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The Batfamily @ Thanksgiving

-Alfred has the process of making food down to a science but still everyone questions everything he does.

-“Why are you putting oregano in the potatoes?!”

-And Alfred has to explain that he literally makes everything the same as he always does, like, nothing’s changed in the god knows how many years he’s been cooking.

-It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without at least a small food fight.

-Dinner is full of “Pass the turkey.”, “What’s the magic worrddd?”, mainly from Dick.

-Jason wanted to use one of Damian’s turkeys for dinner and they almost had Jason as a turkey instead.

-Bruce finally explained that Alfred already bought a turkey and it was not from the collection of turkeys Damian was trying to “save from the purgatory of another capitalistic holiday.”

-It’s the one holiday where the Wayne family doesn’t throw a big shindig, but they do have to make an appearance at Gotham’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

-Dick convinced enough of them a couple years ago that they should just make a float, and they did.

-So now they make a little float, usually with a theme.

-The first year they couldn’t agree on one theme so they ended up all dressed as something different.

-Cass gets to carve the turkey because she always does it so perfectly, everyone is amazed at how even the slices are and how perfectly thin/thick they are.

-Though Damian is convinced he can carve a turkey with even more precision.

-Tim gets almost as roasted as the turkey for liking the dark meat, though they all eat some of it.

-If alcohol is opened it turns a whole lot more interesting.

-Jason and Stephanie will get TOASTED off of wine.

-Barbara is usually the one to open the first bottle of wine because she knows she can handle it and not have 12 glasses, but everyone else seems to get their hands on the bottle.

-Bruce on the other hand just goes straight to his secret stash of whiskey.

-After dinner and before dessert they help with dishes so there’s not a lot of cleanup later or the next day.

-Tim always bakes a mean lemon meringue pie, but only because he’s blackmailed to. He doesn’t really care for cooking.

-Stephanie on the other hand will have already baked at least a half of a dozen pies before someone has to tell her that’s enough and she should stop.

-After dessert is done and everyone pitches in with dishes and cleanup they break out the board games.

-In more recent Thanksgivings their preferred game is Cards Against Humanity, which Bruce usually wins.

-No matter how much they’ve been fighting recently, or even that day, they all sit down together and watch the Charlie Brown special before whoever needs to patrol goes out.


Avengers AU (1/?) : Stephanie Rogers becomes Captain America

After Stephanie was transformed from scrawny, homely nobody into super soldier, the best use they could come up for her was prancing showgirl, carted from one state to another, to drum up support for the war effort by playing damsel. But after her best friend is captured by the enemy during an intelligence mission, Stephanie freshens her lipstick, hangs up those leotards and dons the iconic shield that would forever mark her in history as Captain America: the Star Spangled Gal With A Plan!


Lemon Tart 2: Redemption was a great success!

As you may recall, last time I tried to make lemon tart it was an unmitigated disaster.  Well, I made several changes this time around.  Used a completely different recipe - Stephanie Alexander’s recipe, to be exact, as recommended by a friend who’d actually used it before - and went with frozen shortcrust pastry instead of making my own.  I thought it would be less depressing if this attempt was as much of a disaster as last time if I hadn’t spent ages carefully making the crust as well as all the rest.  Frozen pastry is often tougher than homemade, and this is no exception, plus my blind baking still needs work, but the crust is perfectly edible.

I left off trimming the pastry until after I’d blind baked it, because I read that as a tip for fighting shrinkage, and it worked!  The crust shrank a little when I baked it with the filling in (which just kind of shows it was underdone on the blind bake) but only slightly, and there was enough room for all the filling in the crust!  Yay!

The actual lemon filling is gorgeous.  It’s just lemons (juice and zest), eggs, sugar and cream, that’s it.  And it’s SO GOOD.  It baked evenly without puffing up or browning (I suspect my oven was too hot last time) and has set to a lovely creamy, wobbly consistency.  It’s gloriously lemony and not too sweet, but not quite eye-wateringly tart either.  And so pretty!

I was impatient and cut a slice while it was still warm, so I can only imagine how good it will be once it’s chilled properly.  And lemon tart is one of my favourites, so it’s nice to know I can actually make one after all!  It’ll be even better with a sweet homemade shortcrust, next time.