stephane yelle

Chapter 7~ For There Would Soon Be A Third

  The Roaring Twenties.

   An era of partying, wealth, and growth. World War 1 was put to end, the economy boomed, and jazz bloomed. It was a big change in culture, especially for the dolls.

   It was Stephan’s 28th birthday, and he was growing up. He grew a hard shell over himself for his tragedies in the past. He refused to think or speak of it, and was very “down to the point” as they say. His personality was also another thing that had grown exponentially. Others grew to call him silly, nonsensical names such as: “blundering scoundrel”, “arfarfanarf”, and “Spring”. Our dear Stephan had also grown troubled unfortunately. Throwing childish tantrums over nothing at all and springing into one behavior extremity to the next.

 Well in reality,

 He was a real hothead.

   However one thing that had not changed, was his and Foxy’s strong friendship, at least to our dear Ffionn. Stephan on the other hand I’m not quite so sure. Deep down I’m certain he has a heart though.

   Foxy gobbled spoonfuls of a divine pudding as dessert commenced at the dining room table where four presents lay. He had grown to be a cunning, and cheerful fox while the others I guess you could say, were boring, grey degenerates always hiding or not saying much at all. Foxy practically had the whole dollhouse to himself at times.

 "My goodness-“ started Foxy. ”a mighty fine dish this has turn out to be!”

 "No speaking with your mouth full at the dining room table-“ Started Marinella. She paused looking down somberly at her feet. ”…it’s rude..“ Foxy slumped back pouting as his older sister always seemed to scold him about nothing at all. It’s not like she was their mother. Why should he listen to her? So what if he talked while feasting. He wasn’t doing any harm, correct? He was tired of manners and etiquette. Why, the last thing he’d want is to be put in a suit.

  “My apologies, dear sister-” snapped Foxy. The ruby rose gleamed as Marinella narrowed her eyes at the younger fox.

 "Shall we open presents now?“ Said Foxy clapping his hands together. Marinella rolled her eyes as she barked out:

 "That’s for Stephan to decide.”

  The two foxes slowly turned toward the bunny waiting for a reply. Stephan sat back in his chair slouching holding out a smoldering cigarette. Marinella hadn’t bothered to correct his etiquette any longer due to her lack of care. For he was nothing but a nasty, incompetent louse.  

 “Fine, as you wish.” Sighed Stephan. He tiredly reached over to a cube hidden by a thin paper with muted colors and bows. Tearing it apart he opened a new feather pen, a satchel holding a few shillings, and two muted colored flannels which he deemed ugly and were simply atrocious to him. Tossing it all to the side ungratefully, he muttered a quick “thank you” and walked off to his room. Foxy’s ears fell as the bunny walked by. He quietly scurried up the stairs after him before having a door slammed in his face.

 "Aww come on Steph old pal,“ started Foxy. “I haveth one more gift for you.”

 "Don’t- call me that” snapped the bunny from the other side of the door. He was shaking with anger clenching his fists as his ear twitched. Foxy ignored Stephan’s hostility and continued to ask for his presence. Stephan angrily tore the door open with a frown that hung completely upside down.

 "Good heavens..“ Started Foxy catching a glimpse of the bunny’s face. His grey, bloodshot eyes twitched wanting to just be left alone. A smirk suddenly grew on Foxy’s face as he reached out grabbing the bunny’s mouth.

 "Let us turn that frown upside down!” He cheered pulling the corners of Stephan’s mouth up. The bunny cringed wanting to retch at the fox’s stupidity.

 "Stop this tomfoolery at once you mutt!“ Yelled Stephan shoving the fox away. Foxy leaned down in slight shame but jumped back up at his friend waving a small box in his face.

 "What in tarnation is that-” sneered Stephan. A smile beamed across Foxy’s face as he chirped:

 "Your present!“

   Stephan rolled his eyes holding out a hand for the fox to put it in. He studied the box carefully looking at every square inch until finally beginning to carefully tear the paper back. As more of the wrapping paper was torn away, a burgundy colored box appeared that seemed to have something in it. The bunny shook it trying to figure out what it might be. The bunny’s nose twitched in disgust as he opened the box to reveal several fancy chocolates wrapped in detailed, colorful wrappers.

 "It’s uh..” He started. “very nice-”

 "I think you’ll like them!“ Beamed the fox. “I picked them out by hand special for you.” He smiled brightly at the bunny while in return eyes rolled at the ceiling in annoyance. Stephan pouted as he pushed the fox out slamming and locking the door.

 "Come on Steph, jus-“

 "DON’T CALL ME THAT” Yelled the bunny furiously. He threw the box in a waste bin carelessly walking to his bed falling face first into the sheets. Foxy almost knocked on the door calling Stephan again, but instead walked off silently as his ears drooped towards the floor.

 "Stupid mutt-“ muttered Stephan under his breath lighting another cigarette.

 "This has got to be the worst birthday yet.” He whined out. 

  “Not that any of the previous ones were good before-” He turned towards the door with tired eyes and looked at the waste basket. Feeling slightly guilty, he stood making his way towards it taking the fox’s gift to him out. Sitting back on the bed, he took one of the fancy chocolates and carefully unwrapped the fancy and detailed paper off of it.

 Looking around cautiously, he carefully popped the chocolate into his mouth. As it melted on his tongue, sweet caramel and cacao sensations filled him. He savored the taste before it melted away forever before quickly shoving another into his mouth. He curled his toes at the taste and clenched the bedsheets as he ate each chocolate one by one.

 However, Stephan was a hard bunny to please and his short moment of "happiness” was soon cut short.

   His brow furrowed once again as he found the box to be now uhm…empty. Whilst tossing it on the ground, he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his collar falling asleep.

 As the weeks passed the days progressed as their usual, boring selves. Nothing exciting ever happened it was always the same boring and dull routine each day. But all of that was soon to change.

  Jazz blues played quietly as an ambiance on an old phonograph as the dolls ate their dinner tiredly on a blustery November evening. Each of them had a straight or tired face as they took slow, somber bites of lamb and salad sprinkled with tiny avocados and a side of mashed potatoes. Foxy wasn’t very fond of lamb, salad, or avocados..but the mashed potatoes were far from absent on his plate. He found entertainment by watching each of the dolls’ faces as they ate snickering quietly to himself.

