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The Universe is getting chronically LAZY with all of this coincidence. Not sure how to post a pic, but Rachel Talalay changed her Twitter header to some sort of diagram of a "cut scene" from her Sherlock episode. When someone asked her to identify what it was, she had the DP of the episode answer. She changed it before he saw it, but his answer? "Damnit! Missed it! Guessing it was a highly detailed and comprehensive representation of the transition between scenes 13 and 14? ;-)" Giant Shrug™

Oh yeah, Nonny? Hmm. Yeah, all these coincidences are making me So Tired™. I mean, Logic Steph says it was probably an honest mistake on Rachel’s part and she quickly wanted to rectify it. Tinfoil Hat Steph, though, is banging pots and pans screaming “RELEASE THE EFFIN’ SPECIAL ALREADY”.

Just an FYI, you can submit pics through submissions rather than asks (I believe anon is on for that too :))

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People keep saying that they find the contact-twitters to be incredibly in character but I've honestly never thought so? I obviously mean no disrespect to anyone I actually came to believe I kinda just misjudged their characters completely. I don't know, most of their tweets (especially recent ones) seem very far fetched and don't sound like their voices at all to me. This has been bothering me for quite some time now, I just wanted to get it out. What do you think?

Personally? I think they’re very much in character; as someone who METICULOUSLY studies the characters of both John and Sherlock, these are the sides of the characters that they only show glimpses of on the show. They’re EXACTLY like they are on John’s blog, which is OFFICIAL. PLUS, have you READ the one and ONLY OFFICIAL-THAT-WE-KNOW-OF TWITTER ENCOUNTER from the actual writer of the blog, Joe Lidster, during the #SherlockLive event? Like, I think it shocked a lot of people to see just how sassy Sherlock really was in-universe (Telling Miss Piggy that Kermit was busy with Sherlock? C’MON. IF THAT WAS ANYONE ELSE BUT ON AN OFFICIAL ACCOUNT, WE WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT FAKE). I feel they’re very in character, so PERSONALLY, the RP blogs are a bit fucky too me because of how exclusive the content is, and how very in-canon it feels, at least for me.

BUT that’s my thoughts, and possibly I’m biased. I mean, there are people who hate S3 because they think Sherlock is OOC, because a lot of people refuse to RE-READ the series as a whole after S3 and see JUST HOW TERRIBLY SOFT AND FUNNY Sherlock really is, and how much he uses his over-confidence as a shield. John too… you can just read the blog and see that the “feel” of the blog (John’s sassiness, mother-henning, grumpiness, and love for Sherlock) is slightly different than what people THINK John is like. 

It’s all about our personal reading of the series and characters, Lovely. If you don’t think they’re in character, that’s fine – no one’s asking you to believe it. But I implore you to read the entirety of both John and Sherlock’s blogs, read that Sherlock Live twitter stuff, and then go back to the RP. It feels very much in character to me, even if it’s not official (which I, for the record, am 50/50 on. It’s the time, dedication, and exclusivity of photos and locations that have me side-eying it).