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Jay Park: I hope this song doesn’t start any drama so ima post that its not abt anyone in particular

 Cha Cha: want me to make it obvious

 Jay Park: no man no *hands chacha his phone & unlocks it for him* im not tryna start anything *opens twitter for him and places cha chas hands on the keys* im over what happened *taps foot impatiently while cha cha types* I don’t wanna see things get messy *stares at pic of her with an x over her face* the past is the past

 Cha Cha: done

 Jay Park: wth man *hi fives cha cha* this is exactly what I didn’t want *gives him a bro hug and winks at him*

anonymous asked:

I looked at yesterday's Valentine Card on BBCSherlock's Twitter and the only two "images" we see on the wallpaper is "221b Baker Street" and a gun. Like, there's a romance at 221B Baker Street? And the gun- we all know what that means- poor John; but a gun on a Valentine Card, really? Unless it supposed to mean something entirely different... <3 It can't be the coincindence, right? Or am I making too much of it? And does this wallpaper pattern appear somewhere else?


Well, to be fair, Nonny, this is a similar background they used for the mystery of the third episode tile card, so possibly just them recycling the background. As a graphic designer, I can tell you with absolute certainty that a lot of the time, for social media graphics we will just plop in a background 90% of the time and not think about it. BUT there is still that 10% that we absolutely are directed to have the BG have meaning. So perhaps the gun and 221B are deliberately seen…

BLEH, I can’t make any connexions right now, Lovely. 

Everyone's so Frickin Majestic and Beautiful in Detective Comics This Week

…and then’s there’s Steph

God bless.

Damian wasn’t really into the social media scene at first. He thought it was rather stupid (who cared what a bunch of people you didn’t know and who didn’t hold any sort of worth to you listened to you on the internet?) and loathed that certain members of the family insisted he get into it both to keep up appearances and as another attempt at giving him more of a “normal” life.

Of course, the moment that Stephanie explained what exactly followers were and bragged about her rather impressive amount after he started getting his first few on Twitter, he was intrigued. When he found out how many Jason had (what would he even be doing on Twitter?) he was a little put out. After hearing the amount of followers Tim had he took it as a challenge.

Cue a long standing and mostly one-sided battle for who could get the most followers. Damian has never schmoozed so much in his life.

Buzzfeed PSA:

I always thought Buzzfeed was an LGBTIA+ and racially diverse company, but apparently they’ve fired LGBT+ and POC’s which are vital to our representation in the media, because they participated in another video that wasn’t Buzzfeeds. Apparently they do this quite often but the viewers don’t notice because they release videos out of order. They treat their staff like property that they own. #boycottbuzzfeed.