• Person: So, who's your favorite superhero?
  • Me: *shrugs* I dunno, it's a tie between all of Batman's kids I guess.
  • Person: Wait, Batman has kids???
  • Friends: Uh oh...
  • Person: What? What did I do??
  • Me: *starts smiling excitedly and shaking*
  • Friends: You shouldn't have done that!
  • *ground trembles and things start falling off the shelves*
  • Person: Wha-what's happening??
  • Me: *Takes a deep breath*
  • Friends: NOOOOOO!!!!!!
  • Me: *pulls out entire binders of notes and ten billion dollars worth of comic books* Have I ever told you about the Batfamily?
  • *world explodes from extreme levels of nerd*

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Damian sleeps on a bed of stuffed animals

“Hey demon are you–” Stephanie stops mid sentence as she sees him, “Oh my god. Oh my god Damian!”

“BROWN!” Damian sits straight up, trying to shove something– or rather, several somethings– behind his back, “I demand you leave my room at once! Get out!”

“Oh my god those are stuffed animals,” She completely ignores him, walking into the room with a giant grin on her face, “You sleep with stuffed animals.

“I do not!” He protests, continuing to try to hide them as Steph walks closer, “They aren’t mine, they’re Grayson’s. I would never have something so.. so childish and stupid… Now get out!”

“Right because Dick was the one I walked in on cuddling with them,” she smirks, plopping down beside him on the bed, careful not to sit on any.

Damian glares at her, cheeks red, “If you tell anyone about this I swear…”

“You’ll stab me?” she guesses, grinning and reaching a hand over to ruffle his hair, laughing a little when he bats it away.

“I mean it,” he insists, angry as ever.

“Of course you do,” she agrees, “So which is your favourite?”

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cass and steph get married and gain custody of batcow

“So now that you and my sister are– unfortunately– getting married… What do you want as a gift.”

“What can we have?” Steph asks, grinning a bit and not really phased by the whole ‘unfortunately’ thing.

“Anything you want, obviously.”

“Anything?” she asks, her voice that special fake innocent that has her fiance instantly looking over at her.

“-Tt- are you deaf as well as stupid, Brown?” he asks, crossing his arms and glaring at her, “Yes, anything. Now what do you want.”

Stephanie’s ‘innocent’ smile turns devious in an instant, “Batcow.”

“Absolutely not,” he snaps, glaring at her

“You said anything,” she points out, grinning

“I didn’t mean my cow!” he shouts, hands balled up into fists like he’s going to punch her. Knowing Damian it’s a distinct possibility.

“Don’t worry Damian,” Stephanie smiles, “We’ll let you visit on the weekends.”

“Cain!” Damian turns his fury on his sister, “Make her stop this at once!”

“You said anything,” Cass shrugs, “And I like the cow.”

“You don’t even need a cow! You have Brown!” He shouts, throwing his arms up in the air.

“Well that was rude,” Stephanie crosses her arms, pouting a little, “And I was about to change my mind, too.”


“Alright, alright,” Stephanie finally gives in, laughing, “We’re kidding. You can keep the cow… But only if


get to pick your suit, agreed?”“Fine.”And that my friends is the story of how Damian Wayne showed up to his sisters wedding in a suit of the most magnificent eggplant purple. But hey, he got to keep the cow.

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Fierce ladies.

Due to recent events, I lost a ton of inspiration and motivation. Thankfully, working on commissions and this fun series helped me get centered again and ready for whatever may come in the new week. Also, for anyone wondering, Barbara’s suit is based on the Young Justice one. SEASON 3 IS COMIIIING

This mostly wraps up the main set, but I maaaay have got some more on the way…


Jason needs some love

Based on [this]

(thank you for making that, and maybe some other artist has done this before but this is my first time making full color one huzzah!
also big thanks to @inkydandy for being such an inspiration in comics like this)

bonus :


AU in which Kara gets to hang out w/ her bff Stephanie Brown (Freya Mavor) a.k.a. Batgirl

She wears short skirts, I wear full body armour; she’s Supergirl, I’m Batgirl and you’re about to regret all that crime you just did.  (x)