you, a fucking fool: rosa diaz is straight and will marry adrian pimento

me, confident in the fact that stephanie beatriz said rosa was bi and reveling in the obvious fact that gina has a crush on rosa, praying wishing and hoping that we get an episode where rosa and gina confide in holt and kevin(their unofficial dads) respectively about their mutual crushes and holt and kevin struggling to keep it secret from each other eventually ending with a rosa and gina kiss: uH huh….


I would not say no to something action-y. I’ve always dreamed of doing stuff like this. I can remember wanting to be a cop on TV as a kid, not a real cop, a cop on TV. I’m in the middle of my dreams coming true. You could throw anything at me — “Do you wanna play this?” I’d be like, “Sure.” I love everything right now. It’s an amazing world.