stephan zeisler

Carol Christian Poell autumn—winter 2001—02.

Radicals was an open-air exhibition on the banks of the Scheldt (Sloepenweg) near Het Eilandje. Twenty advertising billboards several metres high, with three-sided rotating panels, were set up in a circle.

Each billboard showed three photographic fashion statements by a single domestic or international designer. In each case, one of the three radical and visually powerful images was made especially for this exhibition. The images did not offer any obvious approach to the topic of fashion, but were visualised fashion statements that revealed a vision, personality and artistry.

Radicals was one of the exhibitions of the fashion project Mode 2001 landed geland, curated by Walter Van Beirendonck. May-September 2001.

Carol Christian Poell: The menswear collection was presented at the municipal dog pound in Milan. I called it “Public Freedom”, formulating it around the apparent freedom which we have. I asked myself about the difference between us and people who are in jail. In every cage of the dog pound there was a model waring clothes which were apparently classic in their cut and material but which were never absolutely perfect: a bit crooked, a bit wrong, with an exaggerated or enlarged detail like the very wide ties. To show that the attempt to dress elegantly hadn’t entirely worked out. I was thinking about Sunday clothes which represent a rather false situation where even someone who beats their wife at home dresses well. Maybe it was a rather sadder menswear collection than my usual ones.

The womenswear collection, which we presented in Paris, was called “Peculiarly Feminine” and was composed of feminine elements from the male wardrobe. Here too I exaggerated sensations, going for new, roomier volumes and unusual cuts.