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Brooklyn K-9 ft. all the Cheddars 

Favourite Parts of B99 Fall Finale
  • Rosa is the most private person on the team and yet Jake has met her parents once before
  • Jake’s lock screen is the cutest picture of him and Amy showing off the engagement ring
  • Rosa getting emotional when her parents didn’t accept her 
  • Rosa’s dad, the tougher one out of her parents, being the first one to accept her and calling her “mija”
  • Amy failing at winking
  • Rosa drawing a lesbian wedding and her mom guessing anything but that (”two women opening up a chocolate shop!”)
  • Holt hugging Rosa and telling her how proud he is of her
  • Charles deciding to stop saying “bye” so he wouldn’t out Rosa
  • Gina: “We would have made a hot ass couple” Rosa: “Agreed”
  • Rosa refusing to answer any questions about her dating life/girlfriend cuz she’s still the same private Rosa
  • Rosa explaining how she first realized she was bi in middle school while watching Saved By The Bell
  • Jake being the most supportive friend
  • Jake being bisexual foreshadowing 
  • 99 Family Game Night
  • “The Godfather” references
  • Amy putting her bare feet up on the chair 
  • Kyle, that’s all
  • Gina and Terry bonding over parenting
  • Enigma
  • Gina referring to the team as her friends

all i’m saying is that brooklyn nine nine better get at least 15 seasons 


“Jacob Peralta is my best detective. He likes putting away bad guys and he loves solving puzzles. The only puzzle he hasn’t solved is how to grow up.”

okay I know we talk alot about b99 and how great they are at talking about social issues and not stereotyping etc etc but I feel like very little people talk about how well the show is written in terms of characterization. first thing that comes to mind is how Ray Holt went from being a stickler to the rules and not at all close with the squad to taking part in their shenanigans. eg. that scene where Jake does the “full bullpen” and Holt celebrates with the rest of the team, season 1 Holt would never do that but at the same time that moment isn’t considered abnormal bc he’s been developed enough over the years for it to be normal. also, the fact that Jake/Amy went from competitive co workers to two people in love doesn’t seem forced at all bc very early into the show they established that though the two fight and compete a lot, they still have a mutual respect and care for each other and it was just a matter of acknowledging their feelings. also the layers in the characters: Terry is someone who follows the rules and tries to stay calm but we know certain things trigger his anger and he’s also ready to break any and every rule for the team. Rosa is scary and unemotional but she still gets hurt and cares for certain things/people and she’s no scolded for dealing with her problems on her own (rather, the squad helps her). Gina is egotistical and insults everyone but is clearly very close to Holt and respects him and cares for her entire team even if she has weird ways of showing it. and all these parts of their characters don’t seem like contradictions because of how well they’re portrayed (ie the writers know which side of the character to portray in which scene and so it becomes natural). like the characters are so well written and portrayed and I don’t think the writers and actors get enough credit for it

EDIT: So since I’m seeing a few people saying that I didn’t mention Charles and since I’m a dumbfuck that has to reply to ever single critic I receive no matter how small, just wanted to say that in the original tags of the post I did say I didn’t mention Charles cuz I couldn’t come up with clear examples due to the fact I wrote this off the top of my head while tired. So please don’t think I ignored him especially bc he’s one of my fave characters

Bi culture is having a crush on the entire cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine like damn son how are they all so goddamn attractive I can’t watch without my eyes hurting because of how hot they all are and yes this also includes Hitchcock and Scully those handsome old devils