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stephcass + 5, things you didn't say at all

They sit so close that their knees touch, legs dangling over the roof top. The city below is dangerous and foul, this they know. However the street lights shine, illuminating the dark pathways, and for a moment they can convince themselves that it is beautiful.

Steph’s eyes are just as bright as the lights below. Her golden hair is ruffled by the breeze, and she swings her legs childishly. Cass watches her with a small smile, hidden by the mask on her face.

“For once it’s almost a quiet night,” Stephanie observes. “Crazy, huh? I almost expect the world to end in a few seconds.” Her pink lips tilt into a smile, and Cass feels that this is much more gorgeous than any city could ever hope to be.

She grabs Steph’s hand, “we wouldn’t let it.“

“Damn right,” Steph responds, giggling quietly, and Cass’ heart rate picks up. And, oh.

After a few moments of silence pass, Steph questions, “what are you thinking?”

I love you, Cass thinks.

“Race you back to the cave?” She says.

Stephanie grins, and Cass feels that maybe if the world ended right this moment it wouldn’t be so bad, as long as this is the last thing she sees.

“You’re on,” Steph says.

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Jason needs some love

Based on [this]

(thank you for making that, and maybe some other artist has done this before but this is my first time making full color one huzzah!
also big thanks to @inkydandy for being such an inspiration in comics like this)

bonus :


The Dead Robin Club 2016: Stephanie Brown, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne

Artist: JBadgr


I drew this one last year, so why not do one for 2016? Grumpy teen!angst Dami is still grumpy as fuq. Hope you all enjoy! <33 Jess

Eh- eh– and none of this ‘technically derp derp didn’t die cuz canonical backtrack bullshit. They’re the dead robins club.Founding members. Membership card. Discount at local paper supply stores. 10% off gas. Member members.