responsible for themselves, while mayor meanswell and mrs busybody just perform ceremonies. stephanie may have created this world in order to escape her own harsh reality, in which her father is absent and she has no friends. sportacus is the father she never had and ziggy, pixel, stingy, and trixie are the friends she desperately craves. mr mayor and ms busybody are there to add realistic details
7) stingy is a greedy lil bitch
8) sportacus is more flexible than a rubber band
9) pixel is gonna turn into a neckbeard if he keeps it up
10) sportacus sleeps for 12 hrs exactly


Adventure Time: Eye Candy Vol. 2 — The Mathematical Edition

BOOM! Studios has put together a brand new limited edition hardcover collection of all of the spectacular covers by the top-notch artists from Adventure Time #16-30, Adventure Time Annual #1, Adventure Time 2013 Summer Special #1, Adventure Time 2013 Spoooktacular #1, Adventure Time 2014 Winter Special #1, and Adventure Time 2014 Annual #1. This one’s a keeper, so order yours now.

Stephanie Gonzaga created the cover to the covers. Sophie Goldstein, Kassandra Heller, and JJ Harrison came up with the others.


Contrary to its title, this book is about more than the boy next door. Lola is an incredibly well developed character, with a strong voice and very real issues of making hard decisions and growing up. Yet again Stephanie Perkins has created a wonderful balance of adorable romance, and real life. The worst part about this book is that it’s over.

If it isn’t here it’s on Goodreads or Instagram


Win Graybles Schmaybles, the Newest Adventure Time Graphic Novel

The good gang over at BOOM! Studios wants a bunch of you to get your very own copy of the newest Adventure Time 160-page graphic novel, Graybles Schmaybles, for absolutely free, just like the best things in life. Danielle Corsetto wrote it, Bridget Underwood drew it, and Stephanie Gonzaga created all five variant covers, including the three above. Sez BOOM!,

Finn and Jake are about to go on their craziest series of adventures yet…and they don’t even have to leave their living room? After helping Party God with his technical issues, these two best pals discover a tiny cube all by its lonesome in the middle of the woods. Not ones to leave the helpless so…helpless, Finn and Jake take their new friend back to the treehouse and discover that some of the most harmless looking things can be the most dangerous.

For your chance to win, all you need to do is reblog this very post by Monday, 3/30, at noon PDT. BOOM! will choose five winners at random. Best of luck, everyone!

(If you don’t win, DO. NOT. UPSET. YOURSELF. Graybles Schmaybles will be available for old-fashioned purchase on April Fools Day.)