 The large table was silent besides the occasional scraping of utensils on chinaware. Frederick Von Denton. The world’s biggest smart aleck, turned his head to see what in blazing tomfoolery the fox could be staring and laughing at. His English accent thick with annoyance as he sneered:

 "What’re you laughing at you lil’ mutt- Do you think this is some kind of joke?“ Foxy’s smile dropped as the bear continued.

 "Do I have to get th’ ol trusty bleach out and pour it down your th-”

 "That will be quite enough boys–“ Interrupted Marinella sweating nervously. She straightened her necklace and continued eating while shooting occasional glares at Foxy. Stephan on the other hand wasn’t eating and instead smoking a cigarette.

 "Do you always have to be smoking that thing-?” snapped Marinella while lighting one of her own. Stephan rolled his eyes and put the cigarette out by smothering it into his dinner plate. Ashes covered the divine meal as a small trail of smoke trickled upwards.

 Stephan stood in his chair about to leave before he was interrupted once again.

 "Ahah- were you excused?” Sneered Marinella. Stephan fell back down to his chair in extreme annoyance as he muttered “May I please be excused”. As the elegant fox nodded her head Stephan bolted and ran for the stairs.

 "No running up the stairs.” Scolded the fox. Stephan grabbed his ears yanking them in utter frustration grinding his teeth.

 "Beastly witch-“ he snarled under his breath.  Before starting up the stairs he remembered something he needed of Foxy. It was a favor, and seeing what great of friends they are, why not ask him. Walking back towards the table, the bunny rested a hand on the fox’s shoulder. He slightly jumped not expecting his sudden presence. Stephan leaned his long, tall figure over to whisper in the fox’s ear:

 "Would you mind doing your old pal a quick favor?” He said smiling a half lidded smile. Foxy jumped again wondering what it might be.

 "Of course Steph!“ He beamed.

 "Don’t call me that.” Angrily replied the bunny as he pulled the fox up leading him somewhere.

 The small fox was led to a room below the first story beneath the floorboards. But it wasn’t just a room alone such as a basement, it was a whole new floor under the main one . It had a cold concrete floor and walls smelling of blood and rotting flesh and had an eerie feel. He could’ve sworn he heard flies buzzing in the distance as if something had died; but the fox brushed it off and kept following.

  The two suddenly came across a large metal table with lights above and strange scissor like objects surrounding it. Stephan signaled for the fox to stay back as he walked up to another table. He turned back towards the fox holding what seemed to be a bundle of cloth.

 As he got closer to the fox, he handed the bundle towards him. The fox took it looking puzzled.

   It was a gown.

   A patient gown.

 The tall bunny turned around slightly peeking over his shoulder as if saying: “Go ahead, put it on” then turned again to the opposite direction.

  Foxy timidly changed into the soft gown and tied the delicate ribbons behind his back. A cold draft blew through the room causing the fox to suddenly shiver. He jumped as he was suddenly picked up by Stephan and placed on the table. It was cold, and seemed to have a few bloodstains on it now that he looked closer. Reaching out a shaky paw, he took his tail wrapping it around him tightly slightly petting it, which was a nervous habit of his.
Stephan turned around to another table full of cupboards and such and began preparing something. The small fox tried to look but was just far away enough for it to be impossible.

  Stephan turned around to face Foxy staring into his eyes in an almost eerie manor. Foxy looked back up wondering why he was brought here. He assumed the favor was to tell Stephan a bedtime story again or stock him up with more chocolate caramels. Stephan slowly walked closer resting his hand on one of the fox’s arms feeling it for something. A cold chill waltzed down his spine as Stephan suddenly leaned close to the fox’s ear whispering.

 "You may not tell anyone of this.“ He whispered. "If you do-” he stopped thinking of a consequence. “I won’t be your ‘friend’ anymore.” The fox jumped in shock. Did he really mean it..? He didn’t want to lose his best friend; they’ve done everything together.

 The bunny gently grabbed ahold of Foxy’s arm once again obsessing over one spot where his humerus met the radius and ulna. He delicately traced his fingers in small circles pushing softly on the stuffing and muscle layer beneath.

   ‘It’s only Steph,’ Thought Foxy ’he can’t do anything to hurt me….N-not that he would anyways-

 "W-why did you bring me here..?“ Questioned the fox. Stephan suddenly stopped and stood there frozen. He then leaned back away from the fox before saying:

 "We’re….” He paused thinking. “We’re going to play a little game” the fox’s ears perked up as he wagged his tail.

  “Oooh what kind of game?” He said jumping excitedly.

 "We’re going to play doctor, just like when we were little..“ Replied Stephan. "Except now, we have better props and tools to make it almost lifelike.” He patted Foxy’s head like an owner to his dog.

  He turned back around to the table  for a second before turning back around holding a green serum in a syringe. The fox cocked his head to the side curiously as the bunny walked towards him.

 "This, will cure you of Influenza.“ He suddenly stabbed the needle into the cubital fossa. The fox froze in shock as tears welled up in his eyes. The bunny quickly grabbed another syringe whilst declaring:

 "And this,” he forcefully stabbed the other side of Foxy’s arm. “Will remedy you of Pertussis.” The fox held in his tears as Stephan grabbed a third and fourth syringe; both with green serums forcefully piercing both into each arm of the fox.

  “Pneumococcal disease
and measles.” He said with a half lidded smile. The fox whimpered slightly as Stephan continued to forcefully stab and yank out multiple syringes while naming various viruses and diseases. The fox rubbed his arms as the bunny prepared a final syringe caressing  it like a newly born baby.

  He walked over to the fox slowly holding it tightly. The fox looked up at him.

 "This,“ he started, his voice shaky. He took the fox’s wrist holding it out. He had slight tears welling up in his eyes as his lip began to tremble.

  "This-” he started again as a tear dropped down his face. He looked down as a stern look grew on his face forcing himself to snap out of it. He quickly jabbed one final syringe into the fox’s arm before saying:

 "Poliomyelitis” then taking off his head mirror slowly heading towards the door.

