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  • Looks Like They Could Kill You But Is Actually a Cinnamon Roll: Terry Jeffords
  • Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll But Could Actually Kill You: Amy Santiago
  • Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll And Is Actually A Cinnamon Roll: Jake Peralta
  • Looks Like They Could Kill You And Can Actually Kill You: Rosa Diaz
  • Might Accidentally Kill themselves From Eating Too Many Cinnamon Rolls: Charles Boyle

all i’m saying is that brooklyn nine nine better get at least 15 seasons 

What I need in future b99

- more domestic peraltiago because I simply can’t get enough

- rosa and gina establishing a relationship or at least establishing feelings

- I actually need more gina and jake brotp moments because I honestly love them

- jake being scared about gina after the bus accident

- boyle and rosa brotp moments

- gina x rosa x amy girl power

- amy and jake referring to holt (and kevin) as their dad(s)

- jake x holt father/son moments because yes


Brooklyn Nine Nine High School

Imagine the characters of Brooklyn Nine Nine, but as high school teachers.

~Holt is the principal, and insists on being called Captain Holt instead of Principal Holt
~Jake is the English teacher, his students call him by his first name, he treats his students like he’s their friend, he goes to the principal’s office daily because he lets his students slack off and doesn’t discipline them
~Amy is the math teacher, she tries to be the “cool” high school teacher, but constantly fails, her students are disrespectful and give her a hard time, Jake gets her students to lay off her
~Charles teachers the cooking class and home ec, he recently made his students start cooking Latavian food for Nikolaj, it’s disgusting and he keeps showing his students tons of photos of Nikolaj on his phone
~Terry is the gym teacher, more like a drill sergeant, he wants his students to be as ripped as he is, it isn’t a real workout until they’ve swear buckets and their legs don’t work anymore
~Gina is a guidance counselor, need I say more honestly? She follows her kids on Twitter, if a kid is feeling down, she shows them memes and prescribes them to listen to Beyoncé
~Rosa is a security guard, no kid can sneak in alcohol when she’s on duty, of course everyone is afraid of her, several of the female students think she’s hot, they even act suspicious on purpose to get her attention, she hangs out at the guidance counselor’s office when she’s on break

Would y'all read it if I wrote a fanfic of this AU?

So I finished the squad :)
They are available on my Redbubble individually (mostly designed to be stickers) right here :).

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