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Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling
[March 16th, 2015]

“Don’t get me wrong… a lot of wrestling… sucks. But, when it’s good? It’s fucking GREAT.”

In only 24 hours, this video has gotten over a half a million views on YouTube, and for good reason. Max Landis’ Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling is a fan’s story on the evolution of Triple H (albeit, slightly inaccurate), told along with a parody video featuring women actors as the guys, and vice versa. It’s astonishingly well-done, and worth watching, even though you’ll be like “24 minutes? Yeah right!” Trust me, it’s awesome.

It also features a TON of great cameos, including Joey Ryan, Johnny Mundo, Macaulay Culkin, Seth Green, Cryme Tyme, Haley Joel Osment, Drake Bell, Colt Cabana, and stars the impeccable Chloe Dykstra as Triple H. Trust me when I say, this is WELL worth the watch. The summation at the end will touch your heart, as a wrestling fan, because it totally nails why we all love it.

Tagged by @feroluce​, thank you! I also included a sketch I started doing for an espersona since I haven’t finished… I’m not very good at drawing myself :’D

Name: Stephanie 
Nicknames: Steph (most people), Auro (online), Stephie (family), Little one (my Dad) and Possum (my Mum)
Zodiac sign: Aquarius/Horse
Height: Somewhere between 154 and 158cm… I’m not sure anymore I tried measuring myself but wasn’t very successful
Orientation: Bi
Ethnicity: Australian, English/Irish background
Fav fruit: Apples, Pears, Strawberries, Melons… I like most fruit hahaha
Fav season: Autumn. I love when the weather starts to cool and the colours start to change, when it rains and the sky is overcast. It’s a nice time.
Fav book: The Bartimaeus Trilogy is a long time favourite.
Fav flower: Lavender
Fav scent: Wood and Smoke
Fav Color: I love colours, I can’t pick a favourite. If it’s bright, I’ll like it.
Fav animal: Bees
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Oh god, all of them. Coffee in the morning, tea during the day, hot cocoa at night.
Sleep hours: I usually go to bed around midnight and get up at 7:30am… on average.
Cat or dog: I like both just fine, but prefer dogs.
Fav fictional character: All the esper kids. All of them.
Dream trip: Travelling the whole world. I have two of my dreams coming up for sure, Japan and going back to France!
When did I make this blog: 2010… I think
Number of followers: 4423 currently

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so when makeup revolution released the shade and light Kat Von D dupe, stephanie nicole backed up Kat Von D when she got angry about it. she said it was too similar and they stole her idea, fair enough. however when people said “Kat Von D products are expensive, some people can’t afford the real thing” stephanie replied “makeup isn’t a god given right nor a necessity” ……why do rich people not want poor people to have fun? when we want to have nice things or do something fun people tell us we are expecting too much because “it isn’t a necessity”. why are poor people allowed to survive but not allowed to live.


Kane delivers a Tombstone Piledriver to Tori
[February 10th, 2000]

In the conclusion of a Handicap Match between Kane and D-Generation X members Triple H and X-Pac, “The Big Red Machine” goes absolutely nuts and shows why you don’t anger the monster. After losing his love, Tori, to his former tag team partner-turned-enemy X-Pac, Kane unleashed a fury within that caused a lot of problems for D-Generation X. When Kane proved he could stand his ground even with the odds stacked against him, Tori would get involved and would pay dearly for her crimes against her former lover.

This segment was so hot. The crowd is super into it and the timing of everything is just right. Kane was one of the company’s biggest attractions

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Could you please make a continuation to the flower shop/tattoo shop au?

‘Are flowers too much?’ Matt wondered. Flowers were a constant in his life. Matthew could tell people the meanings of different flowers, he knew each colours significants by heart. The subtle differences between shades and arrangements, the way a bouquet could tell a story and create a map of intentions of feelings. The infinite details when it came to arrangements were a language most didn’t speak, but to Matt it was like a song he knew the words to without consciously memorizing the lyrics and melody. They were a source of calm in his unexpectedly stressful and sudden romantic life.

He’d (foolishly) thought his stress would end when he’d marched over to the tattoo parlour across the street with a self created head of steam meant to deafen the screaming panicked doubts in his head and asked Stephanie out. He’d thought his fears would settle after she smiled that earth shattering smile of hers and said yes, she’d like that very much. He’d thought with a time (that night) and place (she’d given him her address and he’d suggested going to see some new release), life would relax and he’d be able to experience peace for the first time since Stephanie had moved her business to across the street.

His stress did not end.

If anything, it doubled.

The particular brand of horror Matthew experienced upon opening his closet and realizing he didn’t own a single thing that wasn’t 1. Something you’d see a farmer wearing, or 2. Something you’d see a dad at a barbecue wearing, was nearly enough to send him spiralling in despair towards the phone in order to cancel the date. But he stopped and thought of how disappointed she’d be and how he really didn’t want to spent another night alone with the cat and a bottle of Diet Coke. So he pulled himself up by his bootstraps (metaphorical of course, rainboots were not the best for dates), and managed to pull together some dad jeans and a plaid button down that didn’t look too much like something out of Brokeback Mountain.

The main benefit to both living over the flower shop and owning said shop was the free flowers, narrowly beating out being able to open at 9 and not a damn minute earlier. Matthew had been eyeing a particularly lovely half dozen blue violets all day (violets meant love, while blue was symbolic of hope and inspiration), and had been halfway out the door with them when he stopped mid whistle. ‘Are flowers too much?’ He thought suddenly; on other dates, he hadn’t thought twice. Flowers were a staple of romance in his book. 'But would it look dumb if I brought flowers? Is that like me bringing my work on a date? Will I look boring? Steph’s heard me talk about flowers, what if love and hope is too direct? Fuck what flowers do I bring?’

Logically, Matt knew he was being stupid. Emotionally, he was prepared to completely trash his store to find the perfect flowers. “Fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck….” He whispered frantically. The pale lilies? Too funeral home. What about the pink mums? Mother’s Day called. Red roses? On a first date? The fear was making his hands itch around the violets, Matthew was vaguely aware he was sweating heavily and starting to panic. And then, something caught his eye.

'I don’t know why, I just love white roses. They’re so pretty, I actually have a tattoo of one blooming on my back. Matthew, what do white roses mean?’ Stephanie’s voice somehow came through, a carefully catalogued memory pulling itself out and catching Matthew’s attention as he looked at the three dozen white roses tucked neatly beside the red and pink and yellow ones. “I’m a dumbass.” Matt sighed.

Carefully, he placed the violets back and pulled out 12 white roses. It was almost like a memory how perfectly he wrapped them, it was almost like fate how right they looked delicately peeking out of the pale green paper he remembered Stephanie mentioning was pretty. For a second, the panic faded and he could imagine that smile she’s give him when he handed her the flowers. Vaguely Matt remembered reading somewhere that white roses were traditional wedding flowers and had stood for love before being replaced by red roses, he remembered how Steph had smiled when he told her that. 'Its exactly what Stephanie would love.’ Matthew thought. 'It’s perfect.’