stephanie and i are the best

i don’t do posts like this a lot but these are my sister and her friend (ignore my sister on the right). the two on the left got in a really bad car crash. my sister nady, in the middle, is okay but has really bad injuries. her friend on the left stephanie is in a coma and is in critical condition. she’s the sweetest, smartest, funniest person ever and she means so much to my sister. she’s her best friend. if you could think positive thoughts for stephanie it would mean a lot to me, my family, and her family❤️❤️

Now that they confirmed we’re having a third season of Young Justice, i’d like to point out a few things they need to do in the new season:

• Resurrection of Jason Todd
• Bring Wally West back
• Make Bluepulse canon
• Give Tim Drake more screentime
• Tell us how Tula died
• Make Jaime Reyes and Bart Allen boyfriends
• Make Miguel Barragan, Rachel Roth and Rose Wilson part of the team
• Introduce Cassandra Cain, Duke Thomas, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne
• Bring Wallace West back
• Make Bart Allen, Cassie Sandsmark and Tim Drake best friends
• Did i mention make Bluepulse canon?
• How about bringing Wallace Rudolph West back to life

Stephanie Brown: *exists*

Steph’s Father: *is a criminal and an asshole*

Steph: *with no imput from Batman & co* …I’m gonna fight crime.

Robin: *tells her to stop fighting crime*

Steph: *keeps fighting crime*

Steph: *gets pregnant, has a baby*

Steph: *does what she thinks is best for the baby, then goes back to fighting crime*

Batman: *promotes her, then tells her she’s not good enough to fight crime and is going to stop*

Steph: *is sad, keeps fighting crime*

Steph: *starts a gang war by accident, dies*

Steph: *comes back to life, keeps fighting crime*

Robin: *tells her to stop fighting crime again, this time very strongly and in no uncertain terms*

Steph: *promotes herself to Batgirl, keeps fighting crime*

Entire Batfamily: *strongly disproves of and complains about Steph fighting crime*

Steph: *wins them over, keeps fighting crime*

DC: *erases Steph and her past from the universe*

Steph: *……..comes back, keeps fighting crime*


i love baby rotten and i can’t believe i haven’t drawn her yet. i imagine her social skills are pretty much on par with azula’s

feat. stephanie in a tuxedo because yes

i’m dying @ the mental image of sportacus and robbie’s wedding, where stephanie and trixie are flower girls, pixel and ziggy are best men (even though they can’t technically be legal witnesses but try telling two children that) and, against all logic and better judgement, stingy is the ringbearer

which leads to, at the Big Moment when they’re supposed to exchange rings, stingy just goes “these rings are mine!!!”

robbie literally facepalms while sportacus has to be the responsible one, crouch down and explain to stingy that these are wedding rings, he can’t have them if he has no one to marry, and can we please have them back so we can married properly now? 

I don’t get lazytown fans who don’t like Chloe Lang as Stephanie??? The production values of the show got so much better when she joined/they start treating robbie more like a friend and hanging out with him more/the Stephanie Trixie thing got even more obviously gay ? Like revival lazytown was so good how can y'all shit on it and say season 1&2 were better? Honestly Julianna’s Stephanie is great because she’s snarky but she’s also kinda annoying like Chloe’s Stephanie is just like sweet friendo who wants everyone to try their best and have fun

Based off of an anon message sent to
@seidurstown I’m on mobile so I can’t link it, but it should be fairly recent-as if rn- on their blog

Sportacus was reasonable sure that his 9 year old daughter’s best friend hates him. Normally it would not bother him that much- Ella Rotten was only 10 years old, and he was an adult. Plus he was well aware that you can’t be liked by everyone- but the problem was who little Ella’s parent was.

Robbie Rotten. The amazingly well dressed man lived alone with his daughter only two houses down from Sportacus and his daughter Stephanie’s new home, and Sportacus was smitten the moment he saw the other man peaking throughout his window as Sportacus unpacked with Stephanie and the moving men.

Sportacus would be fine with Robbie just being a nice addition to the neighborhood, a lovely face to look at now and again and never talk to- and it did seem like it was going to be like that- until Stephanie came home one day and said how she needed to learn sign language, as her new friend was mute.

And. Well.

Now Robbie Rotten has been a solid in his life for the past 4 months, the two girls having a variety of sleepovers, movie nights, lunch, and park days meaning that Sportacus knew Robbie now.

He knew that Robbie was an designer, but ‘dabbled’ with inventions, how he adopted Ella when she was a few months, how he snorted when he laughed, that he would never leave his house without at least eyeliner, that he loved baking but didn’t know how to cook.

Sportacus was falling in love with Robbie and the only problem was his daughter.

Ella would glare at them when ever she saw the two men talking. Tiny hands on hip, a pout on face, glaring.

Sportacus didn’t know what he did that made her hate him so much. He was nice to her, and tried to joke with her when she was over his house, just like he does with Stephanie. And when it’s just the three of them, she even seemed to like Sportacus!

But. She glared every time he was with her father.

Like right now.

Sportacus was in the midst of telling Robbie about his old career of aerobics, after Robbie came over to pick up Ella, who was glaring from the other room, as Stephanie sat smiling. She was, admittedly, a very intimidating 10 year old.

Perhaps Robbie seemed to notice this, because once Sportacus ended his story, he seemed to get nervous.

“Hey, Sportadork-” Sportacus smiled weakly at the ever growing list of nicknames. “Um, I was wondering, if-” Robbie took a deep breath, Sportacus looking on with concern.


“Would you like to go…outonadatewitgme?” Robbie said this quickly, looking like he might throw up from nerves. Sportacus blinked, and in his surprise, he didn’t notice Ella stopping her glare and high fiving Steph.

“A date?” Sportacus repeated, not giving Robbie enough time to respond before grinning happily. “I would love to, Robbie! But,” Sportacus glanced at where Ella and Stephanie was, but now the two girls were finishing their puzzle. “Would your daughter be okay with that? I don’t want to upset her.”

Robbie, who regained his color when Sportacus said yes, looked puzzled. “What? Why would she be upset?”

“She hates me!” Sportacus whispered. “She glares at me whenever we talk!”

Robbie laughed. Usually Sportacus loved the sound, but right now he felt like he was missing something, so he could not properly enjoy it.


“She was glaring at me! She’s been begging me to ask you out for over a month now.”

“Really?” Sportacus smiled lightly. “Wow.” Sportacus’ chest felt warm. How sweet of Ella.

Robbie rolled his eyes, shaking his head lightly. “So, is that a yes?”

“Yes? Oh! Yes, of course.” Sportacus grabbed Robbie’s hand excitedly, grinning. “When did you have in mind?”

  • Dick: What
  • Tim: The
  • Stephanie: Hell
  • Cass: .....
  • Damian: *hugging Jason after receiving amazing art supplies from him*
  • Jason: *smug as fuck smirk* I guess now we know who the best sibling is~
  • what i say: I'm fine
  • what i mean: why would dc ever retcon Steph being Batgirl or Robin?? like it's so important to her character, proving herself and showing that she CAN be Robin and she WILL be and you can't take that away from her and honestly Steph being Robin should have been so groundbreaking and her as Batgirl she proved she can improve and grow and learn and she can be the best of the best and she was and--