Stronger Despair of a Different Pain (Connor x Reader)


The sky held a dark blue hue that was patched with soft transparent clouds. I lit the signal fire and looked into the distance towards the ships near the harbor. They fired their cannons one by one, as was ordered. I quickly performed a leap of faith into the hay at the bottom of the tower. I jumped out of the wagon but the explosion of stone behind me by the cannon fire made my fall painful.
I stumbled to my feet and heard the ringing of a bell in the distance. My vision was blurred and I felt distorted. My legs struggled to keep me up as I had my hand on the wall of a building as I tried to get past the wreckage. My body was in severe pain but I managed to get through an open door to stay away from the guards that were rushing to the chaos.
As I was about to exit through the other side of the room, a cannon burst through the building and I was tossed into the clearing. I was now in even more pain, but I pushed to my feet. I was definitely in no condition to fight.
I made my way through a hole in the stone wall and into another clearing. I stumbled to a barrel to steady myself from falling.

I bared my teeth and yelled, “Where are you, Charles..?”
I hadn’t expected the voice of my father to be behind me..


I was helping Achilles get comfortable on his bed after he ate the soup that Diana made. He was struggling to move and I could see that it was almost his time. He was still very strong spirited though, anyone could see it in his eyes and how he spoke.

“Y/N, I need you to go to Connor. I know that it will be very dangerous and that Connor is able to do this on his own, but I believe that you must go to him. You two were trained equally and you are more than able to fight as he does. I am honored to have known you and him, and to have been able to see you two grow up together. You two are like my children, and I just hope that one day you will thank me for what you have learned..” He struggled for his breath, and I panicked.

“Ach.. Achilles. We have always been very thankful for what you have done for us. You are the best father I..I would’ve ever imagined. I don’t care if you could have been better, because you have done more than enough.. I-I thank you. Connor thanks you.. we love you..”
I felt a hot tear roll down my face as my voice weakened and cracked.

He smiled sadly, “Please, don’t cry. I couldn’t have raised better Assassins. I am happy to have lived long enough to see you and Connor fall in love, and use the skills I have given you to the fullest.. Please, promise me that you will go to him and help him.” He reached for my hand and I kissed the back of his cold and wrinkled palm. A tear dropped onto it, and I looked up to see his clouded eyes and his chest stopped moving.

I bit my lips and softly closed his eyes as I whispered ‘Rest in Peace’. I went downstairs, pulled on my robe and grabbed the weapons. I checked my hidden blades and stepped outside into the setting sun. I took a deep, shaking breath.. and went to New York.

The sky already turned into a soft dark blue as I made my way through the streets of New York. I saw people rushing about and I knew something happened that concerned Connor. I found Stephane and Duncan, two of the Assassins Connor and I have recruited.

“Y/N! Connor told us to keep control of the guards and help the ones who have been injured by the cannon fire!” Stephane yelled over the chaos of buildings being hit.

I nodded to them both, “You two are to continue helping the civilians with that, but you are to help me as well if I call for you. Understood?”
They nodded and I told them that I was to find Connor. “No matter what, you do not follow me unless I tell you to.” And with that I ran towards the cannon fire. As I kept blinking my eyes from the tears that clouded my vision, I hoped with all that I was that Ratonhnhaké:ton was okay.


With that one word, “Gone.” I charged at Connor with a punch and from that point on, every punch, every dodge of a weapon, every word that came from my mouth, was a blur.
As I was strangling Connor by the throat, gritting the words through my teeth, my fighting instinct clouding my mind, Connor was struggling against me. I should have stopped, I should have remembered that this was my own son I was hurting. But it was too late, I didn’t realize that my hidden blade unsheathed. It slipped into Connor’s throat and shock burst through my mind. My eyes widened and the one thing I could comprehend was the name we both whispered with sorrow. “Y/N..”


I couldn’t believe that I just felt the sudden burning pain in my neck, my father just stabbed me. My eyes widened when I realized that I was dying. I shouldn’t have stayed my blade. I shouldn’t have let the struggle of gasping for air stop me from saving myself. I should have stabbed him instead, I needed to, yet I didn’t. I just ruined everything. My eyes started to burn as the only thing my mind could think of was my love. My one and only. Y/N…

Her name slipped through as a whisper. Haytham knew it as well. He knew Y/N. She came with me to Valley Forge and was about to attack Haytham when he dropped from the ceiling. She didn’t care if he was dangerous, she stayed by my side every step of the way.
I wanted to marry her, even though we were Assassins. I wanted to keep her safe, I wanted to stay with her every moment I could. I needed to kill Charles Lee and my father if we were to be happy with no fear of the future. None of that would happen now.

He stumbled off of me as I pushed myself up and leaned against a barrel. He had shock painted all over his being.
I need to do this, I needed to tell him.

“You.. You have to tell Y/N that.. that I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I couldn’t..I couldn’t keep my promise to her. Please.. y-you have to tell her that I treasured every moment we had. T-That I wish I could do everything over again, and give her more. I love her more than anything.. I will always be with her, even when she cannot see me..” He opened his mouth as if to say something, his eyes turning into a pool that I never thought I would ever see. His hands were shaking, and I looked at the ground to avoid the boiling rage that could hinder my words. There was more..

“I need you to let her live.. Please. I don’t care what happens, but you must let her live…”

I saw his head bow and I grunted as the pain in my chest grew. It ached, it ached for her. I wanted to cry, cry for her and for our future that could never happen now. Achilles was right. Life is not a fairy tale. As much as I thought he could be wrong, as much as I believed in our future, I was the one who was wrong. Y/N and I always said ‘when’ instead of ‘if’. I wish that she could be here comforting me as I take my last breaths. At the same time, I would never want her to see me dying. At least I got that granted.

I could feel my heart slow little by little. As my life flashed before my eyes. From the memory of when I walked into my mothers arms for the first time, and the times she sang to me. The moment I played with my friends in the forest, and the look in my mothers eyes as she sent me away.. The moment I met Achilles, and the moment I met Y/N. The memories Y/N and I shared. The laughter, her laugh was the most beautiful sound to my ears. Her singing that rivaled with my mothers. Her beaming smile. The first kiss we shared and the many more we had since. The moment we made love and the feel of her heartbeat against mine. I treasured everything about her. I treasured her so dearly, because you never know when the last time you could show how much you love someone. The last thing that went through my mind before I turned my head to the side was the kiss we shared before I left to New York. She looked into my eyes with a sense of worry that I’ve never seen before. She looked as if she was about to break and cry. It was like she knew exactly what was going to happen. I told her that I was to be back before morning. I left her believing in that.

