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Yay! The War on Everyone US Blu-ray is out today! #AlexanderSkarsgard

There is only one extra (COME. ON.) but it is pretty good. There is a 7-minute feature called “Everyone Sounds Off” and it has cast interviews and behind-th-scenes footage with Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Peña, Tessa Thompson, Theo James, Malcolm Barrett, Stephanie Sigman, Paul Reiser and David Wilmot (surprisingly, no John Michael McDonagh). The extra has a wee bit more footage than previously shown in the UK version (but the UK version has way more extras, which I recommend if you can get it to play for you - Region 2).

This movie is wickedly funny! If you are an Alexander Skarsgård fan this film is a must-see, must have!

^my photo of the Blu-ray home page (they show video clips behind Alex & Michael Peña). 

Order on Amazon. It comes out in Australia on April 19 (video) and in Japan on June 2.

(#1-20) 100 reasons to watch John Michael McDonagh’s War on Everyone (2016) Part 1

Besides the fantastic cast (and the 16 reasons above and yes, I know Alexander Skarsgård is in there twice - he’s worth it) it’s also:

1. very funny - like, laugh-out-loud funny

2. it’s by John Michael McDonagh who wrote/directed Calvary & The Guard

3. it has the music of Glen Campbell (Glen!!!)

4. it’s coming out on Blu-ray/DVD next week!

Stay tuned for the rest* while we count down the days until the movie is available on Blu-ray/DVD in the US on April 11! (also available in Australia on April 19 and in Japan June 2)

*Hint: the “rest” is just 80 pics of Alex. Deal with it.😁

War on Everyone US release date - January 5, 2017*

from DelishSkarsgard: This hasn’t been officially confirmed, but a little bird told us the US release of the much anticipated film War on Everyone starring Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Peña will be on January 5, 2017. That’s the great news! The bad news is our source doesn’t think it will get a theatrical release, so no big screen! Mostly likely it will just go to VOD/Digital HD.

so just to sum up;

  • Daniel Bryan is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion
  • Paige is the Divas Champion
  • Bad News Barrett is back wrestling
  • Cesaro is a Paul Heyman Guy
  • The Wyatts are over as fuck
  • The SHIELD have turned on the Authority

I don’t know about anyone else, but that was the greatest RAW ever


Post RAW segment with The Wyatts, Cena, Shield, Wade Barrett, Stephanie, Triple H, and Adam Rose.

Here's what went down after Raw ended
  • The Wyatt’s returned to the ring. Bray had Cena’s shoe and tried to auction it off
  • “John Cena’s shoe” chant
  • Bray issues an open challenge
  • Out comes The Shield
  • The Shield and The Wyatts brawl. Eventually, Reigns spears Rowan and then they hit a triple powerbomb
  • The Shield leave and Bad News Barrett comes out to a massive pop
  • He says he has some BAD NEWS for Rowan and hits him with the Bullhammer
  • Cena gets up, says he has some BAD NEWS, jokes about getting Sister Abigail’d out of his shoes and says that the night belongs to Barrett and leaves
  • Barrett says he loves coming to England and he talks about Paige and Adrian Neville being the future
  • Stephanie McMahon comes out and puts on a bad English accent saying she has some BAD NEWS
  • Stephanie says the show is over and Barrett needs to leave
  • They argue and Stephanie has all the power cut and leaves
  • The power comes back but whenever Barrett tries to speak he gets cut off
  • He says Stephanie can kiss his “English Arse”
  • Triple H comes out and puts on a bad English accent saying he has some BAD NEWS
  • Triple H makes fun of the fans. The fans respond by singing Adam Rose’s theme
  • Adam Rose comes out and joins Barrett in the ring
  • Triple H mocks the crowd for being unable to keep chants going
  • “YOU’RE A LEMON” chant and more Adam Rose theme music singing
  • “WHO ARE YA?” chant. Triple H looks confused
  • Barrett explains that chanting “WHO ARE YA?” implies that you are a nobody
  • Triple H says that if they won’t leave then he’ll make them leave
  • Triple H gets in the ring and BULLHAMMER FROM BARRETT!
  • The crowd goes crazy and Adam Rose’s music is played
  • Everyone sings
  • The end

Just came from seeing War on Everyone at #CCFF…Michael Peña was there before and after the movie. He was awesome and a really nice guy taking photos with fans and signing things.

The movie is hilarious. I cannot recall a movie theatre filled with so much laughter. It is so wonderful to see Alexander Skarsgård do comedy! He was so funny yet still incredibly stunning to see on screen.

Everyone was so good…Michael thinks it will be out in October. Please go see it and take anyone who has a funny bone…they won’t be disappointed!