stephane giner


Kossi Aguessy (April 17, 1977 - April 27, 2017)

Kossi Aguessy Created a Fabulous Body of work that clearly shows the passion he had in celebrating his African Heritage, and executing it so Beautifully and Brilliantly through a Modern Design and Contemporary Art Methodology.

 We will Miss his Presence Greatly.

Kossi Aguessy is the very First African descent designer having a nominative section in the French contemporary arts and design Museum. 

“KOSS,” Fruit Basket for AGUESSY™, Photo by Stephane Giner,

“FOGO”, OLED Light for BLACKBODY © Aguessy Design 

“ZOO” Mask (White, Orange, Black © Aguessy Design

“USELESS TOOL”, Dark Diamond . Sculpture . Chair . Interferential Coated Stainless Steel. . 270 Cm . Edition Of 12 . 2015.

“I-Doll, The Earth, 2016 Mirror-polished chameleon-coated, Aluminium,

78.7 x 65 in (200 x 165 cm)  OPERA GALLERY LONDON

“Ultimate design is not a concept but life” Kossi Aguessy