When I turned my head, I saw her. I thought I imagined it. But her face, once she turned the corner into the clearing, was full of terror.
When everything was fading, I felt a tear slide down my face as I breathed her name.
Everything faded, actually it brightened into white. and I saw a figure walk towards me. All I felt was warmth.. but what of Y/N?


I turned the corner of a wrecked wall, and I saw the one thing I dreaded. From my toes to my fingers and face, the blood just drained from my body. I felt as if I turned to stone… and that I would crumble at any moment. My throat closed up and all I could see was Connor. His dead body was on the ground and where his head lay was a pool of crimson. I didn’t realize that I was walking to him. I stopped and fell to my knees. I didn’t even have the ability to cry. All I could comprehend was that my nightmare came true. My mouth turned dry, and I couldn’t believe that his hands were cold. He always radiated warmth. When he was in bed with me, he would wrap his arms around me and pull me to his body. I was naturally cold, no matter if the fireplace was lit.

I was glad that his eyes were closed, even though I would never see his brown eyes again. I knew that I couldn’t bare his clouded, lifeless eyes staring into the distance. I didn’t know how I could do anything else but be drowned in speechlessness, but I turned my head slowly up and towards the man that killed his own son.

“Why..?” Barely a whisper dripped from my lips, that followed the first tear since I stopped running.
He couldn’t look at me… coward.

I stood and faced him. I felt my forehead tense and a scowl grow. I growled, “Why? You are his father, no matter if you are a Templar or not.”
I took a bold step towards him. “You killed your own flesh and blood.” I hissed through clenched teeth.
“How are you to live with that?” I took another step. I stopped about five brave feet away from him.
I felt the rage start to burn through my mind. Clouding everything that held me back. I fought it, but my voice failed.
“You! You were the one he thought could help stop the fuss. He hoped that reconciliation would be possible. He believed that you two could be real father and son after he made sure that no danger was to come.” Every word was spat at him with poison that I saw stung. I hoped that it stung deep. I also hoped that this was just a terribly vivid nightmare that once I leave, I would wake up in Connor’s arms.
My voice kept blaring at him until it turned into a whimper. My throat started to constrict and I felt as if I was about to just fall to my knees again and bawl my eyes out until I could never cry again in my life. I just stopped talking all together, bowed my head and slumped my shoulders. I slid my hood off and looked up to him.

Haytham had sorrow detailed all over his face. I saw a small tear escape one eye, and he bowed his head. His hat obscured his face.
He tilted his head up and opened his mouth. I didn’t have the energy to stop him, so I let him speak.

“Connor told me his last words, and they were meant for you..” His voice was the same tone as when Connor told him his mother died. It was still strong, but it was laced with sadness.
“He said that he is sorry that he couldn’t keep his promise. He..He treasured every moment you two shared. He wished that he could have done more for you.. he loved you so very much.. and that you were his everything.” He kept trying not to make eye contact with me. He tried to stay the composed noble man he believed he was. But everyone breaks. Every single person has breaking moments. This was one of his.

I actually looked down at Connor, hoping for some reason that he could have came back to life some how. I have no idea why I would think that because once someone dies, they can’t return. I imagined that those words were coming from Connor’s mouth instead. I could imagine his voice. It was so much nicer than Haytham’s. It was gentle and loving. It was like a lullaby every word he spoke. Even the power of his voice when he was stressed has something about it that was terrifying if you were the one that the words were being directed to. It made you respect him, and it made you feel safe knowing that if it came down to you being the one he was protecting with that powerful voice, that you were perfectly safe. He would do anything to keep someone safe and feel that they were safe. His ambition and protective nature were two of the countless things I loved.

“He also told me to let you live..” His voice faded and he just stood there. It felt like an eternity before I said the last words I spoke that evening.

“Haytham.. Leave.” I looked at him as he nodded and turned. I made sure that when I couldn’t see him anymore.. I broke.


As I left the clearing I felt the tear stain dry on my face. I felt excruciating remorse, and poor Y/N… She was I-I..I cannot even explain how shocked she looked. Here utter misery was flooding the atmosphere. Before I turned the corner of a building, I watched as she thought that I was gone completely, and she dropped to her knees on the spot. She choked out a small wail of anguish, I felt my chest and throat constrict. I couldn’t take any more of it and I turned and walked down the street.


I silently sobbed into my hands. I couldn’t stay strong any longer. Just like Haytham thought that he was a tough and unbreakable force, I believed that with everything I’ve been through since I was a child, I thought that showing sadness was a sign of weakness. I made sure no one could see me as I just shattered into millions of pieces. I felt as if my body wanted to just burst, it was aching and trembling so much.

It felt like forever until I ran out of tears and my head felt like it was going to explode at any moment. My legs shook as I struggled to stand up. I felt like I cried out my weight, and I staggered a bit before I regained my footing. I felt weightless but at the same time I felt as if my feet were going to be crushed by my body. I set my hand on my forehead and I winced as I felt the scorching skin. I felt like my heart moved up into my head and I could really feel it with my shaking hand. I slowly shuffled over to the barrel, then to the wall where I entered the clearing. I shouted as loud as I could, which was a raspy and pitiful wail. I called for Duncan and Stephane.
They ran to me as I called them, and Stephane gasped.

“Y/N! Mon Dieu! What has happened?” He gently held my forearms and I let out a silent sob again. I just started sobbing again, but no tears came as I buried my face into his shoulder and wrapped my arms tight around his shoulders. He hesitantly set his hands on my upper back and rubbed softly.
As I was crying into Stephane’s shoulder, Duncan apparently went to where I came out of the wall, and saw Connor.

I looked up at him as my dry sobs were fading, and he had a hand over his mouth. I saw his chest heave and I turned to Stephane.
He had the most worried and terrified look. He set his hands on his forehead and whispered, “Il ne peut pas être mort (He cannot be dead).”
I looked at Duncan and he bowed his head. We all looked like we have been destroyed, defeated.

