steph's photos

Just thought I’d say! those who were worrying there would only be 17 episodes this season as that’s all that was put up on IMDb, Steph’s photo shows that this is episode 20 of season 4 they’re doing ( under the yellow pen ) so don’t worry! as I thought they just don’t update IMDb all at once

for ppl tagging that post about jason photoshopping him and Cass in family photos with “steph???”, I just wanna point out Steph has a mother who she considers her family and has never considered Bruce a father (she almost certainly viewed him as a father figure in that she craved his acceptance, but he always spat in her face and destroyed those feelings pretty quickly, so lbr he does not deserve to be her dad. He’s almost as shitty as her actual one in some ways)

She wasn’t adopted by or raised by Bruce in any way. She’s no more Bruce’s kid than Babs is.

of course I’ve heard in nu52 continuity her mom is evil too or something but who cares about that honestly not me

Cass and Jason were both adopted by Bruce in an actual and metaphorical sense.