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U.S. Names, Officialunitedstates Rankings


A: Sarah, Rachel, Heather, Victoria, Marie

B: Elizabeth, Jessica, Lisa, Kimberly, Michelle, Stephanie, Shirley, Angela, Emily, Nicole, Maria, Emma, Julie, Jacqueline, Hannah, Sara, Julia, Grace, Natalie, Virginia, Sofia

C: Jennifer, Susan, Karen, Ashley, Helen, Melissa, Deborah, Laura, Sharon, Amy, Anna, Brenda, Pamela, Catherine, Christine, Samantha, Debra, Carolyn, Diane, Christina, Kelly, Lauren, Megan, Alice, Ann, Olivia, Rose, Beverly, Amber, Danielle, Brittany, Tiffany, Kathy, Amanda, Cynthia

D:  Mary, Margaret, Betty, Sandra, Carol, Rebecca, Kathleen, Ruth, Katherine, Evelyn, Martha, Cheryl, Jean, Gloria, Teresa, Janice, Theresa, Denise, Marilyn, Madison, Diana, Abigail, Lori

F: Patricia, Linda, Barbara, Nancy, Dorothy, Donna, Janet, Joyce, Joan, Judith, Andrea, Judy, Jane

F-: Frances, Doris, Kathryn, Mildred


A: Christopher, George, Vincent

B: James, Michael, Charles, Daniel, Jason, Jeffrey, Jonathan, Frank, Jack, Aaron, Jose, Zachary, Nathan, Jesse

C: Robert, William, David, Joseph, Thomas, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Christian, Paul, Steven, Joshua, Timothy, Ryan, Jacob, Justin, Brandon, Gregory, Samuel, Benjamin, Alexander, Tyler, Henry, Peter, Kyle, Joe, Ethan, Bryan, Dylan, Alan, Juan, Noah, Phillip, Gabriel, Johnny, Louis

D: Richard, Anthony, Andrew, Brian, Kevin, Gary, Nicholas, Eric, Stephen, Jerry, Douglas, Adam, Carl, Jeremy, Sean, Austin, Bruce, Jordan, Wayne, Russell, Bobby, Howard

F: Donald, Kenneth, Edward, Ronald, Larry, Scott, Patrick, Dennis, Walter, Arthur, Gerald, Roger, Keith, Albert, Willie, Billy, Roy, Eugene, Harry, Randy

F-: Raymond, Harold, Lawrence, Terry, Ralph


💪Nikki proved that women can be strong💪

so when makeup revolution released the shade and light Kat Von D dupe, stephanie nicole backed up Kat Von D when she got angry about it. she said it was too similar and they stole her idea, fair enough. however when people said “Kat Von D products are expensive, some people can’t afford the real thing” stephanie replied “makeup isn’t a god given right nor a necessity” ……why do rich people not want poor people to have fun? when we want to have nice things or do something fun people tell us we are expecting too much because “it isn’t a necessity”. why are poor people allowed to survive but not allowed to live.
Instagram Has Been Waiting For This Very Palette For a Year Plus
By Devon Abelman

Founded by West African Chichi Eburu, Juvia’s Place creates eye shadow palettes inspired by Africa.

Their The Nubian and The Nubian 2 palettes, in particular, pay homage to the OG queen of beauty, Nefertiti, with her image on the cover and a combo of lush metallic and matte shades.

Beauty vloggers like Jackie Aina, Stephanie Nicole, and Bretman Rock have raved about the shadows’s creamy, butter-like texture that doesn’t leave any crumbly fall out under the eyes. Also, the color payoff is insane.

They are so intensely pigmented and opaque that they look pretty much the same on all skin-tones.


the Emerald City Tour - Elphabas

Stephanie J. Block, Eden Espinosa, Julia Murney, Shoshana Bean, Victoria Matlock, Carmen Cusack, Donna Vivino, Jackie Burns, Dee Roscioli, Mamie Parris, Nicole Parker, Alison Luff, Emma Hunton and Jennifer DiNoia.


Some of the actresses of colour suggested by my mutuals for Jyn Erso, following the reveal that there are no WOC in the Rogue One cast. The Star Wars film franchise as a whole so far has been a majority white driven franchise and it needs more actresses of colour in non-CGI main roles.

Zawe Ashton
Sofia Boutella
Doona Bae
Fo Porter
Yasmine Al Massri
Julia Jones
Stephanie Beatriz
Nicole Beharie


The Quiet John Cena Reaction😂😂😂😂

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You don't have to respond to this but I just wanted to say thank you so much for your skincare tips!! I'm just starting to get interested in taking better care of my skin and you are so so helpful. You're like my skincare guru.

Hello thank you so much!!! I would recommend checking out Stephanie Nicole’s YouTube channel. She’s very knowledgable on the science of skincare! It’s fascinating stuff