“Y/N.. We need to take him out of the city.” His voice was hushed but clear. I nodded and in a low tone, ” I’ll take him home. Stephane, would you please come with me..?” I asked him, he nodded and set a hand on my shoulder. Duncan said he’ll go to get horses and wagon. Stephane and I went into the clearing and he let out a breath as he saw Connor on the ground, the red around his head.

Stephane looked at me and I just bit my lips. My eyes started to burn again as I looked down at my feet. He gently took me into his arms and I started shaking again. I felt a tear fall onto my face and I closed my eyes tight, I knew that he was crying as well.. I just didn’t have any tears left. I felt as if my legs would just buckle underneath me from the weight of my heart that I felt was being stomped on. My throat raw and throbbing. I didn’t even notice the sounds of the cannons and crashes. I didn’t notice them since I first came to this spot.

Duncan arrived with the horses and the covered wagon. It was small, which was what I expected. Duncan and Stephane walked solemnly to Connor and gently picked him up. I climbed into the wagon, they stepped up and set Connor onto the blankets next to me. Duncan said goodbye and that he’ll be praying for me. I thanked him and told him that he can come to the funeral if he wishes. He nodded and left. Stephane sat in front and grabbed the reins. I felt the wagon start moving and I laid down next to Connor.

I was facing the side where the skin on his neck wasn’t broken. I focused my tired eyes on his face, and saw a dried tear stain trailing from the corner of his closed eye down to the side of his head. I bit into my lip and set my hand on his cheek. I turned his head to face me, and he looked as if he was just sleeping. I stroked my thumb across his freckles, I tried not to focus on the iciness of his skin. My hand moved slightly down and stroked a finger against his closed lips that would never move again. I reached slowly and kissed his nose. I looked back at his lips.. He would have had an adorable, beaming smile when I do that. I smiled sadly and I felt my eyes burning, again.

I delicately kissed his lips, and kept them there. I tried to imagine him kissing me back. His hands gently holding my face. I tried, but failed.
I relaxed my lips but they were still touching his dry ones. I ran my fingers slowly through his hair after I untied it. I felt only a small bit of comfort from his still silky hair. His hood was the one that kept it from being soaked in his blood.
After what seemed like an hour, I stiffly sat up and piece by piece I took off his weapons. I took off his Tomahawk and hidden blade last. I set them all in the corner of the wagon and I slowly crawled to his chest. I rested my head on it, knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to feel or hear his heart. I bit my cheeks and dug my nose into his robe. I moved his arm to rest on top of my back. His hand limp on my shoulder. My throat was constricted, but I surprisingly started to hum the lullaby that he used to sing to me when I was distressed or when we were just cuddling in the afternoon.

“Stephane, could you please take us North, past the towns?” He said yes and I went back to remembering the times Connor would find me singing in the kitchen, or when I would catch him humming while he was tending to his weapons in the basement. He would blush and start to sing the song. Not only was his talking voice pleasant to listen to, but he had the most gentle singing voice, even though it was hushed because he was shy about it. He taught me the words and I taught him songs that I grew up with as well.

As I felt the wagon stop, I slowly got up and went to the front where Stephane was sitting. “Now we go off the trail and go up this hill. At the first few trees we leave the wagon and take the horses. You take Connor on one horse and follow me.”
He nodded and made the horses go up the hill. I went back to Connor and sat next to him. I gingerly set his head in my lap and raked my fingers through his hair starting at his forehead. I would do this for him when he was sick or suffering from a nightmare, reliving his mother’s or friend’s deaths. He would do the same for me, sometimes starting at the back of my neck, which felt heavenly. When he did that, he would rest his lips on my forehead.
I moved my fingers from his forehead, to behind his ears. I wanted to rake my fingers through his hair starting at the back of his neck, but I’d graze against his broken skin. I stayed with behind his ear and leaned over, resting my lips against his forehead. I looked up from his face, and saw that it was dawn.

Stephane stopped the wagon at a pile of boulders that were situated at the forest edge. Stephane got the horses and I helped him take Connor out of the wagon, after tying his hair. Stephane set his cleaver in the wagon, secured Connor on his horse, and picked up the reins. I did the same and lead him through the trees. Connor was the name that I heard most of my life. It was the only one that people could say. I was happy to pronounce Ratonhnhaké:ton, it rolled off my tongue smoothly. His eyes always twinkled with happiness when he heard me say his name. He loved both of his names. He tolerated his last name, Achilles told us of Ratonhnhaké:ton’s grandfather. How he was an Assassin. How he was a feared and respected Captain. He died when Haytham was a boy, before he knew what the Assassin’s were.

I saw the walls of the village and stopped the horse at the entrance. Stephane got off of the horse, but held the reins. He gave them to me, and I lead the way into the clearing. The villagers didn’t know why I was bringing in an unknown man and a horse with a blanketed bundle on it’s back. I walked over to the long house and I asked two of the men at the opening to help gently set the bundle inside. Stephane and the men carried it and set it at the feet of the confused Clanmother. I bit my lips.

“Clanmother.. I..I-I bring very depressing news.” She saw me start to break apart and helped me sit next to her. She held one of my hands in hers and I lifted the blanket with the other. She looked at his closed eyes and gasped silently. Her lips were parted and I heard hushed voices from the men.
The Clanmother spoke to them, and they stayed put. She held his cheek in her hand. I looked at her face as it became covered with heartache. Her eyes turned to my stomach, then to my (e/c) eyes. I saw a strange look in her eyes hidden underneath the pool of sadness. It was like she knew something I did not. I dismissed it.

She told me that she wanted to pray upon him and prepare for the ceremony. I nodded and left her with him. Stephane walked up to me and I hugged him, we were silent. He was the first one Ratonhnhaké:ton and I recuited. He was our most trusted friend. He knew how much I loved Ratonhnhaké:ton and he respected that. One day when Ratonhnhaké:ton and I had time, we talked with him. He told us about his life and he had girls here and there. He only preferred French, which was fortunate for Ratonhnhaké:ton and I. A few men tried to get my attention, but my one and only took care of them of course.

I sat with a few of the village woman who became my friends the first time Ratonhnhaké:ton brought me here. They tried to comfort me, and they happened to get me to eat a little food. After about an hour or so, Clanmother had the men bring out Ratonhnhaké:ton and his neck was stitched together. He was cleaned up and his robe was given to me, he was dressed in his native cloths. The ceremony had the Clanmother and elders give speeches and rituals of peace for his soul. Afterwards the Clanmother told me that she wanted me to take him back to our home. To where he lived and loved. He will forever have a place here at the village, as well as I do. She wished me well and sent me off with Stephane and Ratonhnhaké:ton.

I was back in the wagon with him in my arms. He looked more peaceful now, and I saw the stitches that were well done. Ratonhnhaké:ton smelled sweet, like honey and herbs. It was faint but soothing. It made my head feel a bit better, but my heart fell when I thought of the Homestead… The villagers there.. Faulkner and the crew.. Their broken hearts.

As we arrived at the manor, I got out of the wagon and went inside. Diana had her face in her hands and was sitting in the kitchen. Catherine was trying to comfort her. Father Timothy and Faulkner were there with the Lumberjacks. They saw me and Stephane walk in… and asked where Connor was.

“Raton- I..I-I mean Connor.. he.. is..” I couldn’t say it. Stephane set a hand on my shoulder. Their eyes widened and Catherine heard what I told them. She walked over, “He.. He’s gone, too?” Her voice was a whimper. I nodded and told them that we had him in the wagon. Faulkner and Stephane carried Connor inside. They laid him down next to Achilles on the bed. Two loved ones who meant the world to me, their skin cold, their eyes forever closed. Faulkner talked to me along with Father Tim. I told them of the ceremony that was held for him at his home village. Connor always told me that wherever I am, it was home for him. His main priorities were for me to be happy and protected, and for his people and friends to be as well.

Later in the day, Connor was buried with Achilles. Achilles next to his wife on one side, and Ratonhnhaké:ton on the other, next to Connor Davenport. Ratonhnhaké:ton was considered Achilles’ son as well, he raised him from a boy into a man. I was considered his daughter, raised side by side with him. They were the only family I really knew, my family before them died when I was young. I still hold memories of them however few they are, as I hold countless memories of these two. Faulkner is like an Uncle to me, so I guess he’s really the only family I have left. I told him this, and he told me that he isn’t the only one. Everyone on the Homestead is my family, Stephane is family, the dog from the stables, even the clan is my family. I felt a little better and as the sun decided to set for the first time without Connor, the second time without Achilles, I said goodbye to everyone. Stephane wished me well as he left with the wagon. Before he did, he and Faulkner helped me bring in Connor’s weapons.

Prudence, who was like a sister, Corine who was a mother figure, all the woman wanted to tend to me. I thanked them, but I wanted to have as little attention as possible. It wasn’t necessarily true, it’s just that all the fuss over me was a bit stressing. Prudence understood me, and she stayed with me as everyone wished me well and left. I remember how the dog was whimpering and licking at Connor as we set him in the grave. Connor and I once had a sad conversation about when either of us went. He said that it wouldn’t be any time soon, that it would be when we were both old and gray, after we lived a peaceful life and our children had their own families. He said it would be long after we got married. He told me that he would want to be buried without a coffin, with the flowers that his mother has over her grave, and that he wanted me or our first child to keep his braid. His wish was granted. We covered his grave from his bare feet to his closed eyes and silky hair. I wrapped his braid in my handkerchief that my mother gave me when I was a child.

She and the dog sat with me at Connor’s grave until dusk, when I started to yawn. Connor would have chuckled because he always told me how I looked like a puppy when I did that. I sadly laughed as I thought of that and I told Prudence of it. She helped me up as we made our way into the house. We brought in the dog, who Connor and I named (D/N), and he followed us around. She made me tea and heated some soup for me. I barely ate or drank but all I wanted to do was go to bed and somehow try to sleep. I knew I would be once again drown in a ocean of mourning. She helped me upstairs and made sure I was okay. She told me that she would check on me in the morning and bring some of her bread. I thanked her and said goodnight. She sadly smiled, knowing that no one will be having a good night tonight.

(D/N) jumped onto the bed and curled up next to me. I watched the fire consume the logs in the fireplace. I was finally cuddling with someone with a heartbeat. A warm presence, but the atmosphere was chilling and empty. I started to hum and (D/N) nuzzled my face. I smiled and kissed the side of his muzzle. I pet him as he laid his head on my stomach. He’s kind of like a dog version of Connor. He loved (D/N), which is funny because Connor is an Irish name for ‘hound-lover’. They cuddled and played together so much. When Connor would go hunting in the forest on the Homestead, (D/N) would go with him. When Connor would be sick, (D/N) would sleep next to him, or lay on his legs, which Connor didn’t mind. When (D/N) would lay on my legs though, I would try and move him over because he would almost cut of the circulation in my feet after a while. I zoned out and started to remember the moments Connor and I had in peace before Achilles became sick a week ago.
I remembered how he so sweetly and lovingly asked me while in bed if we could make love the evening before Achilles took ill. He was blushing and acting like a small child that was asking his mother for something he wanted, but was too shy to ask because he didn’t know if she could afford it.
I forgot what I said, but I know that I agreed. From that moment every kiss and touch, every word whispered into each others ears were treasured and it felt like forever. We fell asleep in each others arms and I woke up at dawn to his lips on the back of my neck.

It felt like hours before I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
I woke up in the forest though. It was a beautiful day, and I heard a stream trickle next to me. I sat up and looked around. I saw a person leaning on a tree near by, and they were holding something. I focused on their face, and gasped. It was him. It was Connor..
I got up from the grass slowly and took a few steps forward. He looked up at me and I ran to him. I slowed down when I got close enough to see what he was holding.
It was a baby. It had thick and feathery dark brown hair, and it’s tiny hand was clutching Connor’s finger. I looked up into his brown eyes that I’ve always known. He looked into my (e/c) ones and smiled. I smiled and felt a tear slide down my face. He held the child with one arm and pulled me close to him with the other. I actually felt him. I felt him kiss me. I couldn’t believe it. How was this happening?
I held his face and he kissed my palm. I moved one hand through his hair and he smiled even wider. It was the same silky tresses that I raked my fingers through every night. I heard a small noise and looked down at the baby. I gingerly touched it’s hair, and found that it was silky soft.

“Who is this little one?” I whispered and stroked the child’s cheek.

“Our daughter.” He whispered back to me. My eyes widened and I felt Connor kiss my forehead. My heart skipped a beat when those words resonated inside my head. My eyebrows turned up in worry. I looked up at Connor, who had a fretful look on his face. He was worried just like I was. Just that moment, I saw a woman in the corner of my eye. We turned our heads to look at her, and I saw that she was standing next to Achilles. He looked younger..
Ratonhnhaké:ton smiled and told me that she was his mother. She walked up to us and smiled at me. I smiled back at her and her eyes twinkled with happiness. Ratonhnhaké:ton gently gave her our baby. She told me that while she is waiting to be welcomed into the world, she will care for her with Ratonhnhaké:ton. I nodded and thanked her sincerely. She nodded back and turned, walking into the forest. Achilles smiled and waved at us. And I quickly asked if I could go to him. Ratonhnhaké:ton told me to go ahead, and so I ran and hugged him like I never thought I would hug him, being that he was an old man when I was a child. He hugged me back and I let out a few tears.

“Y/N.. I’m so sorry that I sent you to him.” He looked at me sadly.

“No, don’t be. I was too late to save him..” Achilles cut me off.

“Y/N, no. Do not blame yourself for this. It was Haytham who was responsible. Even though Connor could have done something, it was Haytham who did it. But I am happy that you and Connor are to have a product of your love.” He smiled and kissed my forehead before turning and leaving into the trees.
I turned around and saw that Connor was walking to me. He pulled me to his chest gently, and kissed me. We pulled away slightly after a few moments.

“Y/N… I-I’m so sorry.” His voice was soft and weak with remorse. My eyes started to water, and I opened my mouth.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton.. My darling… How..? How am I going to raise her without you? It’s cold without you.. I don’t even know how I will sleep or do anything anymore. Let alone that, Lee and Haytham are still alive! How am I going to raise her knowing that. I-” I couldn’t say anything after that, I let my head fall to his shoulder in defeat. He was quietly shushing me, and raking his fingers through my hair starting from the back of my neck.

“It’s all my fault, Y/N. I didn’t kill him when I had the perfect moment to do it. I-I don’t want you to know this, but I think I need to tell you how it happened..” I nodded and he took a deep breath. Something I missed so much from him.
“Once I lit a signal for the ships to fire at the fort, I dropped from the tower. I was getting out of the hay, a cannonball hit the wall behind me and ruined my fall. I was in no condition to fight and when I got into the clearing, I looked around for Lee. Haytham was there instead and we fought. After a while he was making me weaker and was strangling me, his hands on my throat. I guess I was trying too much to pry him off of me to focus on stabbing him in the neck instead.” He sighed and he told me that he thought of me the whole entire time we were apart. From the moment he left the Homestead, to when he went into the light.
“I’m so sorry that I..I-I broke my promise to you. I never broke any other promises, but I still cannot forgive myself of this one..” His voice became a whisper and I saw his eyes water when I looked up. I held his face and kissed it slowly, his cheeks, his forehead, his nose. He let out that beautiful laugh that I will forever miss. I pulled back and he had that beaming smile that only I got to have the pleasure of knowing, along with his mother. We got lost in each others eyes for a moment, until I broke the silence.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton, how am I dreaming yet I feel you like you never died..?” He smiled and held my cheek. He kissed my nose.

“Sometimes spirits of loved ones can feel like they are a body. While you are dreaming, my spirit is with you. (D/N) sees my spirit with you two in the room, yet he knows there is no danger.” A smile grows across my face and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Good. Because if someone came into the manor, I would kill them when I wake up.” He laughed and said that (D/N) would never let anyone come into the house who wasn’t invited. I agreed, and asked him another question.
“So.. After I wake, will I be able to see your spirit?”

“Sometimes.. I don’t know for sure because I haven’t tried to make my spirit seen besides now. But.. you will still see me in dreams. Sometimes I might not be in them for a while though.” I nodded and remembered how he told me of his dreams with his mother. They were rare, but he had a certain peaceful happiness when he did have them.
“And do not worry, Y/N. I can take care of Lee and my father. Even in spirit form. I will tell you when they are no longer a threat. I will also help take care of our child. I promise you this.” He smiled and I laughed a bit, a hint of sadness in it. He kissed my nose and forehead.

I woke up and saw that (D/N) was wagging his tail. I looked around and saw paper on the table. I went to it and found a pencil. I grabbed a book and went over to the window where streams of sunshine were flowing though the curtain. I set the paper on the book and started to draw.
After what seemed like hours, I finished the sketch. It was of Connor, and he was holding our little baby girl in his arms. His eyes looking down at her, his lips turned up in a smile. I let a happy tear roll down my face..
I felt a hand on mine, and saw his transparent one. I looked up and he smiled. I smiled back and he faded away.

“I love you, too.” I whispered. “Both of you..” I set a hand on my flat belly. I couldn’t wait to tell Prudence.

Your child interrupts a heated moment

A/n: this is a little smutty so if you can’t handle it I advice you to not read okay.

Liam: Today Liam took me out to a dinner to celebrate our anniversary and we just got home to the kids. “Hi Ashley thanks for watching them this late” I told our babysitter “it’s okay they had been sleeping for a couple hours”“well thank you here you go” I said walking her to the door and handing her the money"have a goodnight ms and mr Payne"“goodnight” Liam said and closed the door. I was Heading down the hall to the room when Liam arms wrapped around my waist and he planted wet kisses down my neck.“How about we continue the celebration in the room” Liam said in between kisses and taking us to the room “Liam but what about the kids” he sucked on my sweet spot making me release a moan “what about them babe?”“they can walk in a-” he cut me off by spin me and slamming his lips on to mine with hunger “we will be quiet and I need you” he kissed me roughly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and continued the kiss “jump” he said I obeyed and he took me to the bed. Soon clothes were ripped off and moans were release “ugh baby right there” I dinged my nails into his bicep “fuck babe your so-”“Mommy” I pushed Liam off me when I heard the innocent whisper of our daughter Kristen “sweetie what are you doing up?” I wrapped the duvet on me “I heard you yelling and I had a nightmare”“oh sweetie go back to bed I will be there in a bit with a cup of warm milk” she nodded and left the room. I got up and hit Liam shoulder “I told you” I whispered getting his shirt and a pair of sweats “well if you weren’t so loud she wouldn’t have came in” I got the pillow on the floor and threw it at him “get dressed and go to your daughter while I get her milk”“fine” he got dressed before walking out he kiss my lips “we will continue this” he whispered “in your dreams Liam”“you will see” he winked and walked out the room.

Niall: “Mom remember that Derek is coming over today” my oldest daughter Quinn said for the thousand time “I know stop worrying now go get your brother before your late for the bus” she called our youngest son Nathan “mommy I don’t want to go to school” I handed his lunch “baby you have to today you have a spelling test”“that’s why” I kissed his forehead “you will do great now go with Quinn” he left with her to the door then hands were wrapped around my waist.“Now I have you all to my self” my husband Niall whispered in my ear before kissing down my neck “Ni not now I have to go check on Emma”“she is still sleeping in her crib baby please I need you” he wasn’t lying because I can feel his erection on my ass. I turned around to face him “fine” I whispered next thing I know his lips attacked me hungrily and he lift me on to the counter “Niall not here” I moaned “come on baby it will be fun” he removed my shirt. As he sucked on my neck and his hand roamed my body I heard the front door open.“MOM” Quinn voice echoed “shit” I pushed Niall and got my shirt over my head and walked out the kitchen.“What’s wrong Quinn?”“I forgot my History book have you seen it”“No ba-” Niall cut me off “here it is sweetie now go to school before your late”“thanks dad” she kissed his cheek and left. “Now where were we” Niall kissed me but I pushed him off “Ni we can’t”“she gone baby”“you are so horny Niall”“well I from last night” he winked at me and kissed me as it got heated cries interrupted us.“I can never get a break” Niall whispered as I walked up to the nursery “we still have the rest of the day babe” I saw him smile.

Louis: I just came back from work really late and I walked to the kitchen to get a cup of tea. I made the tea and sat by the counter and rubbed my neck.“Hey babe” Louis said walking into the kitchen “hey sorry if I woke you up” he came and started to massage my shoulders “you didn’t wake me babe I was waiting for you” I moaned out from the massage “does that feel good babe”“yeah” he started to move my hair to the side and started to plant went kisses on my neck “I missed you today” he whispered in between kisses “not as much as I did” i whispered and he sucked on my neck “show me how much you missed me” he spun me and I was face to face. Before I can say anything his lips slammed mine hungrily “baby what about the kids” I told him as he sucked on my jaw. “They are in bed baby” he lifted me and took me to the room removing our clothing. He dropped me on the bed and hovered over me after he placed a condom “Ugh Baby just like that” I moaned as he thrust into me “fuck babe” Louis groaned as I scratch his back.“Keep g-” I was cut of by the door “MOMMY” my twin boys busted through the door “shit” Louis whispered and covered him self as I did the same.“Babies why are you in bed?” We heard you yell and came to protect you" I giggled “don’t worry baby your dad was protecting me”“but why wa-” I cut them off from asking question “now go back to bed i will be there in a bit to finish tucking you in”“but mommy”“Now boys” they nodded and ran back to there room. I got up and grabbed Louis shirt and some shorts “Baby you kill me sometimes” Louis spoke from the bed, I pecked his lips “I will be back okay” I winked at him and walked to the boys room.

Harry: Harry and I were snuggled up in the bed watching a couple movies before he started to kiss down my neck.“Harry what are you doing?” I said holding back a moan “c'mon babe I need you”“Harry the kids are just across the hall and they aren’t asleep”“but I can’t wait” he made me lie on my back as he hovered over me “Harry” I moaned as he sucked on my sweet spot. He ran to the door and locked it “we won’t be disturbed” he ran back to me. Soon I was fight to scream out as he thruster into me “fuck Harry”“baby i still don’t get why your are so tight still” I hold on to his biceps as he thrusted deeper. We were suddenly interrupted when someone banged on the door “MOMMY” my son Stephan yelled “Yes baby” Harry continued to thrust in me “are you okay?” “Yes baby go back to your room” Harry groaned “I want to watch a movie with you and daddy” I pushed Harry off he gave me the what the fuck face.“Just a minute honey” “okay” I started to re dress “get dress Harry” I threw him his boxers “but we weren’t finished” he put them on and his sweats. I walked over and kissed his lips “we will continue later” he smirked and I walked over to the door “let’s go to the living room baby” I picked up Stephan and walked to the living room.“why were you yelling mommy?”

Zayn: I just caught Zayn smoking again and here we are screaming at each other in the room while our kids are suppose to be sleeping.“I can’t believe you Zayn! You said you quit after we had Danielle”“I did but I have a lot to deal with okay”“Zayn you can’t be doing this we have 4 kids to sorry about”“well I need it” I signed and was about to get out the room before Zayn slammed me on the wall “Where were you going?”“I was going to go sleep with The twins now let go off me” he came closer to my ear “I’m sorry baby this was the first and last time I will do it” his raspy voice made me shiver. He started to suck on to my neck “let me make it up to you baby” he said in between kisses. His hungry lips attacked mine at first I didn’t kiss back but he still makes me melt into the kiss. I found myself kissing back, my legs wrapped around his waist and he took me to the bed.“I love how I still make you melt at my touch baby” Zayn whispered before clothes were being thrown. Suddenly I found myself moaning and pulling his hair a bit while I rode him “ugh just like that baby” “fuck” I threw my head back in pleasure as Zayn massaged my boobs. “I’m close” I whispered “me to baby keeping going” I kept going until I froze when the door creaked. I got off Zayn and we covered our bodies with the duvet.“Mommy you okay?” One of the twins Sky head popped “yeah baby Why?”“You guys were yelling and then stopped and then continued and we thought you were being hurt”“I will never hurt your mommy baby go back to bed we will be there to tuck you in a bit” zayn told her “can sleep here?” She whispered “um sure but can you go to your room for a but and leave your teddy okay” she nodded and left. We got up and dressed quickly “that was close” I told Zayn as I threw the shirt over my head “it was but I am sorry about earlier” he said as he pulled me in between his legs after he dress “I know you are but if your stressed just tell me okay” I roamed his hair “I will now kiss me” I kissed him “Ew” he separated and now saw Sky joined by her twin brother Alexander.